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eBay Selling Bootcamp: How to Start an eBay Business Fast

Sergey Kasimov, Creative Online Entrepreneur

eBay Selling Bootcamp: How to Start an eBay Business Fast

Sergey Kasimov, Creative Online Entrepreneur

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20 Lessons (2h 23m)
    • 1. About this Course

    • 2. Earning Proof

    • 3. Register as eBay Seller

    • 4. Setup Managed Payments

    • 5. How to do Online Arbitrage

    • 6. Making an Amazing Listing

    • 7. Newbies Listing Mistakes

    • 8. Creating a listing

    • 9. Fixed VS Auction Listing

    • 10. Get Best Price

    • 11. Get Discount Merchandise

    • 12. Search SEO Secrets

    • 13. Profit with selling cell phones

    • 14. Use Alibaba to source

    • 15. Selling beanie babies for profit

    • 16. Identifying valuable giftcards

    • 17. What listing format to use

    • 18. How to professional ship products on eBay

    • 19. What camera to use? Why quality matters

    • 20. Stockpiling stuff to sell & what to look for

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About This Class

eBay Selling BootCamp: Start selling on eBay like a Boss

Take this class  if you want to start your own business and be your own boss. eBay offers the cheapest and fastest way to start making money online on the Internet today without needed much expenses if any you can start with selling your own stuff first and move on other goodies later. This class shows you how to start selling on eBay, what essentials information you need and what is most important before you get started with this online business. Want more details about this class make sure to read the course summary below...

Do you want to be your own boss? Are you in need of extra income? Want part time work flexible hours then you've come to the right place. Welcome to how to start selling on eBay like a Boss. This course is designed to jump start your eBay business fast from scratch! No experience is necessary if you newbie or intermediate you are in the right place.

This course will cover some basics and intermediate concepts that will give you an extra edge. You will learn how to raise limits, watch out for common scams, how to manage returns, how to pick right listing formats, fixed pricing vs auction, how to ship items like a professional, what camera to get for creating great photos, and many additional basics that will help get you started. If you are new to selling online, this course is the right one to teach you how to start your business on eBay.


How to get started 

Tips and suggestions

How to create great eBay listing

Learn from others mistakes

Increase your selling limits

Protection from scams

What to sell on eBay

Plus much more...

