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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. 0.0 - diversifying online income streams

    • 2. 1.0a - can you afford to avoid crypto now?

    • 3. 1.0b - screencast looking at alexandria.io

    • 4. 1.1 - building your niche youtube community

    • 5. 1.2 - find alternate income from upwork

    • 6. 1.3 - why you can still win on skillshare

    • 7. 1.4 - why udemy is calling me back in

    • 8. 1.5 - shout to my digitally empowered sisters

    • 9. 1.6 - the roundup

    • 10. 1.7 - let's do it together in 2k17

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About This Class


hello, January.

how are you doing?

full of restarted energy and ready to go into the year. skillshare has changed and you're worried about your income, I know I was until I started getting additional income from my other income streams. my upwork has gone up and my indirect work from doing the courses has bought me in some additional client work as well so all around I cannot complain. I'm not out of survival mode but I'm doing better.

in this course, I wanted to go over a number of areas of how I'm2 diversifying my online portfolio of work as a freelancer and how you can apply some of these areas too (especially why you should get into crypto!)

in this course...

  • cryptocurrency adoption is on the rise can you avoid using Alexandria.io & beyond?
  • building your niche community for the creative engaging life you lead with youtube
  • find regular new clients and build remote relationships on the upwork platform
  • even with the changes for teachers why I believe you can still win on skillshare
  • my udemy experience is making me return back to their platform (why you should too)
  • ‘sisters are doing it for themselves’ - digitally aware women are tina turning the future

i hope you get lots of super value out of this course, please watch all the way to the end! :)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Philip Campbell

Crypto, OBS Open Broadcaster, Screenflow



I make courses as often as i can (in between blogging daily that is) my courses are about things I've learned or already done online -- i never make a course about skills I don't have yet! an internet strategist teaching anyone that wants to efficiently learn digital skills and tools often with free software based in the cloud - twenty-five plus years of expertise with all things digital and covering the latest trends today (and weekly in our podcast!)

--- the backstory --

hitting the road, working mobile, exploring across the uk and america! remote working 

building out creative media assets in obs and screenflow for clients during pandemic for business zoom

