eBay Giftcard mini course: Create a website, marketing and bonus extras | Sergey Kasimov | Skillshare

eBay Giftcard mini course: Create a website, marketing and bonus extras

Sergey Kasimov, Online Teacher www.geekacademia.com

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8 Videos (30m)
    • Instructor welcome

    • Guide to collecting giftcards

    • Getting started options to consider

    • Choosing a design & demo website

    • Creating custom business cards

    • Collecting metrocards

    • Get free birthday drink

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About This Class

Coming soon part I if you like this course please leave a thumbs up

eBay Giftcard mini course: Create a website, marketing and bonus extras (Part II)

This is the bonus section of the mini course it will includes how to create a website, marketing suggestions and bonus extras. Also this course is a reduced edition the complete course is featured on Udemy with two additional instructors.

Did you know that selling gift cards on eBay, even empty ones without any money on them, can be an easily accessible, legal and quick way to pocket some extra cash? In this course you will learn how to profit selling discounted giftcards where to get them at huge discount and how to sell them on eBay to make a nice profit using the concept of online arbitrage.

This is a simple concept to earn extra money online using little to no financial investment. No experience required. In this course, we will teach you the exact steps to sell gift cards on eBay and potentially return 100%+ in profits.

Here are some things you will learn:

  • How to build a website no coding
  • Ways to market your giftcard business
  • Extra bonus content

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Please Note: I am teaching you the simple strategy I followed to make profits selling gift cards on eBay. I cannot guarantee you'll get the same results, as individual results depend on your mindset while learning this material and the actions you take to implement what you've learned.





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Sergey Kasimov

Online Teacher www.geekacademia.com

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