Your instructor

Sergey Kasimov

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sergey Kasimov

Creative Online Entrepreneur


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1. About this Course: Hello there, My name is solely kiss him off and welcome to the class. Ebay, how to get started on it like a boss, because this is what you're going to be all going to be your own boss when you're finished watching this class. So the first step that they took when they actually quit my job five years ago was doing exactly that. I started selling on eBay. And it is one of many places where I make my own passive income. And you have to have a bunch of different sources of different places, of different areas where you can make passive money on the line and income for yourself. And eBay is the number one, is the best place for you to get started selling on wine. Why is that? Because it's easy to do those. So many people who are buying the products and it was so few halls selling it. And it's easy to get money and fast. And this is something that is acquired, not too much knowledge to get started, but you do need a lot of knowledge to make this a big business. You need a lot of knowledge in order for you to expand his business and become big, huge, and worn and all on a lot of money on wine. So why should you listen to me and who I am? My name is still a kiss him or when I quit my job bought five years ago when I started my journey of quitting 95, working myself as a boss, creating self-sustaining business. And I'm teaching you as I do it right along. So the proof is in the opening. You can see it right there. Honest own evolve how much money I'm making and it's not an x. But again, thick amount, it's not like a giant huge amount. That's like, Wow, how did he do this? It doesn't have a huge company that does it. No one man operation. I do this all by myself. Nobody else who's helping me out. Which means that you yourself can do it as well. You don't need extra help or you need to watch my class because I teach what I know as I own most skills. I posted in their classes to teach you and within it I know myself. So why did they give us the best ways to make one line? Why should you listen to me? I'm an eBay. It's total power cell. Had been doing it for quite a long time. And above all, I know everything about eBay itself ever sense it almost got started. I have been writing fluid. I have seen it go up and down. And right now is the golden age of evil. In fact, I'm making more money right now on eBay that I ever made Apple before. And you can do this as well. All you have to do is set up for this class. You're going to be only starting from the newbies stage, getting into intermediate. And then you'll be ready. The big and huge and juicy classes that's going to be later on for you. So if you want to make the big one your mind, you're going to start in this class and the Bootcamp. So join me today into bootcamp. I want to see you on the inside. Get started. You have nothing to lose, everything to win. And above all, this won't. Change, will be pink or this class, we are going to win it ten times over. I guarantee you, if not, you can get your money back and told the days, That's why this class is the best, one of the best out there. And I'm the burst instructor who teaches people how to make money on eBay set up today and see you on the inside. 2. Earning Proof: So I wanted to make our actual showing you exactly how much money I'm making right now on eBay. And this is really important though, is people who are teaching you how to make money online. And yet they're not making this money themselves or they have actually made the big money before. I'm doing exactly what they teach. So let's take a look at my sales figures for the year 2020. So Activate now have an eBay store, and in the last 90 days, I made a whooping 2400 doors. Now this is not something I went ahead and just sold one product and made a bunch of money on it. When the contrary, I like to sell a wide variety of different kinds of niches and products all combined. And you can see over here, $10 thousand of merchandise is listed like now with a 168 active listings. And you can see over here, yes. I did sell one that went all the way for a 182 doors. That was an expensive item that they did. So, but on the other hand, you can see that most of my sales are a bunch of products that I saw almost every single day. And they go for different various amount. And that's really important for you to understand that eBay is going to get your heart more traction, sales, and money. As long as you keep being active, he'll keep on saying and keep on listing different products. And this is a mistake a lot of newbies actually make because they sell products. They might sell one or two products. And yet they think that that's actually now for West 10 or 20 products and expecting a lot of money to show up, that is not how it actually works. You gotta sell a bunch of different things and you have to be active on eBay in order to generate this much money. And this class is going to teach you how to do exactly that. How to waste a bunch of Pylos heard of wind as wild dogs, and how to become the best cell you can possibly be, because this is the secret, how to get the big money on eBay. And now we're going to be showing you exactly how to do this in this class. 3. Register as eBay Seller: Ebay is one of the world's largest marketplaces and creating an account on it is actually an old Bueno. To create an account over here, it's pretty easy for step for you is to pause on wages over here and you have a few choices for you to make. One, would you like to create a business account? Do is you can create a personal account. If you're creating a business account, you're going to get a lot more options for you. And you're going to get into the business section of eBay. They're gonna give you excellent tours. Who has selling women's more promotions and so on to help your business take and get to the next level. While the requirements, if you're going to be creating a business account is having a wiggle business name that is registered, and also having a legal business address as well. It's not required for you to have a legal business address. So if you're using the same address to conduct your business, you can use it as well. But the legal business name is actually required. Now, you don't have to go about in registered this business name yet. But this is the name we should be using. On eBay tree means you have to go to a website called Legal Zoom that come on this website, you can go ahead and you can start your own business as fast as you can. Now onto the acquirement over here is to create what kind of business you want to do. So you can start off an LLC, which is an advance. You don't have to do this yet. You can start a corporation which is super advanced. This is for big companies. Or you can do, doing business as this is the easiest one and the one that is the easiest for you to create. In fact, you can either do it on line, start the DBA on Legal Zoom, and it costs you only 99 bucks per state filing fees. Or you can go to your local county in the United States and register. And that's going to be super cheap, around 25 bucks and so on. So keep this in mind that this is just one way for you to create your own legal business name, but this is not acquired for you to register. In fact, you can just start as a personal account in over here. You have to do is to type in your name, and then type in your last name, type in your email address as well, and then your password. And that's all you have to do in order to get registered to sell on eBay. And then all you have to do is to put in your username and the password and you'll be signed in. Now the only thing I will recommend for you to do here is to really think about when it comes to clean your username is unique. It is what you're going to be using for a very long time. So think it over before you create it. It is not something that you can go ahead and change very fast. But if you decide to do so, you can always change it. And then after you change it, you have to wait 30 days before you can change it again. But don't keep on doing it because it's going to confuse people and it's going to make so much harder for repeat customers to come back to your eBay shop. 4. Setup Managed Payments: Ebay is now all in one payment and processing center. So if you're going to go and create a listing, you're going to see something known as eBay managed payments. Let me go ahead and show you an example of a listing right here. And what happens if you don't comply with eBay manage payments? Your ability to resist your items, go west and revise items has been suspended, affective immediately. You have to go ahead and use eBay managed payments system right now. So this is what's going to happen if you decide you don't want to do this. And you previously had an EBS cannot and all cells are going to be required to move into eBay manage payments. But if you're new here and you don't know nothing about selling on eBay. The new way to sell on eBay is eBay manage payments. So those no longer PayPal or you have to do is to add your bank account. And pretty much every time you sell, you're going to get paid, deal wacky to your bank, those no middleman PayPal anymore. So in some ways this is a good thing as a ways it is not. So the next thing you are going to be doing after you update your account information, you give them all the details, your real name, your real information, you will business. You have to link this to your bank account. And for this to be successful, both names have to be identical. Other than that, it's not going to walk, it's going to fail. So keep this in mind has to be exactly identical because it's going to water fi, your identity. Now, when it comes to getting paid, there was a lot of choices for you between the banks themselves that you can choose from over here, those are the main ones, but those all at 1000 hours or banks. And even if your bank is not showing up over there, you can go. So on this thing right here. And pretty much if you don't find it, you can just go ahead and just put it right there instead. So just put in the name of your bank or a heel. And if it's not found, you just into your account manually, any kind of bank should be technically supported using this system. So the first thing you're going to be doing is the routing number, which is the force number over here. Then you're going to be putting their cut down, which is the second number in your checking account. We enter the account number, then I'm going to go and put in personal or a business account, which is what kind of over the counter you actually have. And then person continue and this is it and you're done. It takes a few days. You're going to be conforming it, and then you're all set and done and you can actually go ahead and start listing items on eBay. Now, a few things that's going to shortcut and make this so much more easier for you, is the following. First off, make sure you use one of those recommended banks over there that they gave you as a choice. If you don't have a membership in any of those banks, make sure you open an account in those banks before you go ahead and a wink them to gather. Next thing what you're going to be doing is signing in, using that system and linking the bank by just sending into the bank itself. And then it's going to combine the bank information where if the eBay information to yellow and that's going to shortcut for you everything. And then after two days of waiting, it's going to get approved and you can use eBay manage payments. 5. How to do Online Arbitrage: Online arbitrage, what is it, why you should do it, and how you make money with this. A lot of times my students ask me, well, why would anybody want to buy something that already selling for much cheaper price, someone else? Can't. They just go to the source and get it? Yes, that's true. A lot of people can do that, but in most cases, this is not what actually happens. Most cases people want convenience. They want to find things. And only albatross, I will sense the Internet was invented the number one place for you to make money online. So how do you do it? The concept is pretty easy. You'll find things on sale and sell them for more money. And that's it. It is that simple. The concept, the way you execute it is a little bit less than simple, forced. You've gotta find the products, will find products in demand. That is sign for much cheaper price edges, for example, this product right heel, with actual proof of it being sought. And then you rested up yourself and sell it for much more money. This is something that is really the most time consuming of it. Yes, it takes a long time to find those deals. But the good thing is once you find reliable and good sources of the products that you're going to be selling. Once you find a few of those that is so and is making good money, you can repeat this process over and over and over again. Now, there's a few things for you to understand how sometimes those deals you find are not going to be there for too long. And because of that, by wholesale is so much more superior then drop shipping. I know some people like yes, It is great to sit at home, have no office, and do everything by the computer, automate everything. I understand the appeal of it. But in reality, in most cases, this is not something that is easy for you to do. Finding the drop shipping merchandise that no one else found. And shipping and making money with this? Yes, it is for your practical to do, but only for a small amount of your business. This is why I really can't actually put enough emphasis on into doing wholesaling because we're the big money is at, is buying a discount in selling it for much more money and finding a source for you to do exactly that. So for example here the Adidas and selling a bunch of those sneakers over here. And it's Ani for 35 bucks originally it's going for 70. This is the lowest price. And yes, once Stuxnet goes no longer sell, they might be signed all the way up to a 100 doors. You don't usually see themselves this cheap IDO. So when you see a d like this, you want to buy a few powers and the lease sell them for more cash. And you want to go for a lot of different places. But I do suggest for you, and I can't emphasize this enough that you need to have a niche. You need to focus on a special occasion. So if you're going to be doing something like selling toys and collectibles, you're going to be much more profitable than selling and being a Walmart or the unwitting. Because when people go to those big box office stores, yes. You have everything in there. But people can just go ahead and draw up from your store to another store you want to specialize in something. The more you specialize, the more easier for you to do this, the more easier for you to find things like IT. And more easy for you to stand out in your niche and you, in your category. So when you go into the Amazon bestselling West and you're going to be doing online albatross. You're going to go into the source like toys and games. And over here, we're going to look for things that isn't sale and it's going to go for more money in the future. So here we go. We go through the best-selling Westlake though. They're going to be finding some polygons. If we can find them. A lot of times you can't, but sometimes you could. In this specific case, we hit the jackpot with this with buyer. This is for 799. We get a 10-pack of those. You should be a prime member, becomes y, we get discount prices, know a lot of merchandise, and that's how I make the big money online. You can ship this directly to your house. You can pack it, and you can ship it to your client and still make a profit with this. Because with Prime sun as it's half the price that it normally goes for. And they did this quite a few times and I made huge amount of cash. Another thing that you can do is something called evocative. You activate this cashback Banos and each time you buy, and yes, you're going to be shopping a lot. You're going to be making extra cash every single time you're going to be buying things online. And target doesn't give you the best deal, but sometimes it goes all the way up to like 12.7, which is a whopping amount of cash back that you're getting for things that you're buying. Anyways, so in target, we have this deals section over here, and we have the Cleland top Dios weekly ad and red colored exclusive. So if you actually have the wildcard from target, you're going to get really good deals. On top of it, also five ports and off anything that you buy as well. So this is the good thing about having a target credit card and opening a credit card and all those different places. Because really this business is all about getting deals or finding deals, shopping bindings, and send them for much more cash. And that's where you find all the merchandise for you to buy and resell. Right now, you can see right here, this is what is going on. This is the different departments that is on sale here. Let's go to Toys and press on here and see what is on sale as a toy. And sometimes you get good deals to here, in this specific case, there's almost nothing good. So we're going to be skipping in the Stalin go to the next one. And that's how you go ahead and do this. If you jump from one store to another, think I can master finding things for you to sell. Look for great and awesome deals, heal. And we go around. We are doing on an arbitrage right now as we speak, looking for things that are going to be selling for much more money. And when we find those Dios, you're going to be re-posting them, or this is called me check this one out. The price is a little bit on the steep side, but this is an island unusual. Let me see what else is going on here. And we go for this individuals who work, they look foo and sometimes we get things that is really good price as a times it is outrageous, like 18 bucks for this mini figure is of course check for bugs. This is Lego vesting at its finest. And you can see the Jurassic ward. I remember this used to be folly. Now going forward, warping a 100 told the doors. So you can see how the price is drastically when HIO walmart too. So not always, you're going to get really good deals over here. And sometimes you will have to go to the actual store to get the best deals for this