<... See full profile

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1. 0.0 - diversifying online income streams: Welcome to a new course. Thank you for joining me today. Do go through. The whole of this course really helped me out as an instructor right? Today. Six areas crypto currency Adoption is on the rise. Can you afford not to be using services like Alexandria I O and beyond? There's gonna be a lot more block chain power technologies this year. Or independent creatives publishers cutting out the middleman, building your niche community for the creative, engaging life that you want to lead. You probably have a very active daily life. I've been watching some amazing video bloggers on YouTube recently on the reason why they're successful. I'm going to get into Smothers Quite a few of them actually being women. And it's been interesting. Toe watch how their date today Creative life translates to video on how they're building a following, which brings about at sense money finding regular new clients on building remote relationships, on up work, trying to find some of those places on the Web way. You could be diversifying your time, finding some clients to being extra money instead of relying on your skill. Shero your online courses to bring money in just having more strands of income role in just the one. Also, even why I still believe now in skill share, even after we've rolled away from premium enrollments to premium minutes. Why I still think that skill share is worth spending time on this year. I think there's gonna be a quality bump for everybody. I think everybody wins because of it is just a bit of an adaptation change. I know lots of people don't like change, especially when you've been on it for a long time. The platform I've been on it for six months on has made me reevaluate what I want to do, how I want to teach and to up my game, and I kind of like that. It makes me readdress everything and reformat everything, and that might seem like a task, a chore, but actually making it better for everybody involved. I definitely feel like the feedback that I'm getting from the first course that I put out in 2017 got good feedback in good minutes. So I feel empowered by that. Also, my you Timmy platform experience, why I'm returning back there as well. Weirdly, I don't know how this works. Maybe the universe works in strange ways, but I've just had my biggest payout month on. I'm gonna have an even bigger payout month in March, which I just calling in my head around why that's happening, because I'm not really promoting it. So I definitely going to go back there and do some more work on there. And then finally, sisters are doing it for themselves. Digitally aware Winning or Tina Turner during the future of Sisters are doing it for themselves and seeing so many more women getting involved with digital media and having the confidence to step forward and create their own stuff. Edit their own stuff. And I just find that awesome, the whole bunch of women out there doing that and why I prefer working with women, especially social media managers compared to their male counterparts. We'll get into that as well. In this course, hope you enjoy it 2. 1.0a - can you afford to avoid crypto now?: don't forget to take some of these other courses. This is part of my skill cards that I'm doing on all my courses. Now Cryptocurrency adoption is on the rise. Can you afford not to be using Alexandria, Io and beyond? In early 2017 Bitcoin jumped from around $700 up to $1000 lots. People got really excited that was going to go up to $1200 then passed the $1300 which I think was the biggest time in 2013 that it's been that high. It's dropped down again now, but it's showing that although it is a volatile currency, is showing that it has the ability to jump up. And I think after President Trump from America is gonna be in office. His inauguration happens on January the 20th and I think after that things will be even more volatile around currencies around the world, and I think we'll start to see Cryptocurrency really taking hold this year. I think it's going to go higher. Think it's gonna maintain itself over $1000. Taking payments or investing in crypto currencies is one area course makers should be developing If you are doing any kind of digital online courses or vector graphics or selling anything of a digital asset, Kryptos should definitely be in your strategic plan this year on future years because lots more people are investing in those particular things. Yet gold and real estate is all very well and good, and I'm starting to see a trend. A sharp trend of people investing in this currency that can be distributed into other cryptocurrencies alexandria dot io is one such platform I am looking at to sell my courses on this year using Blockchain technology. Take payments via Bitcoin. The whole premise off Blockchain as well is to be open and transparent. Creates authenticity between you and the person who's taken your course. The fact that it cuts out the middle men and I just sell direct that customer is huge to me . I don't feel like I have to pay them. The additional fees have already paid a small crypto currency payment to the people who are hosting it. Alexandra Io. There are very small team. They're obviously going to need more developers to scale it up. But I just wanted to get involved with a Blockchain that has media ability to it, so I can upload media into that Blockchain and every concede that steam it. This year's steam it dot com for slash at T Mobile is my your l Please go and sign up. There is a another platform that is paying people to block its great area as well to be promoting your courses. And even then you get small amounts of money. When was the last time that Twitter or Facebook paid you any money for posting on its platforms and really starting to see a groundswell or Okay, we have crypto currency. Now how can we distribute some of that world? How can we pay for people to engage without platforms? Because that's the game now is audience. How do you develop an audience to stay there eyeballs on your particular brand on your service? And this is one way that cryptocurrencies distributing that wealth instead of being locked away in silos. The bank's doing whatever they want to do behind closed doors. I heartily suggest, therefore, that you invest in alternate cryptocurrencies. We