box. Now, this thing, this thing used to be like ten bucks. Unbelievable how the price just when higher with Legos, you can have a matrix, so much money with binders, lego sets back in the day when it was super cheap. And I've been telling people over and over invest in legos. This is where the big money is at. Another place for you is Wish.com. This is like Alibaba. It's similar to Alibaba, but they don't scan all the products hitting home like best or Alibaba. Basically, they just put all the papillary and the things that they think is going to be really cool. And it's all out here. And this is a place where you can get a lot of good merchandise to sell at much more money, but it doesn't scan everything as good when it comes to counterfeits and fakes in here. And I call the baba itself, doesn't have, oh, I know fakes and counterfeits to begin with. And because of that, I am a whole class just talking about how you can make money in this category all by itself. But if you're looking for the soldiers, getting all of these things that are coming deal active form the place we're going to be making the big money. Instead of buying wholesale from all over the place, you can find the source right heel. You can get things designed for you as well, which is called white label, and you can sell it for much more money. So overall, this whole, entire business really is the focus of buying things super cheap, sang them for more money, looking for bargains, looking for deals, and finding how to go ahead and flip those items for much more cash. And that is the way that you do online arbitrage. And in this class, you are going to be looking at the wall anymore about how the listings have to put things on sale, how to get and maximize the value of the things that you put on wine. 6. Making an Amazing Listing: When you have an eBay listing, the majority of your time should be taken to create the most perfect and the best listing you can create possible. This is to get more people to buy the product that you're selling. The description itself should actually utilize, or the most important keywords. Exactly in though I told cation. So the first thing I'm telling people is how awkward this product actually is because it's submitted by looped. Sometimes it's actually helpful to even write it. Vintage 1981. In this specific case, I took it out because those landlocked parcel keywords that they have to put into this listing and those just not enough place for me to put them all combined together. And then other thing is the product itself, the company that actually created it is right here. Next thing is any indication for this product. And in here it is the keywords that I have used for it, including what it's made out of, including the serial number as well. The most important thing here is actually the pictures. You can see. I put awhile details getting the pictures. The product with the box, the product outside of the box, the particle, it looks like in my hand, the biochar, it looks like when I'm going to be shipping it so they can see that it's going to be protected. The original box itself. And specifically, when they take pictures, you want to have entirely white background. So the whole empower emphasis is getting this product sold. But specifically, you want to make sure that all the details oh, right in there was the white background and waiting hours is included to make this product as sellable as possible. The next best thing about this pilot is of course, the description itself. You want to say by new in original box. The title is just copy and paste. And then you add extra details such as what condition of the item itself. If it has original tags, the size of it, the weight sometimes of it. And in this specific case, the size of it is probably the most important. And of course, any other description and keywords. So the e-Bay search engine will pick up this product. Now you want to compare yourself to other competitors. So here we have somebody else was saying a pilot just like it, except this one is actually broken. So when you're compelling and you're trying to sell something similar, make sure you don't price it by just looking at something like this without reading why. It's. So next thing you can see right here that this is actually a cell who sells thousands of products. Now I don't know if he on purpose just to bed images so you can see the defect. But this is not how you take pictures. You don't want to have a picture that is as Dao Ge and unappealing such as this. So pictures is going to make a big difference if this item is going to be sitting here forever wasted for cell, or it's going to get sold right away. Here is a little bit better description of the product. He does a great job adding to the description. He also does an okay job for the title itself. I don't like the text over here. It is too big for you to read. And then there was not enough Appeal in this product to get it. So this is why it is still wizard and it's going to be listed here for a very long time. You can see the biggest mistake of this product is not bad writing, but specifically just the back of it. You can see something else in the background. Because of that, there was not enough emphasis on the actual product itself. People came to buy this item. And if you are distracting format such as adhere, you're less likely to get it sold. Now you can see all different muscle cells was saying a similar product. And when you're selling and you want to emphasize, and you want to make it the best presentation possible. So black background is okay, but when you see eBay is all white, you want to have white on white for this to make the most emphasis and to look the most professional. In fact, it doesn't have to be all white. You can see right here, this person is using a different kind of a boy's background, but it makes the wisdom actually stand out in a good way. So this guy is a small cell and yet he put a lot of emphasis on getting this product and of course getting it sold. So he does a good job of some of the pictures such as this one. This is a beautiful picture. Also hand. This one and the other pictures over here are not so good. So he did put our ad of time into making a very good picture, but then he actually went and start to slack off for the rest of the images and that's not good. Also, his prices are a little bit too high as well. Now, this is okay for you to price a bit high, but it's going to make it less likely for it to be sold light away. And you want to move your merchandise a lot faster so you can get new merchandise and keep on selling it instead of holding on to hundreds of different products and yet not selling to. 7. Newbies Listing Mistakes: I love it when they see people who think they can go and everything they want on YouTube. Because it's all fully understandable. Does all kinds of gurus out there who teach you things, but you could spend hours, days, months, even yields trying to warn the things that I teach in my classes. So in this one we're going to go into common mistakes that people actually do when they're selling things online. And for that example, I'm going to use this amature cell. Now you might think this guy's not that much amature because he sold a 100 items. That doesn't mean this much. He's doing so many mistakes here. And I want to use him as case in point because of that. So the first thing that I see here is the number one mistake, the name, his screen name. This is just terrible. Why would you call yourself a bunch of different numbers? And it doesn't make sense. So if somebody is selling something, if you're going to store, just imagine you're going to an actual retail shop to buy something. And it had just a bunch of numbers and people asking you why you bind the stuff on. Yeah, I'm buying it from a win 0 for 0 to four. Does that even sound like a store? You're going to be proud that you won't be shopping at. Probably not. But of course, for people who serve on eBay. So I'm less than or care about this. What they care about is the items that they'll bind. So that's not really going to put them off. So when we look at the items that he's selling, there was so many issues with them. We'll be starting off number 1 issue. The wooden wall. This is the body massage oil. And what he actually did here is pretty much he copied and pasted someone else's title right in here. That knowing what this title even means. You might say, well, what's wrong with doing that? What's all doing is, is that you are selling something and you're saying NIB and condition is used. This is like the most ironic thing that you can do. An AB stands for, and he didn't even have the time to work it out. What it stands for is new inbox. This is not new. This is not in the box. It's used folder models when you flip pictures. He didn't even bother to watch the sign-up. Most likely all those things that you see on here are not actual stains of the product. This product has not been washed. Furthermore, he's taking a picture on one of the most really disgusting working backwards. You can imagine. To top it off. He is saying it for free box. Yes, it is cheap now and it is cheap. He's I'm telling you that you can make an offer for it. And the shipping fees or whooping for E5, where it actually caused probably for three bucks to ship this. Now, when you ship something you wanna do for your shipping, you want to walk it into the price of the part of people don't like to do math and I like to go, Let's go ahead take for 85 plus 2, nine and see how much it is. It just an extra step that is just annoying. Everybody has a calculator and that everyone is going to go ahead and do this. Every extra step you make your bio go into the hopes for the less likely they are going to actually go ahead and buy something formula. So it works out to be 784. He could have just put in 1784 with free shipping. Same place because you're not going to get hit on the exit templates and charge for shipping. And that's something that happens if you're adding a shipping fee to it. Well, guess what? He didn't know about this because he didn't bother to find out about those goals. Now, this is just one item. Now he could have sorted much higher. He could have price designer at a better price. And somebody would have actually bought it. Pass those on if we picked, just doesn't even do justice to the product. Now, here's another one. Jessica Simpson, woman, three with short size for two bucks. Shipping is for 85. The problem with this is the margin is so low here. Going to the post office and try to ship this that you are probably going to make almost nothing and even might actually lose money on shipping and selling this product. So what is the point? There was no point of listening. Something that is cheap is yes, no. Winning here for you, yes, you want to dispose of somebody might as well just give it away for free. Maybe. He's just such a waste of time and space where you could have made more money for this product. And it doesn't work this attractive widow. So the prices are way too low for this specific pilot because there was no profit in it. And sometimes if there is no profit in the product, why bio twisted in a fours place? And this picture right here, who would buy this? The false picture is just walk is just not the right one. Now, the second picture, yes. This is the picture you want to post in. Most likely, it's not really the best picture are there. But Adam, all the other pictures we can see here, it's bow and he put it on the floor. And you can see what the stains or the stinks from the floor catching on to this product. Why would anybody buy this? Now it looks like only use dogs like somebody just think care about is food and a four. And guess what? That was him. So with somebody by this pilot, unlikely as well. And the same team goes out throughout every single one of his listings. And here we have, finally, he puts in a product for whooping 125 doors and eat 85. So that's a smart thing for him to do. Now he's gonna get his money. And this one is an IB. So yes, this is new in the box. Is it new inside the box? I'm not too sure about that, but yes, he did the titles. Everything else looks much more decent. He he's walking out though. He's he's doing his job. He's doing a little bit better in this specific twisting than the previous ones. But definitely when you're doing something that is not good, it's not going to get you the money you want. And here's the potential really bad listening here. The force picture looks like a stock photo because it is a stack for them. And the second picture is stuck. Follow here is the actual product, which should have been the force spectral. And using your door handle. I mean, if you have no choice, yes, you should be using something, anything but get Photoshop, zoom into this product. Get rid of the door handle, get little. This thing on this side. Make it look more professional. Spend more time on the western and you're going to get to the wall that you're going to get more money. Don't just like flow things. Are there. So many pilots over here that he's not paying attention to is just following a listings without going through and making the best possible presentation for them. Because when the buyer comes in and buys something, they want to pay for it, they are shopping for a bargain that was hoping for a deal. They're working for something that looks good. And a lot of those listings make you think twice. You're not sure if you want to buy this. And because of that, you're gonna, I'm gonna get the sales. And the thing is, the funny thing is he's specializing in close to. So if you're sending a lot of clothes as you keep on psi and go along with the same team, you want to get better and those things, and here is some shade. You can see this, see Lloyd here when he took the picture. And it's just like, why would you do this those you're just not been paying attention when you took a picture. There's some back on this side, and here's the seed once again. Then even bother to go ahead and clean your merchandise. You can see the stuff on it. You could have went in and took this out. There's no reason for you to have those white stickers. They'll just once the stuff in. And this is new with tags. So if this is new, if tanks, Why does it doesn't work new to me? It looks like it was used. So this is like a part of that is not as described. This is when people ship that stuff back to you. Because if it says new tags, why does it have damage on the shoes and the shoes of somebody actually use them? You see this is the kind of amateur mistakes that people actually doing those things. But then pay attention to the small little details that make the cell experience so much better. So it can be long form this do not use the fall as your background. Take more pictures. Presentation is everything, including the description right here, those just not enough keywords, not enough description in the item. There was a lot of mistakes that have been made in those listings constantly, mistakes that are not giving you the prices. Those huge discrepancy between the price points from very expensive products to very cheap. And that's not necessarily a bad thing, but the bad thing is that the niche and the way he signs all over the place, the background, that photography is just terrible. And the items are not as described and that actually will get him out. So we tones too. He's not doing this bad when it comes to feedback. You can see right here, it has one feedback. Cancel their item after poachers and payment, and that's serious. So one issue, which is not bad, he doesn't have negatives and neutrals. So he's not doing a bad job selling it. But he is just not getting the money that he dissolves in this listings. Which is why experience, which is why getting better all the time. And focus on making a, we always think the best you can because all your money, you're gonna be getting the big money is coming from attention to details. Not really by putting a lot of products. Because if you put the oil of pilots and you don't pay attention, then you are losing money on every single cell. Well, in reality, you could have made big cash and he could have probably made ten times more money on this stuff here. So it because there was so much low-end transactions there was low and things that he is actually listening and selling. And he probably has better merchandise to sell. So the stuff that is low end, sometimes it might not be even a wolf to put on sale. Furthermore, the war end products, some of them probably could be sold for even more money than he is putting it up there. And that is another reason for it. So altogether, being the best at this game, warning from their mistakes and that keep repeating them over and over again is essential for this business to get better and better. So imagine now if this guy has, goes over to a thousand listings of entry, has thousands of sales, and he keeps going with the same exact no good style. He's not going to be really getting up there in this business. I mean, he's got to make money, but he isn't going to make the big money. And that is the big difference between amateur and professional. When you become a professional yuan, a lot of things and you want to walk from every cell, you're going to get better and better at this business. And the bell you get, the more money you're going to be making. 