saw a bit of a trend happened that when Bitcoin was really going on its on its Russian and go over to $1000 on the Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum would do really well as well look like somebody had made some money on their Bitcoin investment and then put it back into another network and what I like about that it shows that there's this empowerment distributed empowerment going on between crypto currencies, and I think that could provide useful course income moving forward in the next couple of years. You're distributed if your content is distributed across different platforms. If you comtech payments in lots of different currencies, not just the usual currency but cryptocurrencies. There is lots of platforms where you can re spend that money that krypton when it services like personal I owe. You can actually get 20 up to 20% off your Amazon order just by paying with Bitcoin. So interesting developments rapidly happening in the start of arena around crypto, too 3. 1.0b - screencast looking at alexandria.io: I wanted to do a little screen cast on Alexandria I O, which is a website that I found a couple of months back, which is using the Blockchain technology to distribute your content people pay for in Bitcoin, hopefully like expanded to different currencies as well. Independently published, distribute and sell digital content. The reason why I'm interested in this, especially as a skill share course creator, any kind of websites selling courses is that Aiken finally, tech micro payments. So I don't have to deal with the payment provider pretty much independently. Apart from obviously using this service, I can hostess on a Blockchain, not there blocking the Bitcoin doctor. And they use a different system altogether. Trying think what theirs is. They've done some of the stats here in terms of micro payments versus things that are offered nowadays with YouTube. So you got 55,000 views, probably ad revenue of $50. Where is this pop chest, which is a micro payment sale site? They got eight and reviews and getting $200 out of its have four times more revenue with 2% participation. So we're starting to see trend of people moving from usual currencies into crypto currencies. And therefore they've also got this disposable income, if you like, of to spend it on. That's kind of interesting to me as a creative artist that somebody who's making courses to drive my creative pursuits are kind of like the idea of being in that realm with additional creators. Let's log into this. I've already set up the account. You have to actually make a small payment. So we're looking rival. Identify another important password in and say, Remember me and I'm gonna log in, go straight through, successfully logged into my wallet. Now I've had to make a payment before this to be able to get a set up onto it to set up on the count. This is my publisher idea. At this stage, I can also register another wallet if I want to actually get my wallet. I had to purchased some of this coin, which is called the Floren Coin enables me. I don't know why this is better than Blockchain Assistance of free software with an open ledger of transactions similar extends the Bitcoin corn based in stores. Additional information on the network that additional information is basically the media stuff, which is why you can't do that on Bitcoin as far as I know, and I think this is faster. So what I did is I transferred some of this coin your bossom coin with Bitcoin set up my account. And if you go on to continue, it's pretty much like any webbing to face. I can upload music, video, podcast, book, a movie thing, whatever that maybe I'm quite sure way. We call it a thing for some haste email, and then you can set the pricing payment information here. So the Bitcoin address kind of dynamically makes one here. That's the one that I reserved payments for that artifact. And then I can add media files on any additional extra files and then preview that. And then I get a link to a U R L, which I can then share or even put on my main websites of people go by the course via Bitcoin so they can go and just gun purchase. And so I'm interested in this crypto currency. Blockchain Being able to cut out the middle men, the payment providers and go straight to the customer is going to be hugely powerful, especially with startups changing, ebbing and flowing, changing their methods like skill. Share has changed from premium enrollments to premium minutes. So it's, I think it's an interesting era, joking, especially with the Bitcoin price to the Bitcoin price today is dropped down to $800. It was $1000 a couple of weeks back. That's how volatile Bitcoin is, but even $800 per Bitcoin, there is a lot of Bitcoins and crypto currency out there, and people are going to want to spend it and being able to be paid direct inner Cryptocurrency enables you to use that on many different sites. So goingto take a look at this Alexandria and I Oh, if you're looking to sell your courses or any digital assets or maybe packs design assets or vector graphics and go and check it out, you can also be selling this to a potential crypto currency audience. 4. 1.1 - building your niche youtube community: Okay, Section 1.1. Building your niche community for the creative, engaging life you lead with YouTube. YouTube is a huge area to be bringing in potential revenue from your videos that you put out from tutorial videos, daily vlogs videos about a particular niche people. I've been building up their channels over the years. I've seen people recently enough to get to 100,000 subscribers in a few years just by regularly putting content out of a certain quality for 500 videos over a couple of years. And they've got those figures now where they're bringing in a residual income from the advertisers that advertise on that particular channel. So it's really simple with YouTube. Pick a niche, just get started picking each What are you good at? Be interesting about disseminating that information, Given that information out about that topic that you're interested in be open on authentic about its don't try and be shady or hide behind the scenes, be up front and tell people what it is that you know the knowledge that you accumulated the time that you spent learning that craft. That skill, the biggest thing as well, is posting regularly online. 50 minutes is like 15 milliseconds. People literally come and go there, jumping in and out of different videos. Recommendations. Facebook linked Twitter links links from snap chaps, links from Instagram. People are literally moving around the Web faster than ever before. Used to be that a website you could have for six months, 12 months and update, maybe quarterly. But nowadays people are looking for those sort of hourly daily weekly updates, at least. And I think with YouTube especially, is that if you can afford to do if you can afford the time to be able to shoot at it and post, then the daily bloggers are doing really well. They're starting to see their numbers going up. People get bored of other people's daily shows after a couple of years and said their transition looking for other people stuff. And I think the biggest tip I can give you with YouTube is to collaborate with people in your arena, people doing similar things to you. Like I said, YouTube page AdSense adverts that run annual tagged videos that advertisers become a line to so an advertiser might have a particular product you might be talking about that particular product or a similar products might be set of headphones or speaker, or something that you use on a day to day basis as part of your your niche. Maybe some athletic wear or something like that. They'll be looking to try and tap into your potential viewership. If you have 100,000 people viewing your channel, then you're a channel with advertising on legacy is important, and so it may take years before you become truly established. This is not something that you can just jump into and expect to be bringing some residual income out of it. I've had my channel now for over 10 years. I don't do anything regular on there. Maybe five or 600 people follow me on there. I make about 10 or 15 bucks a month, so bringing a bit of reality into it. I don't have a regular upswell of people. Come in and look at my content. I don't have a niche. Specifically, I have lots of different things that I'm interested in. That's probably what's stopping me actually getting some momentum because I have so many different arenas of things that I'm interested in. I'm a bit of a jack of all trades. So for me, you should be is not making me money. But I am watching other people who are actively making a residual income on that platform. Some of my new favorite shows on YouTube, believe it or not, are survivalists. They are going out into the wilds with their bow and arrows, and making stuff from scratch is super interesting to watch it. Obviously, you're gonna watch all the way through because it's interesting viewing the knowledge that they're sharing of how to actually make like a boa to survive off variety of different style of mushrooms from the wild. My favorite that at the moment is an air hostess, this Russian lady with Emirates Airlines. She flies back and forth from divide to New York to my land all over the place. What's interesting about it is very comfortable on. Cam enjoys having a conversation with people, obviously friendships, maintaining friendships very difficult for somebody who's always on the move. That's her job. That's a role is in the air. Feel sort of like 48 12 hours a day or more on goes on five day trips away, so it's very difficult to schedule things from a YouTube perspective is very, very interesting. Jazzes creative life is going from one hemisphere to another. Different weather conditions, different food going around different shopping malls between the different places. She brings about a very interesting, lighthearted look at her life. She's sharing her life on seeing massive growth on Instagram on YouTube because she's being open, authentic. And I think certain jobs are going to really succeed moving forward in the years to come, especially if you're in a creative role of visual role, something that involves people. Maybe you're doing some backstage work. Maybe do in the fashion industry. If you're in an industry where it's full service and you're talking back and forth to the client, you having a lot of conversations that can be shared and you're gonna win because those are interesting conversations that people want to find peers in. Also, I watch a lot of tech reviews is while tech reviews have been around forever on obviously new technologies coming at all time on, I do like to get an idea from 45 different reviewers, sometimes on the same product as to how I feel about the product based on those for five different feedback, and obviously they're getting massive use there, and the people comment on their on their streams. Video quality and audio quality should be the best that you can afford. It seems like a strange thing to say, but if you can afford to go out and buy a decent camera, especially something up to four K and a decent microphone, then you should do it. But if you're going to go that route, you've gotta be in it for the long term. You're spending £500,000 orm or on equipment. You really want to be thinking of the When am I gonna make that money back on for something like YouTube, unless you build an audience quickly, probably gonna be years before you see any return on the money that you put out. So it's a bit of a gamble. If you start off small and you start off with low end equipment, people might know what your channel. Somewhere in the middle, we spend a certain amount of money and you can afford to spend that money. Then that's great. But if you can afford to go to the top end. There's so much high quality content and out there now that people almost expect that to be the standard. Finally interact with the audience, give value. Don't just go on. They're having a conversation with the camera and not knowing who that remote audiences give value back. Think of that remote audience who might be watching. What are they there for? What do they expect? Might find it? A lot of people come in and watch your five minute video, but only watched the 1st 30 seconds cause they get bored. They want something out of the interaction, so don't forget to give it to them. Share your story, be open to questions and feedback as well, and actually ask for that in the video. 5. 