8. Creating a listing: hello and welcome everyone. And in this video I'll be showing you the simple way to get started with clean any of post eBay listing and what you have to do in the whole process that you have to go for it. Are you excited yet to make money online? And if so, it is time for you to do it. So what do you do? Forced well, forced a bull? You have to do a little bit of a research. In fact, one of the best things that you have to dio Mr find out. How much is this item? Actually, Wolf, before you go about and South, we're going for a place that's called advance and creaking white on it. When you click on advance, you go into a menu that works like this. It's called the advance so much we have to type in the item that will be actually sign, which is the widow ist pet shop Geico. That is the item that is we're gonna be something that is actually diamond, that I'll be so myself. And therefore you see the process that I go through to create this simple wisdom. So when they go and actually do this. After I type it in, I make sure to pass on sold listings, not completed. But so I want to know how much money this item actually sort for. So I can get a feeling much I should price it myself. So after you do this, only after the next is to price on search. And now they got a bunch off items that actually sold you. Now, the key word here is sometimes you can see something like this. Take a look at this. Somebody over hell. So that long here is a Western mistake that I actually see here. He saw the lot off items, but he made a few mistakes here. Want he didn't name How many items are for sale? The keyboards would heal. It's missing. The item number is missing as well. Along with what exactly? They're selling. So this listing could have went for way more than actually did. And what you do with West, things like this, you grab them, you buy them and you always sell them for more. So we're looking at what kind of off items that we can sell and potential price for it. Take a look at this. Here is somebody who did very good job in the West. And he saw this for 50 bucks. He was a listing that I potentially I am going to copy because this guy saw this for 12 95 . But I'm gonna top it off. I'm gonna try to sell the same exact listing for 15. So, like this as an example. Once you find an example you want to copy, you press on it because now you're going to use this in your wasting next step. You're gonna go and going to the pictures. So here are the pictures and it took off this item itself. And now we got a fix every one of those pictures because they don't look good. So it's going toe effect. Adjust, and we're gonna give some white tow them. Look at this. It looks so much better now, and sometimes you have to just cropped the image as well. So we're putting like, more attention in hell, and they were touching. I doubt it was a bunch of blemishes in here, and you wanna remove this as well? And we Burma's you see, has to be out off the image. Sometimes your computer screen might be Dodi and you're not moving any blemishes whatsoever , so that could happen as well. But look at this. My image that's fixed forces the original image. What a difference he was. Another one. No, we have to do is to make sure it looks better and also to make sure that was a lot more white. Indo that gives a lot more value to the item. Add details. People love to see details. Look at this. This is not good. You don't want something like that. Nobody can see that this is too dark. That's bad, too. You wanted to be quite in the light location, and then you want to zoom right into the item itself like this and Central. There we go because it looks good. He was another one, getting the same exact thing right here, too. And let's go make sure to expel. Oh, and you're trying to give the most value as you can for any of those items. You're upping the value off the wasting by getting amazing images. And if you can't do this, you have to hire somebody who is a professional photographer to do this for you such as myself goes and let's go. What did the image here? This is important. You gotta show every kind off image possible on the side signs have we think people want to see how it looks like before they are making their mind to purchase? This item here is another one year. Why am I spending so much time in this? Because pictures is one of the most important things when it comes to your product. Bad images equal bad sales. There was a big difference between a bad image and a good one, and it might be with an extra 50 to 100% more profit difference. It really is that much of a difference between them. So you want to make sure you have a lot of images, definitely images and good images. And when they move things that don't belong here like I just did like hell as well. So even the bad picture could become a fairly good picture. So that's enough. I think there's two more it hell, and if you think you've got enough of them, so you have to do is their wheat, and now it's just gonna be moving them into the desk up. Next step is to go back to the listing itself. And here is the actual east. And if you're going to be copying, so present copy. Go back door listing. Bless on sale. Now let's go into what it says. Create the twisting I know. Single listing. Waiting sometime today. Maybe. Here we go. Based on dynamite, though. Do eat their long thing. Details about has to go, and I doubt you See what it did. It already found the title off the item and found it exactly. Well, it belongs so Oh, I have to do next. You just propose on it. It found the category for May. I don't even have to do this much work sometimes on eBay. Sometimes it's that easy. Yeah. Now, after I did the title itself. And this is not the correct item yet. Now what I'm gonna be doing, making sure it is in the white store category. If you don't have a story, can you know you don't have to do this spot at all. See what we got healed? Which kind? That's an animals. I think that's a good one. U P C. This is pretty important. Would see if this guy what he did The work for me says, does not abi care. Little family. We're gonna becoming that when Hasbara Sure, we put that in. So it is used UBC code. That's not apply. We have to put this in. It really is important condition. Accident used you. Perfect. Electable shape. Next day, pictures actually grab or the white images I don't person open. It's gonna upload over the images bland. Make sure we get the white brand in hell. And this is the it brand that would check up care. Little family gotta have that as well. And make sure you post all this info in here it is in that bundled listing. Now I m p n it's not requiring it. So you, Philip, as much as you can heal, next step for us is to just go and copy that entire listing. Now, it's not the same item, but I like the way the form it is. You see, I'm getting the same format as this guy. So I just had to do copy and paste you. No, we have to go and fix everything in here because there was a few mistakes. But before we go for that, they're going to make sure the best image comes forced you. This actually looks like a good one, but I like this one more. So it's put this image force. Now, if an item doesn't sell, you can just go back and you can switch the images a wound and see if that gets you there. Sales and the different animals. So I doubt and remember the post pictures. They come and you move them to the last place. Off course we have. Do put kids just to eat one, and sometimes even better, You might actually have to go full and switch the auto around as well. So if it's not selling, you can just switch the order a little bit around. If you want to like this. Oh, another way around. Those two look really similar, so I put them in different places, and it's always good to we arrange things as well. We didn't take advantage of all the images. We should have those images. You have to go also those tools here that you can go and adjust the brightness. Fix this up a bit as well. So you can do this. So, auto adjust you at the computer were just for you. You can go and put move sunshine in here. If you want to like this, I'll make it. Delko. It's up to you to decide what you want. Hugh already did all the adjustments, but this is just for you. You can do a quick and easy adjustments using this specific tool. Now, after we did this, we're gonna go into the most important thing and fix this up. So that title is what? Awfully. And there's a few numbers here, and they're not using the core economics. We gotta find the correct numbers for my listing, actually, and this is the wasting that I have right here. And that's the one wasting. Let's go into my listing instead. Hewitt is that this is their listing where I bought the specific item for and it has the correct number, student. So here's what I'm going to be doing here. Gonna be pasting this in. So we got the little keyboard spam going on here. Not exactly something you should be doing, but it always works. So it's smoking, too. Though sometimes he won't spell. So we're getting all those What numbers? Right here in the back. So this item itself will actually show up because people are working for those specific items. Actually, with the spaces in here? No, over here via putting one off we expect with getting. And those numbers don't mean anything. They're just there to catch this listing from everybody who is working. Subtitle Don't do this unless it is very expensive item. Otherwise you'll be wasting tons of money that's going down, Hugh. GPS CO does not appoint condition. We did some things. You have to review it again. And over here, which is gonna be switching the listing to the correct one. And it just gets with a very nice phone. So let's go back to the fonts and put some nice fancy phones in here. Gonna make it to look good. More likely, somebody's gonna buy this. I don't like this call, So let me go and find something more interesting. Continues to be like, Yeah, this looks a little better. And then, like his original stuff, though, So let's keep some of his original things that he put in, and I'm kind of stealing from his listing. But that's OK. Isn't gonna know because I'm changing a lot of things around. So those free adorable wept owes are looking for a new home. Like what? He wrote some keeping that in hell. Great shape, make cute gift one things to sell this item fall. And I wanna change the call this to book details. What details? Like the way he stated this. So I'm gonna be the reading the West of this up Put in. Really? I mean, change this a little bit healed the we did the phone and I really liked his phone. So it's keep that so really nice you full bed collection, we find results. So that's what they had to do with you. Now it looks much better. Oh, I think next step for us is the selling place, which is gonna be 15 98. And as you can see, I bought this. I bought this for 22 and it got Let's move them. I got seven of them and I'm something half of them 4 15 You might say I'm not really making much money on this, But this is just an example. I could actually price that anywhere I want. In fact, if I wanted to, I could go even higher. But nobody's gonna buy this. No, I was gonna break this into two different lots. Q. And we have seven of them, Which means I can sell free of them and self free of them for 15 then sell full of them for maybe 17. And I'm still gonna make money. Not that much. So I have to think about making more money. So I'm upping the price with a bit more. And it's almost as close as 22 box that I originally bought this for. But I didn't buy it for 22. I gave the guy a best offer, which means I bought it for 17. So now I'm actually at break even and selling on the free items. What else? I still haven't inventory or for extra ones. Isn't that ingenious? So what? So I put this in for 17 98 which is the bite now? Price that I had before, but I'm only selling free items. Sources the phone? No, I'm done after the next is press on voiced item and this is it. This is all you have to do in order to create a listing online. This is done. And it is now yo tone to go and create your own amazing listing. So go ahead, go forward, create your own wasting and good work to you and see you in the next video. 9. Fixed VS Auction Listing: One of the most confusing things about eBay is what kind of format so that you create the wisdom. So the first one is the auction style. This was usually the most Popolo way. And the only way you can do in Steinem is back in the days when eBay just got started. It actually started as a building site. Will you bid items and you buy them? Now, although this is a very popular method and used to be one of the most popular method of starting out. And it still is pretty decent. It is no longer the primary method that I suggest for you to get started. We've selling items. In fact, I know somebody, they had this very beautiful engagement diamond. So they wanted to get a little bit, they put it on an auction, kind of a stylistic in being the export. I definitely told them what not to do and they didn't listen to me. And what happened was that, yes, those people who don't listen to me, I'm an export, but some people don't care what they think they know way better than me. So that's what they did. They put it on oxygen and they sold this for a $100 diamond for a whopping 60 bucks. So I have gotten a lot more. And definitely you could have gotten at least $200 for this beautiful diamond ring. But in reality, why did it fail? It failed because they put it as an action. The reason why most people are not buying things on Ebay as an actual anymore. People don't want to bid things. There one go, you bid the more days your bed. People are not used to this anymore with Amazon. They want to buy it now I don't want to get the item right away. So if you're going to be doing oxen style listing, you have to do it in this method. You start at kind of the price you want to get. So for example, if she wanted to get at least 279, that will be your starting price. If you're doing the oxygen, the byte now would be totally ports and more. It must be at least $362. So if it is 360, it's not going to let me actually go fool that listing. So let's go ahead and put 62. I'll put 360 fire on this one. And there was also something called as they're resolved voice, which is just a waste of money pretty much because those off buys whenever it is that you put in here. And what happens is the reserve price by itself is let's say you're starting at 279. You want to get the price to get to at least, let's say the level of wheat wanting. You're getting a charge folders because you put a reserve price in here, which is going to be a whooping 26 doors that you are paying for this. And why would anybody pay this fee? Well, some people, dad walks in houses, they have to do something like this. So this is actually beneficial for them and it's beneficial for people who are selling something in the thousands of dose range. Because auto Dupain, a big money for the resolve boys. They'll go and team this item at reasonable so for this amount. But this is not the smart way for you to do this at all. If you're already wanted to do something like this, you might as well start it at the resolved boys instead, then you don't have to pay extra fees for it. So I would say 99, put some of the time, skip the result twice. Furthermore, whenever you're starting the price with is going to be kind of the price, well, you're going to expect this item to kind of sell for, especially when you're doing oxygen stamp. But that defeats the whole, entire purpose of oxygen because the cheapo dynam is the more likely more people are going to keep on building this item higher is going to get into a bidding for frenzy. But in people are bidding against each other and want to get higher and higher. And the only way for you, for the oxen style to actually walk, you have to get a bunch of people to be against you. It works great if you are actually are going to be posting some publicity for this product. So if it isn't a newspaper, let's say somebody is famous boson, that's the only way that the oxygen style is really going to work for you. So unless it is a 100 item, everybody wants this specific item. Oxygen style is not the format for you to use. The fixed price is much better. Over here. Whenever you're starting, you're kind of expecting to get. But it works the other way then the oxygen in the oxygen, you're putting it, you're starting at a specific price and you're most likely going to get much higher. On the other hand, this goes does away with a fixed price. In fact, I always suggest whatever you're selling, put it much higher than you expect to get for it. That is why people are actually expecting you to make and give them an awful, which is going to be something you are going to be doing radon. And when you give them the awful, they most likely are going to accept it if they get a big put scent sale. And this why I suggest for people to start always at much higher price and walk your way to the bottom. Instead of doing that as a wave started a low-price and walking your way to the top, which doesn't actually walk. And also there's going to be this thing here called Bezos LFO. In some muchos. Use this against them. In fact, they just leave it on, they just turn it on. And that's it. Which is not the way you're supposed to be doing because if you just leave it on end, that said, none of people are going to be I mean, while people are just going to skip over this, maybe more than likely, they might give you oboes over like five bucks or ten bucks, nothing you actually want. So to avoid this, what you have to do is automatically decline of oil that is lower than the amount you will accept and automatically accept anything, although the amount that you want to actually get, and this will go and D, you're gonna get the best possible price for this product when somebody makes an offer and nobody's going to Lobo your item for less than its actually is Wolf. 10. Get Best Price : How to win any type of product on eBay. In this lab show, you received their few different math. It's for you to win an auction or just get the best possible price for a product. For example, this particular Star Wars vehicle. Now there is a bunch of this same exacting on eBay. So have we kind of cell is competing with everybody else, went else saying something like this. On the other hand, they do want to make a sale, then I want this item to just stay there because they want to sell the inventory they have. And by that excellent couse, something new. So one way you can do this, if it is a fixed price auction, wake this particular one. You have two different choices. One, you can add to the cart and wait until it goes on sale, and then you can buy it. Second choice, you can make an awful so we'll be passing on that. Now. When you're going to be making an offer, you have a different choice of how much you can offer for this particular item. And when you do this, for example, if you're going to be putting something that's going to be a lot less than I know for store. They are. Paulson is not going to accept it. So what I'm going to actually do is I can actually submit that avoid here, but before I submit to it, but you can do is if you're going to be I'm trying to get this particular item. You want to add a message through this, so on. And you want to tell them why they should give it to your 45 bucks. So you can see like there is another seller who is selling the same exact thing for the same exact place. You can tell them that there is something wrong with the item della selling and maybe they should put the price on BET wall. So this particular item is brand new. There's nothing wrong with it. So there was nothing I can say to their cell that's going to get him toward the place. What they could do is just submit that offer. And by submitting this particular awful, I'm actually low-balling this particular item and then waiting for him to actually go back and give me Here's particular awful forward. So he's gonna get around 48 hours for him to decide if he wants to take me on the five bucks off or most likely he's going to send me a different kind of waterfall and I'm going to review it, check it out. And then this side, if it is a good enough price, and if I should take it around, we'd have when chances to do this until you can't do this anymore. So if you do this freedom when times and it gets rejected, you can't actually buy this particular item anymore. So you don't wanna do this too many times if you really want particular product. A second method that you can do, and this one is a little bit different, is actually to dig exactly the same, identical kind of product and tried to buy it in an auction. So for you to be successful at buying the same exact plateau, can interaction. You have to actually wait until the last minute of this particular product. So what to feel going to be doing is this particular one ands in one hour and 29 minutes. So I would have to actually wait until it goes to on a minute mark and then you have to just sit there until it goes to 100, 20 seconds. And you place your bid right in there and you want to put the bid in exactly no, asked Tony, or even 15 seconds. So you want to be the last one who puts the Binet at the same time, you'll bid has to be the highest one. This way, you will win. A lot of times what's going to happen is eBay automatically builds up at a bid in the last few minutes of the auction. And this happened because some people, for example, if you want to place a bid day or five days before the oxygen ends, most likely you're going to lose because someone else please, the same exact bid he pulled the higher price they use. So it gets into a huge place, war, and you don't wanna do this. But a lot of times if you're waiting until the last 30 seconds, sometimes you get a very good tweet because some people put a price on the auction and nobody bid on the items. There's a few times during the year when, when this especially happens in the summer and during a holiday season, it just happens to be a really bad time and nobody bids on it except like one person and he ends up winning. And when he has, when this particular item, he gets such a good deal that sometimes the seller or refuses to sell that particular item. So and that's actually against eBay was now. So if you do this too many times, you'll get kicked out of eBay. But if you're a buyer, you can take advantage of this opportunity and sometimes get really good paradox for almost nothing because some cell to say that I'm going to auction it off at $0.01, stays at $0.01 and Diana was offered there was nothing wrong with it whatsoever. The cell just made a mistake. And dokie this, I have no choice I should actually is so I don't want to lose my eBay account. So that's one thing for you to know. That's definitely going to get you, uh, why don't really know as goodies on eBay. 11. Get Discount Merchandise: If you want to get the big money on eBay, you definitely have to outsource from China, specifically in AliExpress. This is a site I use a lot and they find it to be very good site to get merchandise. In fact, there's 59 different pages of wide variety of different things that they have bought in this site or will the last few years because this side is just a goldmine for different things that you can buy, ranging from almost just about anything. And the great thing about ArrayExpress, that some of those things can get you very good money. So to do this, what you have to actually do is to navigate through the site and findings that are bargains that are not selling for too much money, and then flip it for more money. I do have an entire class that goes right into this thing, which are the most interesting pilots, which ones are the most expensive? And we don't have an entire class that goes into what kind of things you should be looking for in this entire site. Because that everything here is worthwhile for you to actually buy. Some products are just way too expensive, such as this right here, is just no way for you to make any money on something that already is selling at a markup price of $60. This side used to be super cheap. And at 1 you could get here everything for almost next to nothing. But the price is when up, right now some of the best products over he'll output really expensive. And because of that, you do need somebody to soil which of the pilots use for beginning, which kind of products you should be getting and well, and especially which ones are the ones that are Wolf and for you to actually get. So now I want to focus on a few products over here to give you some idea. How do you buy things so you can make money on them? And we have heal in a deal for you. So this specific product is going for around 16 bars, folder or shipping all combined. And what you're actually getting here is a wholesale, a different amount of them that you can take an individualist, sell them for more cash. So let's go ahead and take a walk with the profit calculator over here, and then up the exact numbers here. So we can know for sure if you're getting any money when we are going to be signed up. So with this shipping combined, divide by 24 different pieces, it actually walks out to be just $0.86. Paul, one of those products, if you sell one of them. And if we sell one hundred and four hundred fourteen dollars, it's pretty good cash. Now, the catch is, none of those actually have the chain to them, so we have to actually find change separately. So although this one only costs cents on a door, you do have to find a chain folders, and that's actually going to bring your cost a bit higher. So here is the actual chain. Here, bunch of different chains that we can use. And we have a 100 of them for 16 bucks. So if you can find us a demo out 50, maybe even ten. And here's a cheaper one. I think this one actually looks much better than the previous one. And all combined, you're paying $16 for a bunch of them, which is a 100 of them. But upon is your losing $16 extra because we're getting so many of them. And now let's go ahead and check this. When are how much this course for products and 12 additional 517 divide a 100 pieces. It only costs $0.17 apiece. But upon is we're getting so many of them that we don't need them that we are going to actually lose initially money because we got so many of them. And we don't know yet if this product is going to actually sell. And that's something I have people who are getting into this business initially, they'll barely worried about investing in something they don't understand. And yet there are no FDA spite of it is going to sell. So the whole purpose of this exercise like now, I'm just showing you some ideas, some products that might actually sell. And I'm going into this specific store, into the places where it says top selling because I know those pilots actually do. So the biggest thing that you have to understand is that your audio and your job is to find this pilot exclusive product that's gonna get you a bunch of cells. So we can go ahead and keep on replicating this over and over in the long term. So it causes a very few amount of cash to acquire those products wholesale amount. And then we are going to be selling them individually. Every single one of them in order for us to get the good money. So this is just one stop. Now, you can get into different gigs here and different niches. And getting into a niche that you understand more is the key for you make the big money on this side. Because if you don't know what you're buying and you're not sure what you're getting, then definitely it's going to be hard for you to make cash with this. Now, here's another very good product. Unfortunately, this bottle is very expensive. So this one comes from China. It actually fell down implies this used to be going for folly, and now it's only $27, which is much cheaper than before. One thing that I really want to emphasize here, the prices on this side constantly do change. If you do add the product to the cart, it will go much cheaper. And as a hint, this product right now in the United States is selling 440 to 50 doors on eBay. Because I already research without one. But what 27 doors? There was not much change that you are going to be making. I think it's going to be like pocket change the most amount that you will make. Form products such as this. So you have to be careful when you're looking for products. You want to make sure the quality itself is not expensive, it is cheap, and yet it is good quality. And it's going to get you a bunch of sales over and over again. It's not a onetime thing. You bought some product and it's now going to sell very well. So MyClass, the Alibaba specific class, is going to get a lot more details in here. I just wanted to show you a overview of a place where you can really find cheap and good products to actually buy, that can get you a lot of cash. In talking about cash scale, let me give you a good idea for the summer that's coming up. And this one is the microfiber sport cooing face down. This is a product that is hot selling in the summer because it is super hot. But the key here is that this specific product sells for around nine to 10 doors in Walmart. And you can get it over here for only a bug and 66 cents, so a 100 and make money with something like this. Well, specifically what I would actually do is I would get three of them different kind of cause green, orange, and blue. Put them all together and sell it is one pilot for around 12 bucks for a lot of worry of them at the same time. So that's something and the idea of how you can actually sell them as a wad and actually make money with them too. And all the pictures are here for you to use as you scroll all the way down. We have the stack image photography that we can just go ahead copy and paste and put this right in your testing and get started making money with those products OAE the way. So this is just showing you right here or there Great different uses for the product and already doing all the groundwork for you. So you don't need to do much in order to get the actual sales for this product already. Know Pilot photography needed. It's all right here, ready for you. So go ahead by the sample pilot and listed up on eBay and get some sales. 12. Search SEO Secrets: Shopping and SEO. So the first thing you're trying to figure out is exactly the right kind of set for you to buy in order for you to do echo esteem width. So this is going to be the set that I decided to actually get because its original value is a 130 bucks on the actual website. Now, as you look through this, you can see there was a different kind of Teams in here and different kind of mini sets included all in one sets or pretty much you're not getting just one said you're getting a bunch of mini sets. So you're not paying for one, you're paying for more than one or at once. So pretty much what we have here, we have one big set and then we have different teams and are so many figures included. So we have a few very interesting videos about five of them. And we have different teams here, and we have another team with hue as well. So pretty much you are buying. And that one said, you're buying a bunch of different sets all included in one price. So that's a good thing. So for 129, you're getting one to flee For five, exactly five different sets. And five different mean if egos all combined. Now 100, 29 is quite expensive for doing this and even sign this will fall and you're going to break even. You might make some money, but that is not enough. You want to make art more than just a little bit. So to do this, we go to eBay and we're doing eBay hago SEO, but pretty much this is just a Lego SEO search on eBay. So you have like here they said number, put this in the Persian soldier. And one thing you can see here is the best match is coming up here, and on the Amazon site is even more expensive. Now, this is very important for you to understand, is that when you're lifting something up, the best match is going to force come up. Which actually means that you're not going to be featured on a four speed. You're going to be featured somewhere on the last page if you're a newbie. So what you wanna do is you want to get yourself feature on the best match, not the highest forced or the voice force because this is not the way eBay actually walks. So somebody who would take another price at the lowest possible price. And I'm going to be featured on the forest, which not, that is not how it actually works at all. And even if you're brand new with it, it's not going to feature you because it is for storing the best match out. So if you're not the best match and I'm going to be sold here at also what gets somebody to become the best match boot image is how well you're doing on eBay. Really much is how well you're doing on IBI. How many cells you have, how good is the customer solvers if you're the primordial resting. And specifically how many people are actually watching and trying to bid and by your pilot to the building once the add the most traction, the ones that are ending last. But I don't recommend for you to do bidding because bidding, a lot of times you end up on the losing end of this week, you're actually going to lose money. Doing a bidding war. For most cases, not always, but a lot of times, yes. So that is not something you want to do. What you really want to focus on is satellite of things. Walk on your way to link up on eBay, Highland High on adventure, you're going to be posted up here. So let's go back in here and try to find the set we are looking for. Pretty much forest I'm going for that was price and trying to find one that I can actually get. And we have one feature right here, which is Actually in China. So you might think, Oh wow, I'm getting a good deal, 70 bucks or not. So fast. This is a fake carpi set. You can see reviews ED 50 percent. And nowhere in this listing description does it say lego. This is a stock photography of the pilot, but this is not a Lego set. And all. This is a fake copy of w Deal. And nobody, nobody wants a fake copy of a Lego set. Implies it's illegal to sell fake hobby Lego sets from China because of the rules are totally different. So the whole thing about mining this is okay, but 91 box for this, it is not too bad. And yet white here has a choice. Make an awful, well, if I can get this works 75, that is half the actual bias or the pilot. There'll be great, but I don't think he's going to even take it, but you never know. So the first step for you is just to give the offer and see if he just outright rejects it. And yet I send it to him. And pretty much I'm willing for a counter-offer for this. While I'm waiting for a counter, awful. I'm looking at other listings as well here. Most likely he's just not going to accept 75 bucks for this. So we have another one here, 76 plus 26 doors being and pretty much that looked like the best deal in their house. And everything else is just way too expensive. So when you have something like this, you're taking advantage of it and hopefully your counter awful. And 90 bucks was okay. I mean, the price was a little steep, but there was nothing better than this. And definitely with named bugs, I can at least make my money back, sound apart and make a small profit. And that's exactly what you're working for. 13. Profit with selling cell phones: he was a cool way to make money on eBay. This is very, very simple. Off goes, you don't have to know much about TBI itself, especially since your newbie and you're just getting started. First name suggests for you to go is to the eBay selling Santo. All you have to do here is very simple. You have to choose what kind of item that you want to sell today. And, of course, look in what kind of items that you have on you. There's a lot of times that you have all those unused electron ICS such as cell phones, cameras, video game systems and as such. So pick one that you no longer use and what you're going to be doing. Actually, you're gonna be selling it on eBay itself. The simple way to sell it without even listing and everything is just actually going to this particle area, placing what kind of form that you have. IPhone five. What kind of Kallio that you have, which would be boys and and the capacity itself. So you just specifying everything about your phone, the one you have and what kind off do you have as well the condition of it is very simple toe. You might have new used power. It's not walking. In fact, sometimes you will get phones that not even walking and you can get pretty good carries forward. So if you have, like an excellent condition and original box, as you can see, if you have access to a phone like this, you could make 85 box just like that. And this one is not even walking. This is full of book and form. That is an excellent condition, is just not starting up. And all you have to do next is I was so that's it off. The oppressed is bonding all it does for you. It already creates all the listing for you, though, is not much you want to do here except at the pictures and then choose what you want. You will auction decided there will be recommended for me that this item goes for 84 box and I highly suggest for you to maybe go forward for an auction and see how much Dina will be bid for. If you don't want to take this risk, just go for the fixed price here and you can specify. Since they said it is selling for about 85 bucks. You can easily just put that amount in, though. In fact, see mine. I'm sold between 55 to 91. So what you have to do is you have to put in what is the recommended price forced, which would be 85 bucks And then if somebody buys it for you five. Great. If somebody doesn't, you could always go the price. Do not put at best offer. You have people. Just keep on bidding for where this is for more intervention feature. You don't want to do this now. He was a way