1.2 - find alternate income from upwork: don't forget to check out some my other skill cards, but the courses I would love for you to sign up to. These has premium enrollments 1.2. Then find regular new clients and build remote relationships on the network platform. I've got to be completely honest with you here of the last three months, work has completely saved my experimentations in doing digital courses. I kind of went in six months ago in the hope that doing online digital training and doing courses sharing the knowledge that I've accumulated over the last 10 15 20 years would have a value. And it's taken a lot of time to get used to the platform to regularly put things out, have the design rights to make sure that it was worth my time. It took a long time. It was an uphill struggle. And I think if it wasn't for having up work having additional client work, I think I would have probably given it open and moved on to something else. We're going back to a more manual labor job, working 12 hour shifts in a warehouse somewhere. But work has become my halfway house as an experiment on different course platforms. It's allowed me some space to breathe. Have been held to do three days a week on my courses in a couple of days on client work on the time that I wanna work, not 9 to 5, but whenever I have the spare time toe work. If you're the sort of person who sleeps early in the morning and then gets up at lunchtime and then stays up till three or four o'clock in the morning, then you might be able to crush it on something like up work, because people are putting work on there 24 7 around the clock. I'm working with a variety of different clients. There's video editing on their video streaming people looking for graphics and vector stuff . Editing of text, copyrighting voiceover. Best thing about it is most of those are hourly billing, so you set your rates that you're willing to work for. They actually how many hours you expected to be the way to win on a work. I do have a course on this or do go search out on my skill shared dot com force that team humble. You should make sure your profile is super solid with a great show. Real. Make it short and fast. You you don't want to waste people's time when people are posting jobs in there. They're looking for somebody to do that job and get it done quickly. Most of time, it's a last minute job or somebody has let them down or it's something that they need to finish off. A particular role may be there at an event or a conference somewhere on the other side of the world, and they want somebody to do it because they can't get hold of that designer because they're asleep. So they're looking for some fast turnaround. They want to find the right person, and they want to trust that you're actually going to get it done. So if you can do a 32nd 62nd minute in 1/2 show, really covering all the things that you are able to do, show them some example should show them some show really of the quality of work that they can expect. They can make it a better informed decision. Common jobs I see on there are motion designers, virtual help, video editors and voiceover work motion designers. I think you can really clean up here. There's a lot of people looking for custom intros and out roads for their YouTube show. A lot of people starting YouTube shows in 2017 and I think with right client you confined regular work, sometimes up to 40 hours a week with zero commuting. Can you imagine what that would be like not to have to get on a train or get up early in the morning to spend two hours transitioning commuting into the big city just to be ableto working in two hours back, you get four hours of your life back. Just have to get out of bed, walk downstairs into your office and start work. And, like I say, you could do the hours to suit you. And not just one particular clients. Not like just working for one company. You can work for four or five different companies, and you'll be surprised the amount of work there's actually out there in the world. If you want to have more tips on getting started, do check out my work course. Like I said earlier on it is in one of the skill cards in this course I look forward to you having you over there, ask any questions you need about a book. I am actively working there every day. You can find me, his team humble on up work. 6. 1.3 - why you can still win on skillshare: Okay, that 1.3. Even with the changes for teachers, this is why I believe you can still win on skill share this year. Although the premium enrollments versus premium minutes came in overnight starting from the first of January, I have a feeling that this reshaping off the way that skill share pays money out the way that they're trying to change the creators to the audience that they want. They're being very subtle about how they go about it. I was a bit surprised at first, but words that only just got used to the platform have been on the platform. Six months had steady growth each month, and now we have this kind of rapid change, and it's gonna definitely hit my my courses this month. It means I have to change the way I do my courses. They have to be more professional. They have to have more content. Signing up for courses is not always a good sign off a good course. The amount of minutes is, I believe, a better method. I don't want lots of people just signing up for my free courses and then never taking it or never give me any feedback about it, telling me how I can improve it. That's not a course. That's just a little bit of content that nobody's really invested in. What we really want here is we want piers creating courses. You have something just share some knowledge to share with a remote learner who's asking questions back, saying, How do we do this? How do I get the most out of my time? I don't have the skills to do this. Can you show me how to do this? I am more than willing to help those kinds of people on the other end. In some cases, the amount of minutes changing drastically changes the amount of income some teachers will make on a course. I can imagine people have only just started in the last couple of months. We're trying to build up their audience, would feel like this is against them, and I get that because until I got up to like 900 nearly 1000 my target, I originally said, I'm wondering how other people are gonna be discovered. If we're just focusing on quality, quality, quality, the top, we're not really going to see some of those people with great information but poor presentation skills. So it kind of forces instructors toe up their game. And I guess that sorts out