that you could make even more money. And if you don't even have any forms on you, what you're doing next is you're going on. Craig list itself. You're gonna be finding people who have cell phones that are just, you know, trashing them, don't need them or even on guard ourselves. Every time you going cost. You work for self ones and you can sell them. You can make a significant amount of money just finding unused. Oh, even book and cell phones that you're going to get maybe 50 cents less than a buck. You just don't know which ones are. Those forms are gonna give you a lot more than the book that you paid for. And this is something I've been doing for quite some time. I had cell phones that I found on Garcia's that had broken screen people just getting them for Western a bark. And I was able to get 80 to 90 bucks pull phone on eBay itself. People don't really bother. They don't know how much those phones elect you, wolf. So this step is definitely going to get you out of cash. So off course, if you wanna go more about how to do this signed up for the full classes because they will teach you not only this kind of trick. They teach you how to maximize and make a lot of money on eBay because as a power seller on eBay, I know the tricks. I know everything about eBay itself in the inside out 14. Use Alibaba to source: welcome everybody to ali baba dot com. This is the ultimate site for you to make amazing amount of cash on Amazon. What you have to do is to find products that you're gonna use and you can resell them by back on Amazon that come f b a for a humongous amount off profit. One such item that I find that goes for a lot of money on Amazon or two. It has a very swim amount of manufacturer cost, and you can outsource it white form. The site is the selfie sticks and the Mona Pons and the trend for them. It's pretty hot right now, but they go, Gopal Camilla, this is picking up very, very fast. What you have to do is to find a supplier, and by this stick from down Now, we have one issue here. Uh, this particular So just selling 100 off them. This is too many for you to buy. You don't want to buy 100 off them. The risk is too big because you're buying 100. Each one of them is a door. Now we're talking about 100 door investment on something that we don't even know the quality and how good it is. You want to get a priest one piece on, test it out, see if this works for for you. And if it's good, it will, although a lot more off them. But seven else we have here. We have this piece for 90 cents apiece. You have to get authority off those particular pieces. This is a little bit less significant risk for you. But then again, it's still too many products for for you to take for this profit margin as well. I thought there was a lot of different kind of options for you on this particular site. If you keep going, you might see a very, very good product. And here we have another one. This says, even stainless steel on that. It's telling me it costs only 10 cents at peace over 50 pieces. It comes down to five bucks for your investment. So if you are able to resell this for three, stand to 12 bucks at peace on Amazon F B A. You're going to make a substantial amount of money for your five door investment. All we have to do is just by this and take a risk on it. Sometimes you just have to take a risk with those products or so it sounds like it's very cheap. And it's not gonna be that that great. You never really know until you test it out. So sometimes you have toe, take the punch, test out the product and see Give this plant is gonna walk for you. There was a lot more different products here as well, so it doesn't have to be that particular product. You can find something else. He was go, blow came on and this is not a Lego Go pull. This is actually a Chinese knockoff. Off the go go pull cameras. You can see he was another one off the same exact camera. I wouldn't be buying those, but I'm just showing you what it actually is. And he was They're on Rosen Optical GoPro camera itself. But what I like to actually buy is the access Elise for the cameras. Because those things we can make a lot more profit and more people are actually going by the accessories. And there was a lot of them here. Let me show you some also accessories. And he was a different quality and different cores of the same thing. He was a model pod that is also a cell fistic, and you can only get 10 of them. You don't have to buy that many of them. And as you can see here, this is another interesting design. So but you have to do is actually is very simple. You just contact the supplier and you ask them how much it costs to check out one of them because you don't want toe actually get 10 of them in case this item is not to your satisfaction. So that's what I would actually be doing and make sure it has this ceiling because they seal means gold supplier Second year, it means they're horrible is supplying it. This pretty reliable. The item is actually gonna come to you when you order from something from our bobble people actually get you to sign a certificate when you're gathered. So this way, you know, for show that the item actually gets to you, They they want to make sure that he gets the data doesn't get to you. You get your money back on this site, Another site that is out So part of Alibaba is called a re expressed that come this particular site is a little bit actually battle Dan Alibaba site itself because in Alibaba site you have to buy a huge quality off items on Ali Express. You can only buy one particular item and test it out before you're gonna by a huge set of them. So he will he'll be have a bunch of different products that are also the same thing that I was looking for the self be cameras and that that would be a little more expensive here. But at the same time, if you're gonna buy something here that cost you about seven bucks and you can sell it for 15 on Amazon, it still gives you a good enough profit margin for you to test out the selfie stick and see if it is wolf your investment or not. And I'm actually public with them by one of the selfie stick myself to be a doubt structural because I need this for my my iPhone myself. So I would actually do that too, and I would actually go. I would work for the one I like the most, the one that is most useful for me. I'm gonna buy tested out. And if it is pretty great, I'm gonna try to resell it back a seminal Amazon F B A or sell it on eBay and then I'll just get another one. So it'll be something that I will try to do you even myself because this is a good way for you to make a decent amount off profit on a very, very small investment on your part. And here is some positive things that Ali Baba that com has that is for you to explore. One of them is that photography equipment. This is very popular item that is selling on Amazon F B A and E Bay itself. What you have to do is pick the product that you liken, And I know this product is very popular as a photographer. This is an item I always work toe get for myself. I don't have this particular item. And if I was going to create a studio, I would find a very good quality backdrop and used this. This is a very important item and they only outsource this from China. They almost don't sell this anymore. In United States. So if you want to get it, you gotta get it in this location. And that's what most people on eBay and Amazon F B A. That's what they do. They buy those form this site, they post them up on Amazon and eBay, and then they charge a significant amount of money on them on the other site. As you can see, this item cost 2025 Piece of hell, and it's gonna cost significant a lot more on eBay. So you're talking about this thing costing about 70 80 bucks on eBay? Oh, Amazon to. So what you have to do is you have to just find the products that you're gonna use, and you have to test them out here. This is this is a very decent by the way, the photographer was really work for photography. Backdrop such as brick wall on the cost here is pretty cheap, too. So you got experiment? You gotta go for this and test out different products and tried to get one piece of it Initially, you don't want to get this many off them at once, because if you get that many of them, you might be stepping off a huge amount of merchandise. It's gonna be pretty hard for you to south. Let me show you how much those things go on Amazon, the website. As you can see that this is the backdrops. This is the photo studio backdrop. Supports stand. And you can tell that those things are pretty expensive. Hugh, is that this is that clamp? So let's go back in hell and check out how much of those costs there spooning cramps themselves. Let's see if you can find him. So we talked him in. That hell is. Here is the cost of the spring clamps. This is photographers really need that. Because with the backdrops, you have to have those cramps. And they cost around 25 cents at peace, which is almost nearly nothing. So some of them cost like five bucks for, like, six of them. So this is a little bit different designs, so you'll probably have to go into this and try to find one that looks exactly like the picture we have. Here we go, the same exact one. The plastic still clamp 25 cent each, which is next to nothing, and you get 3000 of those in those products to do so Now. We're going back on Amazon right here, and we see it sounds for $5 exactly the same thing. And it's number one best cell in its category. This is definitely something that's gonna make you money. There isn't for that. This is Papua. Photographers always want to get this, and it will cost 25 cents at peace for you to get your hands on it. And if it's the best sound, you can make a world of money on it. This is one of those products that you can't really go along here. It's always needed for a 42 studios. Photographers always misplaced. Does that always actually need something to hang the backdrops and are looking for something cheap dating? Five bucks is cheap when they spent 2 to 3000 bucks on the camera equipment. But you know you can get your hands on this for 25 cents apiece, which means you're making a substantial profit you, and if you get even more of them or did. This is actually different kind of clams here on. You can actually adjust the price, too, so as an Amazon. FB a cell. You could make a road off money. You is using this. And here's a different clamp right here. We are talking about heavy duty clamps. Does psyche Bigelow look at the price difference? 20 bucks here. We can probably get those for 75 cents a piece. So we're talking about substantial profits you can make on a week. Baba and we express selling photography and selfie sticks. 15. Selling beanie babies for profit: Welcome back to the episode off wife over everyday eBay. So? So today we're gonna be covering Beanie Babies. How to tell which one is valuable and which ones you should be avoiding, because some of them might not actually give you any money whatsoever. Forced off, you got to go in here and separate which ones are being babies and which ones are not. If you're buying a huge rock, some things you get something like this and this one is not a Beanie Baby. This is just something as within a Beanie Baby. You can tell this very easily by looking at the tag off the item itself. And right here it says exactly what it is that even says, what you it was manufactured. And the name what you want to do is to work for an item that sense, T Why on it you want to make sure that it has the tag still attached to the EU itself. Next thing you want to make sure is that this specific tag all the way at its stay off or whatever location they decide to put it in, it's still doubt and it is attached to it as well. You have to make sure two of those tags are attached. Next thing what you're looking for is the name itself. This one is Snook, and you want to google it and find out how much it's wolf or working up on eBay. Another thing that you're looking for is the you. It was manufactured the order it is. The motion says this particular one might be wolf a lot more money. Nothing that you're looking for is signs of use. You want to make sure the item is as keen as possible. This one has a little spot right here. And if it does have some spots, that's okay. You can still wash it off sometimes. But sometimes you can't. So you want to try to get at the best possible shape. He was another baby. Hume. This one also has the tactic. Tag is a little bit not in great shape. So you want to make sure the tag itself is an excellent shape when you get them. Some of them have a special tack to them. Like this one. You can see it's actually cobbled in a plastic band. This might be something that's wolf a little bit more because it's gaveled in a special plastic. And this one says, being original baby. So the plastic itself what it actually does, it just protects this Beanie baby. It means that this one is available. Original one. And it never came out out of its original plastic sweep. And this one looks like it might be actually wolf some money just because of the condition and their works itself. That works off that being a baby itself is a bit unusual and it took us a little different . You always want to go for something that works differently. This works too plain and the ones that are really interesting looking on my desk one for example, this one is a little bit of news. Oh, as well. The more unusual and interesting they are, the more likely that we're gonna be wolf A lot of money. Some of those conf ach upto some hundreds of dollars. Some conf ach upto 1000 does a piece. So this is not something you always get at a good price because some things you might get some that only wolf a few box, some other ones are Wolf West in the door, so you never know what you're getting. But if you get a bunch of them and somebody doesn't know what they're doing, you could potentially get some that a wolf, A lot of money. This one looks like in my off some money as well. In a Hammond checked the prices of any of those. So I'm not sure which one is Wolf, how much on its on. So when you're buying them, you just don't know what you're getting. So you have to take a chance when you're buying those kind of things on a grassy so 50 cents Breiner is a pretty good bad. If you have to pay like a few box for them, you might break even. But you never know because you might get something that's well for all the money and get a lot of cash in the process. Just make So they'll clean. Make sure there was not no weapons, make so all the tags on them and make sure, of course, that they look unusual and interesting and the old vintage as well. So those are the things you have to work for when you're getting Beanie Babies, the t wise could be wolf a lot of money. But right now, I went to eBay itself just to show you and prove to you that they're actually off the money that I was talking about. A few $1000 actually. So here is a bunch of t rise here and doesn't not this sold einem so unitary. So how many and how much those things actually go for? Because this is people who actually go and just value this at whatever they think it's gonna be. Wolf. As you can see, those all kinds of different prices for them twisted right here. As you can see, this is a lot of money that we're talking about. But you can't be totally sure that this is how much this particular item is actually gonna cellphone. Therefore, what you can do and it is really simple, is to press on sold listings, and then you can see exactly how much those specific items are Actually wolf, and this is exactly what I did. I placed on sold listings and then I pressed on highest sold twisting and the highest one that actually sold on eBay itself in the past two weeks, was this one for 50,000 box and this is their points is Deanna 1997 Special edition. Here's another one night he'll and this one Soto a 3000 box, which is a pretty good half the size off pocket change that you can get for yourself. If you do get lucky, this is another one. And this one night he'll is a proper one. And there was actually a small tank l in it, and this one makes it wolf 2000 box. So you have toe always work for something that's unusual and to make sure it is authentic force generation Beanie Baby. And those things can fetch up pretty half the amount off boys. So what now? I'm showing you some of those that went in place a lot, and it's up to you to go and try to find some little similar or even exactly like it. And you can make a lot of money on eBay itself and stay tuned to the next episode. And make sure to subscribe to this channel for more valuable advice. How you can make money on eBay 16. Identifying valuable giftcards: when it comes to correcting gift cards, it's really important for you to collect things that they're now We're gonna go out of style. You want to think about walked on. So when one off the wings movie came out, I got a bunch of those gift cards that I got for myself, and now they're wolf pretty good money. What you want to do is the same exact thing. And as you can see, this is from a Hollywood video I stole that no longer even exist. And I think if I hold onto those for a very long time, does give gods are gonna go up in value. So what you want to do is the same exact thing. Get gift cards that you think I'm gonna go up in value and you keep them. It's small. Better for you. Do not make a quick buck, but wait a while and then sell them. So if you wait for a few years, the value of those gift cards could go up again. And right now, maybe they're not as good as they could be. And the reason for that everything is moving to digital. Everything is gonna be digital cards really soon, and those gift cards are not going to exist anymore, so the amount of them are gonna skyrocket. Then nothing you can get and you can make a lot more money is getting us interesting things that do exist right now. So he was a pizza one. So if somebody is in who knows pizza Robbo and he wants an image of the pizza. He would definitely buy one of those gift cards because they're reusable. You can still use them and give them for somebody for their present. So if they have, ah, special Bosnia that's coming up that Stephanie a great thing to give them here is another one. And this one is about ET extraterrestrial. Now. I got this a while back, but I still think it is useful because if somebody wants to give one with extraterrestrial in it, especially if miracle set that comes out about all the movie comes out again about extraterrestrial. This gift coat is gonna go in style again. He was a Lego via peak out, and I'm sure if this thing goes back to just being digital and the one good give out this particular via pick out the V. A peek out is gonna skyrocket and correct with while leg related items. She was more things that you can get and make money on in the future. Not like now, Entrada Joe. They had this one and this gift card will for world map in it. So this definitely will go up in price if somebody really wants it in the future. And this Louis looks like something that could have a potential to be a collectible item. Some town sometime down their world. Que is another one. And cibona, this used to be a store, and they just made these until Starbucks bought them. So this is definitely something that's gonna go up in the body because this store no longer exists in this part off Starbucks now. And lastly, this new war, that's right and the reason just go up in value is every single time to him, especially university addition off a special event, this particular one, and went there when it was 25 year universally off a special event. And when they have a special event that comes up, this is definitely a very commendable called that when you exist during that time. So if somebody is a Disney Rocco and a correct all this new stuff, he definitely wouldn't want to get a hold of a bunch of those cards as well. And those are not difficult. Those are actually tickets that I got to get admitted to those steampunk. So it's not only gift cards that you have to collect. If you're collecting, you might as well use quite just about anything and especially collect anything that gives you admission that even looks like a gift card is good enough for you to sell on eBay and make good money on. 17. What listing format to use: welcome everybody to the eBay so boot camp. But this particular section will be exploring auction. Most fixed listing and exploring the pores and cons broke down as well. What mistakes to avoid And which do you use for auctions? They can get my child visibility. If you start off at 99 cents and it goes up to 120 you wouldn't get a lot of different Bittles bidding on this item and I dont might go around in price as well. And at the same time, you guys got together at more potential clients bidding on this particular item and all of those people. My bid on anything else you're gonna sell as well in the store, which is by anything else is also it's like free publicity. So you can use that as such, especially if you have some high ticket items as well. And for high ticket items, staying myself are higher prices. Then you started with, but it all depends. You have toe. Make sure the item isn't high demand and don't use anything that's not in high demand. Enough. It's a big mistake. You can gain a lot of bids and somebody might purchase the item. But there was also issues with Issa's. Well, issues is that I put myself forward price. So if you start at 99 cents and you picked a one item, it might not sell it all. Oh, it's gonna sell for valuable place, because if you are pricing it at an auction, it has to be sold. So it I'd like something that you pricing Fixed price, huh? This particular item is already started at the workplace. So if you start that night night said that somebody takes a big on it, then it's gonna be so that 99 cents, or if somebody doesn't take a bid and you're working and doesn't sell, and then you got away with it that you don't have to sell it for a month for for that law amount of price. But most likely somebody will buy their side of 189 cents and then you end up having to ship this item. And there was a lot of money, so be careful with that as well. Second thing, it might was interested buyers. If somebody if you put in auction up there on people start to bid it out. Some people don't want to wait seven or 10 days to bid on particular item. They want this item right now. They want it now. They don't want to wait for 10 days until the sight of ghosts were where they were supposed to be going. So you might lose interests of some off the impulse buyers as well. And it has to go for a set time period. It doesn't end until seven days of 10 days. If somebody wants this item in five days on, all right now, it's not gonna work for them as well. And that's why eBay is trying to feeds off boxes part off this political thought. They they don't want, like people really listing items on auctions because it's not that popular. Fixed price seems to be doing much more better. And over the years it seems to have went this way as well. So the fixed by seems to be a lot better right now. It used to be that the auction used to be relatively popular, but now it's the fix place that actually going much, much better. You have better results as well. So one thing is the best sale possible. Some people would, especially if you have a fixed price and you have a buy it now, which is you guys should always have a bite. Now told he puts in house you have fixed item selling. Make sure you guys sell it for whatever you want and then had an addition of Tory puts Set it, breaks it up and that somebody connect, you go up there. And if they were one decided, I'm gonna pay their extra Tony put sent and by it, unfortunately, even doesn't let you have a choice. And price of the little Western Tony puts it and live it. I disagree with decided with this pricing method with eBay, but there was nothing you guys can do about it. Unfortunately, so you have to, by standing 30 puts in Ohio, and sometimes you get lucky. And some people worked to buy this island for 30 points and higher. So the first sale is going to give you a weapon cache dead. So sale. So it's us for whatever you want to price it, as that's the benefit of fix spiced. Whatever your research and you wanted to sell and posted up there and make sure you posted whatever you want decided to sell and a lot of times inside of the cell. That's That's one of the issues with six points. If you put the price too high and the competitors are selling for us, it's not gonna work. And the instant sale are quantification. Worked a fixed price so people can say, Oh, that's it. I want this now and they place on it and it just buy it. And that's, you know, they buy the item and they have. So that's still isn't fixed. Boy Swiss thing is a little superior than the auction. Oh, mistake. Here's the issue. The fixed price it might self OS. It's won't. So what say you are the price, The item we posted up there for West that it's supposed to go for. It's gonna sell for that amount, and then you lose money. Second thing, it's not an auction, so it's not gonna go any higher than whatever you posted that. The only thing that can get you hire is if somebody uses the buy it now for 30 points in Ohio, and it's gonna go a lot higher than it's supposed to be That's it might who might not happen. You have to be patient. You have to wait and you might have to wait for way. Walk time for this item to sell and for the fixed price, the benefits off that you can post it up on a fixed price with 20 days forces the max amount for auction, which is 7 to 10 days. And with 10 days you have to pay our additional feet forces the seven days, which is usually free. My boss is the fixed price. You get the 20 days opt out. So it's up to 30 days. You have to switch around, which is the good part of fixed listening that either might not sell it all a lot of times . That's actually the case with the fixed price. You might price it too high. And then it's not gonna sell. So that Shrek is with fixed place is to always price it high and then go down. So every time that auction expires, this keep on going a little bit down and what happens is they something. Send that email to people who viewed the IOM and they see the item went down in price and they might actually cook on it. And by so that's the benefits of the fixed place. So which one? To use fixed vice news when you have time to wait, auction useful, popular and in demand products. If you have something that you think is gonna give you a lot of money, you can start it really, really low and take the risk and it But he has to be something that spread a 1,000,000,000 high demand. Otherwise, I suggest you started up the place. You want to sell it and see if it's gonna go any higher with the auction forces. The fixed voice. Try both styles and see which wants works for you. I think the fixed prices well, most of the stuff on eBay works better, but at the same time, not everybody is using the auction future. So sometimes you might get very nice results of with as well. Just be careful. Don't start something to Whoa because you might actually end up having to sell it at that amount of place sticks to avoid with underprice fix placed and do not start high and go and go exult with the fixed place you don't want toe under place the item. Second thing ISS the key here. I think I just started messing up a little bit. So what would you want to do is to actually start high and go So the price has to go high. So it say, for example, you started 100 20 and you keep going down 20. Then you change it toe 100 and then put I could shipping for 10 bucks. Before that. You have free shipping for what, 20. And then see if that sells that that doesn't woke. You moved. If we shipping with and you price it down to 90 and the shipping will be caustic 10. So just like that, you just continue going down and through the item actually gonna sell, and every time, every seven days or whatever it is upto four. So let's say it's up for Tony days to wait 30 days and then you in the auction and, oh, the fixed price and you change it every single time. This happens until eventually the idea will get sword and you don't know it's gonna get sold for that question. Want on that? But sometimes you just have toe, but I go because it's just you just don't want tohave on extra fortune eyes that doesn't. So anyone a stack your plate supple margin is that that does so, Blackpool, the listing out once dynamics auction. So if the item is starting toe get auction, you don't know how how high it's going to go into the end. And second, issue the baby factory, Pull that listing out and at the same time you're point a listing. You might actually get charge, whatever the cost off the item went for. If you pull the wasting out so I don't like a man and you pull the wasting out, you can only do this once a year right now. So eBay doesn't want to do it more than once. If you do it more than once a year, you being charged the full price as if you sold down. So just be careful. If you're gonna have something auctioned, just make sure you're auctioning it whatever place you wanted to actually be sold for. And if you start the auction started at one cent for high demand items. Like I said it, it works very good for stuff But you have to be very, very, extremely careful what you're pricing at once sent. Just so just a big show. You know, the signing is gonna sell, and it's gonna go for forward. Otherwise, do not do it on command. This free publicity is not a good way unless you know exactly what you're doing. This is for exports on me. And this is it this sense, this whole actual. 18. How to professional ship products on eBay: welcome students. In this video. We'll go over how to professionally pack and ship, and I So, for example, we have a camel healed, and this is the item that somebody wants on an auction. So how do you shoot this correctly and professional way to do this? There's more than one option for you, and we will go about every single option in this video. Let's get started. Do you want to do is, of course, she's what you want. A packet. This is a bottle of the bubble pack is very handy to ship items with a fragile or can break easily. Let me show you how, but you do it. Just put it over there on the table, your item on top of it and you're closer. It's simple. Now be lapped it up and it's ready to go. This is only one thing that you could use. Course you can use different kind of items if you're looking at is bubble packs, and this is actually an L PAC. That's actually the correct name to this. What it does. It's compressed L in a small back, and it was a bunch of those. This is grateful bigger items, and it's nice to have if you want to fill up a bunch off space with them. So this would not work for something small, but, well, our drying up this is now, if you have the money to buy those kind of packs or anything like this, you can always go old school and you can use a bunch for paper house. Oh, just Lego type of people. You cram it up like this described, and you put it into the package itself and it's sold as something that's gonna protect it. This is not the best that this is actually the least table, a method of mine. But if you have nausea choice Oh, you want to pack something and you want to use this as something just to pack up the I know you can use this as well. My personal favorite of mine is the bobble. You can see this is what actually used, and I have a humongous world right here because they always end up using so many of them. And every one of those is actually a very small piece here, that kind of lift it out and use this for the package. You could just get as many as you want for this. So this is my favorite one direct to use because they got the bubbles to it. But there's a miniature problems, not big as I showed you before, and the miniature bubbles are good for small packages. The next thing that you want to do off course is to use one more step of the way. And I'm sure you, which is one of my favorites and let's see this thing's camel have like you and let me show you what I like to do the most is my favorite kind of backing material, By the way. So this is my feeling kind off picking material out there. The peanuts that's like This is peanuts. That's what the name of it is. And the reason, of course, penises. They kind of look like. And though the best kind off packing material for just about anything. So what you do it is simple. Put in. I don't so we put it in my deal on top of it, and then he just threw it out with peanuts, and you have to have a lot of it window once you have done. That's it. Show the whole item is filled to the top with the peanuts. And this particular item was not so what you want to do. Let me show you the incorrect way. See, it's still showing in there. You want a bailey it inside so you can't even see it in there. And then what you want to do is just close it out and it's ready to go in the package. Now, let me go over some amateur mistakes here that a lot of people do. And one of them, of course, is when you have the package and its simple example, you've got a package in the mail Now, the amateur mistake, of course, would be to have the ball code, right heel and just keep it there accidentally. What's gonna happen is this package can come back to you, and you don't want that to come back to you. So you want to get to it or whatever markings have that we have right here. And there's two ways to go for you About one way is, of course, to whip it out and try to rip it up with something that's gonna take your long time and I don't like it the second way. Get a monocle. Just cost out all kinds off information here that says the address. Cross out the bowel codes as well with the market the next step that you can do even easier . Faster is the simplest one tape state right over it won't be able to see it. And if you're really lazy, you can get the Stickles. That's like get all kinds of Stickles Such is this mystical and just spew it out. Put a line on it, That's it. And one of them is gone. So you have to put it all over the place so nobody can see boy it came from because it's gonna get shipped right back to you accidentally and just it happened to me. I'm not saying some people say it's not gonna get shipped back. This is being correct. Analyst. It was already shipped with. Well, you can take the chance, But you know what? I already experienced that myself and accidentally it came back to me. So you have to pay postage over again that when you don't want to do that now, when it comes to surprise. There's a lot of different kind of surprise you want to get for you to ship items. So you become a professional sell on eBay. So after you get the bucks and you get everything, I was sweating the supplies I highly commend out of powers masking tape. You can get all kinds off tape to get the job done and the struggle tape and you don't go cheap on the dip because this is what's gonna keep a lot of heavy stop inside the box. You don't want anything to go outside of the box. It's been a break. That's not what you want to do. So invest in a good kind of tape. And I don't like actually the civil when this is the one I have wept week now because I went out of the black one. The black one is actually the best one here, the black one. This is a small one, but you want to have a bigger one this like this because it is very strong, and I use it a lot of very heavy packages. But most of the time you don't use down the black one. You use transparent tape and the transparent tape is very, very good because you use this 90% of the time and put the packages that are very, very heavy. Use the black tape for that because the black tape is much more strong. Go now. It was a few hours of supplies that you should invest in. One of them is, of course, meddling. And this is the best one because just press on the button, it goes right back in. And the reason you need this is when you sip a package, you want to measure how how it goes. So So how you go about measuring, You want to measure the height you went mental there with goes and when a measure of the winter of it as well. So I think I saw you with all the correct way to do this, you will need three different kinds of measurements here and the out height, wind and with, and that's it. So you put this in the post office and you put this information before you're gonna ship this item out. So you need the measurement because of death. Now, you also need to have a scale so you can know how heavy the item is. That's also requirement by the post office. So we have a scale that I actually used. I'm just so you stop that I actually used myself who is one scale that they use. I like this one because it doesn't require any money or zero investment. So for this example, all you do is you put something on it and it tells me exactly how have it is. But this is only good for very minor amount of things because if something very heavy, it cannot work for that. So this one is kind of useless border. You can get one mechanical that gives you a lot more power to it. But this one is really small. I got this when I go out like a part of something and you can get a more professional scale and they do use that one as well because this one cannot handle. A lot of the packages can have a very small model, but this one works on the battling. You press on it and you put the package right on. The only issue with that is if you have something very, very heavy and big this is not gonna work for you, and you need the industrial size scale, and that's when you want it to be able to pull it out. You can see what it says on it as well, and you can't use a weight scale because it's not echo it. He enough. In most of the cases, you want something more equity for the small packages. And last week a package that they already got and done Hewitt is It's actually a package that I'm gonna be shipping now keep in mind when you'll be shipping a package. It doesn't matter if you use the recycled one. I like to use Stickles on anti quadrille that says right on it, and you also need a tape. You need the state, and you do need sizzles season so really important. But you have to be cutting a lot of things here and one of which is coming to take. And one is you're cutting the label for the shipment, and then you have to tape right over the label with tape and last. The finishing touch, of course, is the gradual step that I used myself. Just stamp it out to kind of cool because I don't need to ask the post office to stamp it. I just stopped with myself. So you might ask me, why do you actually need this tape to go over something I know with the address now? I mean totally. Exactly why This is important. A lot of times in an old beast, it wanes. And the planes almost every war anyway, So it my way, it might snow. So what happens when you package gets wet and the ankle on it gets wet? It sometimes you won't be able tow read. Well, it's supposed to be going to, and when this actually happens, that item is gonna get lost. So to put that that from happening, this is why I used the tape tape right over with. And the BALCO can still be scannable. And at the same time, that package will get shipped to its destination. 