the wheat from the chapters we call it in England. The belly, the good from the best. Andi, I guess you just have to adapt and change the way the world right for those willing to put in the work, however, change those things and improve their efforts with the following. I think you'll do very well on skill share because once you start to build up that community, what I've noticed in in just the last two or three months doing regular courses astronomically, I saw the amount of enrollments gold sort. The amount of followers addressed Italy jump up. And I think if you're focused on this, if you'll dedicate to this, if you can give that time to teach somebody remotely oneto one, give them 10 or 15 minutes in a data and their questions in the chat, then you'll do very well investing more time to make courses more trans media in the approach will allow flexible communities. What I mean by this is we don't have to completely rely on just skill share to bring those clients. We can use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, all those different platforms to actually create stories leading up before you release some of the courses. And I did that a few times with my Advent calendar in December. Did a whole kind of release on Facebook masterminds and Facebook skill share free courses about the fact that I was gonna do his Advent course at six or seven people. So it was a great idea, which reinforced my reason for doing it. And so I invested a lot of time in December during your course every single day. There were many courses around 10 or 15 minutes, but it really empowered me to keep going. And then when I got to January, change the way I did think so. I still believe that skill share as a great audience on there. I think they need to work out what they're doing with that particular audience. We have different audiences here, designers and crafters and techie people, and I think that needs to be some more fine tuning on skill shares end. But from the creator's point of view, we've got a bad game, and that's the way. That's the bottom line. You have to bring your a game. I'm gonna be working on a live streaming course, and I suggest that if you could join up with other people on the skill share creators, that's are actively making courses and do your own life stream. I think this would benefit your courses. There's on building up that community spirit and people understanding you. You are behind the scenes. I'm looking for active course makers that are on skilled share. You might be on you to me as well. Doesn't matter what platform you're on, ideally skill share because it's gonna be based around the skill share courses in the changes in the minutes and the enrollments and everything that's happened with skill share in the last six months. So if you're interested in coming on that show, do let me know. I'm gonna be getting in touch with some of the people I really respect as peace anyway. 7. 1.4 - why udemy is calling me back in: all right, Don't forget to check out these other skill card classes. Some classics in here. Just follow the humble dot link at the bottom for each course 1.4. Then my you know me experience is making me return back their platform. Here's why. I think you should, too. Since I started on UTV about six months ago, I've been getting a steady trickle of funds each and every month. I've done next to zero promotion on the courses and yet I still get you to me. Organic traffic. This is one thing that you to me does that skill shared doesn't do. I don't think they don't have the same kind of reach. I don't have the same kind of page views. I don't feel like they're doing the same amount of S e O is you to me. And I seem to be getting trickle amounts of money and it's building up. It's actually getting mawr. I looked at the traffic data for, you know, me versus other course making sites, and it's still wins over all of the other ones that are out there. They have added bad active verification and improve the you. I regarding building courses taught to fill it in an I D format to send in. My idea created little video, and this is great because it shows that they're actively trying to remove that actors, people who are uploading all the peoples courses or just uploading stuff that they don't own or they've rehash just to create some wealth, bring some money to them from the platform. And I think this is great on you dummies part that they're actually actively making sure they find out who their course instructors are. I found my rhythm of small courses for skill share, whereas those over an hour and really need to be on you to me. I'm starting to do courses now on skill share around 2030 45 minutes. But I still feel natively that you, to me, is that is the platform for doing courses for an hour or more. Finally, it took six months to really start to see how both platforms are working out. The whole reason I did this courses, it's best to diversify. Do not put all your eggs in one basket or your focus onto one platform. As you've seen with skill, share it rapidly changes, it ebbs and flows. Startups have certain amounts of investors set amount of money going into the system. They expect certain amounts of return. We have to ebb and flow that we have no control. We are basically governed by the middle man, which is the platform on that could be any platform. So it's best to have your eggs in separate baskets a bit into YouTube, but into you, to me, but into skill Share a lot of these different platforms equal one big monthly amount, if that's what you're doing it for. If you're just doing it. To generate residual income from the Internet, you have to have it on multiple platforms. 8. 1.5 - shout to my digitally empowered sisters: 1.5. I had to throw this in there because I think it's really important, especially with my daughter turn in 10 this year. I really wanted to talk about it. So sisters are doing it for themselves. Digitally aware women are Tina Turner Ring the Future. I'm super excited about talking about this because I think inclusion is important. I think pay rates are important. I think women should get paid exactly the same amount as an executive director. Male does on a female should get exactly the same. Have you seen those? Future? Is female T shirts dotted around the Internet from the seventies? Truly believed that in my circle it used to be as a kid teenager. People used to say to me, Make sure that you have a technologist, a geek, a nerd in your circle of friends that if you have any issues, you have any things that you don't understand about confused. You can always ask Well, I was always that person from my crew for my group of people that used to hang around with , and what I'm noticing, which is fantastic, is there's more Gilles more women out there now that's starting to be more digitally active that have being super super confident, taking control of their destinies and doing it for themselves, which are absolutely love. After South by Southwest 2009 I have preferred working as a brand Avoca under a woman than a dude. I have to throw this out there. When I went to South by Southwest, whenever I was having conversations with chief execs in some kind of position of power chief technologists off the startup, it always ended up as money and success on cars and stuff material stuff. It's really not made. That's really not what I stand for. My my core driver is off civilization. I like to optimize. I've always liked optimized. I am the Norton disk defrag off, optimizing my life if we could make something smaller faster. But I'm gonna daft punk. It absolutely love that kind of process. And what I noticed in South by Southwest is that all of the social media managers that brand advocate managers that I met the women. What was amazing about them is that one and go to the next venue or meet somebody. In the next day, somebody would say, Oh, such a such mentioned you, she said. You got this really interesting project. The word of mouth that went around from from the connections that I have with the women were a lot more powerful than the than the guys. Sorry, guys, but that's just the way it was. And so I have preferred working with women over the last maybe 45 years because that schedules or her always right everything you always turns up with the right time. Things get done. I think just women have this amazing way off emotionally, attaching all the different parts together, and that just reinforces my role as an advocate to do my job the best I can. If you're in the service industry, for instance, if you're a hairdresser, your makeup artist, your house, there's you can absolutely crushing on YouTube. I'm seeing girls just taking control off their lives on YouTube and making an income that do what they love. They feel empowered. They're confident that eating right and it's absolutely inspiring. I love some of these YouTube shows because they are great bits of content that I can point to my daughter or get my door to the watch rather than watching television, which is kind of full of saccharine content and can it doesn't really reinforce or empower . So I'm really surprised. But I'm also empowered and inspired by some of these women that I had to kind of share this and drop this in as a separate slide. My daughter will be 10 this year. He needs to understand them, wheeled these social media tools properly, And I think having these role models are actively looking after their health, who are talking about delicate subjects who are taking control their life, take control of their brand, not being branded. But branding themselves. I find that hugely empowering. And so I needed to put this, like Project Soul Sisters out there that sisters are doing it for themselves. And advocacy is growing online to the industry with Internet celebs are creating residual side income. If you're looking to diversify your job, your your career, your small business, maybe you're a hairdresser is looking for more clients. If you're an outgoing, confident kind of person, social media, you can jump into that. You can absolutely crush it with your confidence if you're an introvert and you struggle with things like that. You might find it were working better with a creative team with their brand advocate team who actually do this. He are on promotion and marketing and get them to do it for you. I'm sure you'll bring something additional to the mix. And finally, I needed to put it out there. Some of the best social media managers, community managers I have met are women. If you don't have one in your circle of friends or your business, Acquaintance says, get to know one in 2017. 9. 1.6 - the roundup: all right, The random then. So reliance on one platform Do not rely on one platform. They change rapidly. Please diversify. Put your content on different platforms even a little bit of money from one platform and a little bit Money over here equals they're bigger amount. Do not just think oh, are spending too many hours on this. Don't know what the audience is gonna be like. You don't know the engagement, What that's gonna be like. It might end up paying ume or the less time watched experiment with different platforms spread the wealth around. If you can invest in crypto currency this year, I'm sure it will go up and down like most investments do. But if you can put some money aside into crypto because it is going to be big micro payment by a crypto, especially for course makers, will be massive over the next couple of years. Look at selling content, not wear just the eyes are, but also the is because Amazon, Alexa and Google and all these other companies that have an audio system where you can talk to a computer and get information back is rapidly coming in. We've always already got the Amazon echo. We've got variety different home connected devices from Google. This is gonna be huge stuff. It's gonna be everywhere. It's gonna be like the first time people bought an iPad, a phone or a computer for the first time people. Right now, they don't know about it. They don't need it. They're gonna have it next year and they don't even realize it. It's just gonna happen. Please sign up for premium. If you came in on the free vouchers online training, doc, click for it. Slash me. I would love your premium enrollment. It's only 99 cents for three months. I get a $10 kickback on that really helped me out. I will see you in the next course. 10. 1.7 - let's do it together in 2k17: finally, then together in 2017. If you want to get engagement after the course, you want to get in touch with me. You want to leave some comments. Here's some details on the left hand side of screen. Get automatic updates of new courses from online training. 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