19. What camera to use? Why quality matters: If you want to make a lot of money selling things on the line, the number one thing that everybody looks at is your pictures. That's right. The other people make the biggest mistake to get this cheap camera all they use their iPhone or whatever camera they have on them. Now, I'm not going to say that iPhone camera is bad because of the way this iPhones to give you a very good picture or smartphone cameras. Now, on the other hand, if you're gonna be taking thousands of pictures and you want to make the real money selling things online, you want a really good camera that you can use. And the reason is the white looking the right over here. Look how white everything is. Do you really want to buy something that you can't even see all you make Make a well what it is. And sometimes when it's really dug in the other places, we're gonna be taking the picture that China might be dark. You need a camera that can take your pictures to the next level. So what I usually get is what I actually use myself, and I'm just I won't even command things I really use. And this is the camera that I use myself. This is a silver cannon as 1 10 This is not the way this model you can get the way this model, but it's gonna cost you a lot more. This is the cheapest that they sell that is actually used and one of the better models out . There was actually a different kind of mother that came before that. And it's actual price heil death than this one. So Gopi go and one right before that had some issues with. So this is actually the best when you can get for their mother money and they come in three different cause. It was white, there is black and there was still was, Really, that doesn't matter which court you get there all as good. Now, One thing we like about this guy in the back touch screen that's like you can just swept there every single picture off your finger. The house has this zoom function, and every single selling that you'll be using the wing itself moves. That's a distinct just moves, and that's the coolest thing you consume in about what I like to do is actually use this to adjust the brightness off the image so you can adjust the brightness to be off the image, to be duck you consider to be light. And this camera does it all, he thinks the best war right pictures, eval that's like ago. And this takes even better pictures than an expensive 1,003,000 bucks. Yes, there are. And I own those two. So I say that this camel, those better job than them says a lot about this camera. So another thing that I like to do is when I put this in my pocket and I take a wild pictures every single day, I have the storage case and the storage case itself is slim. Looks like this. You can even sit on this accidentally in your vehicle, and nothing is going to come happen to your calendar. So that's the good thing about this. Is that this storage cases not made to take a lot of abuse, but it does. It is made to take a decent amount off off personal on it. So if somebody sits on us on something that's like wood under the, it's gonna break. But when a car seat? No, that's gonna keep the car. I mean, your camera. All fine. So that's one thing you want to do. You want to have a very good camera because the images are very they're going to sell the I know, and nothing else is going to sell more than the pictures and the description of other people are Get that she came or anything. Hey, I don't care. I'm not gonna spend extra money on the camera, But it's gonna hold you because every single sale that you make in the future, you're selling the item us and after a while, it towards up. So every single extra buck you're getting if you're going to be using the same camera for 10 years from now, it's going people itself 100 times over. So it is a good investment toe. Get yourself a very good camera. And why is it better than iPhone? Just try to move the images for the iPhone or one of your smart ones right into your computer. That's even more over pain and toe. Top it off. It's gonna eat into your data plan to. So that's some of the things that are the big disadvantage with taking pictures with your smartphone. But yeah, in the future, you have that smart phones that will be as good as cama as cameras themselves. But right now it's like most people. They're the kind of phone you probably have is not gonna be good enough to actually take pictures that are good enough to be put on eBay because they're not going to make you the big money. And how do I know that's what I use? I use myself this kind of camera because it's easier to do. And I have a smart point camera to. I'm not gonna use a smart phone camera because it's just doesn't take the white pictures for us Image stabilization. That's that when you take a picture and you see the bully image, the iPhone is famous for that. That camera? Nope. You get top notch pictures. So that's one thing. Keep in mind, Cama does make the difference 20. Stockpiling stuff to sell & what to look for: welcome everybody to eBay so boot camp, and that this political section will be exploring, stockpiling motionless. This is where you get merchandised for your eBay business. So this section will couple places to get stuff to buy questionable locations and what to avoid by so places to buy stuff. That's every civil you guys want to go and number one place that I that's my people. One is going shows to make sure you guys go to go our shells. And I just wants You gotta go and we single week, especially the season, which starts away spring and it continues for, I told depends on your geographic location. But since I live in and the feast, it kind of hands when snow starts and by the end of this season and in the beginning of the season, that's when you actually get the best bargains, because people are still trying to get rid of where we thing or at the same time when they're just starting up. That's when they have the best stuff out. So that's when you guys should be actually heading out. But all you around you could get stuff in Galatians host the old cattle walks. There is different kind of catalogues out there and something wholesale. Catwalks are very good. If you're selling stuff for specific business, you can buy a bunch off huge rot off certain kind of product and justly sell it piece by piece. And you can get a pretty good deal. Something about peace. But it's gonna take you some patients to to do this. Good to be also Basin Army. That's, Ah, hit or miss you. You have to find a place course into the salvo, so I think that's the ideal location in the you know. See, there's just too many people were just heading in and out of those places. And although the merchandise goes in and out pretty quick at the same time, it's really hard to find a bargain or or so. And this stuff doesn't stay one time or widow. So it's Ah, little Miss, but it's it's always what was shot. Oh, to go and visit one of those stores and see which one is your favorite run in which one actually has some deals over there out to its oldest discount stores doesn't actually want my fear with voices to buy like discount stores or outwards Outwards. Somewhat, I would say, are probably one of the best beds, like there was 80 bow outward. I would say That's a good one for Wayne. Out of it, we can get stuffed Orc season. Sometimes you just get rid of things. There's only two times in a year where we the electric. It's little stuff is when the seasons change from summer to winter and winter to summer, and they have the best Selves out doing. If you stuck up on items, the exactly doing that this particular time and that secretary the best time for you guys to too stuck up up on it. And then when the season changes, you can just so it right back up there. But it's gonna be last use stuff. But at the same time, it's when people buy the stuff. They really don't care if it's last year's model. So if it's a winter coat and they need it and it speak of this season and already want to get as a gift for somebody like the style that they will buy it, a song is it's a brand name. Other places I like to buy. Not exactly. Outward stores will be like a stoic mouth show. Steep teaching Max Dr Stop of stores always have something unique in them, and you can find things over there that you can resell for what more money and they are always owned on this count. Private. Correct those That's, Ah, it's It's much harder to find those guys. Sometimes you find them more quickly. Sometimes you find them. You just know somebody who is a private collector or if you get your business name out there. Eventually you will have some practical Actos actually, go and ask you, Can I sell some part of my collection? Need the actual was going what he wants while private core quack toe are contacted. Me and I saw a lot of the items a few years back, and I was a very nice business for me back then. It happens. None other guys, but you have to admit dynasty. You have to go guys to Dad with Ice section. I will show you how you guys can find moke clients for your business. Quickly, somebody coupled that a little bit. And yes, Craig List is a good way to get some items we're gonna have, Ah, more detailed section about any of those things. Weight alone. Vocal Facebook selling group is actually another awesome place where you guys can sell your stuff at and oh, by anything as well. You have to check the door, local listings and the Facebook groups in your location, and I will actually show you guys how you guys can't can't do that as well, Thank you. It was actually a secret e Bay area, which you can buy a lot of stuff. What we're doing that we sell it back on eBay on this is really cool. A lot of people don't know about the secret eBay work location, and I will be showing that as well, in a different part of this or off their over the So. So let's get the next section will be what you guys should be. Avoid buying, not buying it all. It's a bit. So stay away from, um, anything that sold on estate sales. I would not buy anything over there. It's a lot of times it's too expensive. They always marked. Device is way too high, and you can never flip stuff on the estate sales. Free markets are the same. Exactly a lot of people. So though the stuff they can't get a little on eBay or anywhere else and they just go on free markets, they actually market up a what, and they sell it over. There are actually made a few unfortunate mistakes. And that's how I know about this is that I did buy stuff before one estate sales. We markets and always was the case. I actually lost money, and that's why I'm telling you, form of growing experience, that that's not actually a wolf. It it's That's the quickest way to with money. You always end up paying high and selling a lot world that you bought it, you bayhawks. So there's there's actual sexually be called wholesale deals that you can buy stuff like Oh , huge water bit and you can't resell it back on eBay. They detect responsible this, Elia, but I don't I find a lot of the items over. There are just a lot of people doing exactly the same thing, and you don't want to do exactly what everybody else does because you're just saturating the market and a lot of people know about this eBay wholesale. There's day just by a bunch of those items, and they try to sell it back with eBay, and they just compete with each other over the parts. The only one who wins on the wholesale cells Don't do it. Ali Baba is, but we tricky. A lot of stuff on it is actually forbidden toe celeb eBay. You pay that because a lot of stuff on Alibaba is actually fake and not only created, so it's not. And there was a lot of us junk stuff, and it's just saturated. Everything else he just situated on eBay that comes from Ali Baba is just not both even doing it. My own experiences just stay away from that article, cited you. But if you want, you can always sell stuff with Alibaba yourself. You could try that, but they don't have paper, which is their big miles for Ali Baba. And I don't like deal off websites that will have paper our protection stole about three tones. That's Ah, that's a very, very It's a big gamble for you to buy something at a store when you can return it and then you're stuck with a lot of times those stores that have no return policy, electric stones you don't want to buy anything for they create the stuff is cheaper by the one times you will go back on the Internet and you will find out that it's not wolf it. That's why I think the most important thing for you guys to have is a smiled for. It's a small investment at the same time that smartphone is gonna help you out in this business every time you go to places going a smartphone, go check everything on eBay that will check the prices and everything before you you buy questionable locations was the location of a more question of all the day. Sometimes you went big. Sometimes it was big on those kind of places. Storage container. This would be one of those. It depends where you are. If it's that if you're now next to a major metropolitan alien night states of New York City or S. Angeles, Las Vegas, those places people have a lot of money and very likely you're going to get some nice trestles in those places forces. If you're next to small towns such as small capital towns or or just small wall areas. The storage containers unit in those places are full of junk and most likey, you're just use your money going food storage, Monday them. It's gonna be almost all of it. Whoa went trash, and I don't recommend you guys even even trying it. It's Does show show you that those guys just get lucky? But most of the shows are actually was less Bacchus area. That's when older money is over there. So if yes, if you're the prospectus and you bought a storage containers, there probably will be making a lot of money, horses, other places. I would say. It's mobile, hittle misting, and it's more like you're gonna misstep. Then get something. Ali Express is a different area off Ali Baba when everybody but you have to buy a lot off the same item, it's and make a deal off. A specific cell was only ex special by only one item at a time. So when you buy one at a time, your whiskers about more West than buying a lot of it. At the same time, you could test out sort of products on Ali Express, and I have to show you guys, which which products trouble better to buy, only expressed and then try to sell them on on eBay. Going out of business store. That's down definitely a no brainer. If you see a stop going out of business, it's step in your place that you guys want to get some nice motion. Ask woman. It's It's not really the past place together because a lot of times of them initially they will mark up the prices and and you can't give the items back. But at the same time, after a while, they're going out of business, goes the sale, keeps a girl down and down and down, and eventually it's gonna be, like 80 Put sent off something, and then you definitely getting a really nice province. It depends what it is like. Sometimes I got to have a nice Lego sets from going out of business. Sale is because they marked the stuff down for you. 60 points and off the manufacturer places or something else that you gotta start normally can get a discount on. So we're going out of business stores is a nice place to get a very nice discount on things But you have to after watch out. Sometimes it's not going out of business. Sometimes the store just closes certain amount of the stores, and they and then they just sell the stuff they don't want. So you have to be careful, because if the story is not going out of business but more like moving to another location or downsizing them, they hold some of the stuff back. Those those it's it's also a little bit of history tow missile that all stores some things that are selling on door stores. You can flip it for more money, and I find the shipping supplies and dollar stores are very nice. Wait for yourself for your business when we came out and target those photos. Places have a special section. Will they have on sale location and I would go into those places and get a discount. That and that actually ends the meditation