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dessert recipe for chocolate cup cake vanilla ice cream muffin iced cappuccino

teacher avatar Dhanu Dayal

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. How to make chocolate vanilla ice cream

    • 2. How to make Iced cappuccino

    • 3. How to make chocolate cake in microwave convection oven

    • 4. How to make chocolate muffins

    • 5. How to make fudgy brownie

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About This Class

  1. in  this lesson we will learn to make the following desserts

chocolate cup cake

vanilla ice cream


iced cappuccino

chocolate cake

Fudge brownie chocolate flavoured 

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Dhanu Dayal


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1. How to make chocolate vanilla ice cream : in this were you? We will make chocolate. Vanilla ice cream. We are going near these ingredients. 500 ml Children cream two days for money lacks trap. One been sold to 50 ever condensed milk. Half they were spoke about. Pick a nurse for garnishing. First off, take half literally grim in aboard. Okay, now this. Get properly For two minutes, you will find that it started to take. Okay. Now, since one pitch off sword and condensed milk, the condensed milk will give it a creamy texture and a rich flavor. Now eat your ice cream. Expecting it Chickens and stiff big stars to form. Once you see stiff peaks as shown, take a bowl or an airtight container and border off the half off. The mentioned in it. Okay, in the other half. Air cocoa powder through a sieve. Brisket. Well Oh, now for the troubled picture in the same board, you can add notes off your choice. Here I am earning our two days alone. Pickle nuts. Now mix are laughing together. However, make sure do not over mix. Okay. Use a spatula. 11. Your ice cream mixture. Cover it with a better paper. This prevent the ice cream from developing ice crystals to make it more effective. Cover the intercom dinner with Didn't fight. Okay? Naked for his overnight. Oh, okay. You can now remove the better paper, scoop it up in a cup, and so do Oh. Well, you're troubled when you lie. Scream is ready. Okay. You can even garnish with maple syrup are bigger nips, okay? 2. How to make Iced cappuccino : In this video, we will make iced cappuccino. This is a light, refreshing summer drink Can be prepared quickly. Way are going near these ingredients instead of coffee. One tablespoon what a beauty was soon ice cubes, then sugar based 14 Firstly, put your instant coffee in a small bowl and three tablespoons of water mix and build. Cough deserves way will require a blender to make this coffee so the blender well, that instead of coffee, you should then job according to your face. Lastly, add that excuse. Close the job properly and the mixture. Flight from Don't over blend way. Want smart jumps off eyes in the coffee at last air. People him cook a job, then blend again for 15 seconds. What are your eyes? Cappuccino is really suffered this refreshing. Bring in beautiful glasses for your beautiful Selves. 3. How to make chocolate cake in microwave convection oven : in this really off, we will make chocolate cake in microbial connection of one. We are going to near these ingredients to x at room temperature 1/4 but Kharbata at room temperature on purpose floor 3/4 cup cocoa powder three tablespoons baking folder half day spoon Sure good the fourth cup when the less since half a spoon one water 1/4 cup. Use eight inches baking pan and Greece it with butter. Cover the base with parchment paper. Greece again with butter were the parchment paper also agrees. Once off the pen, keep it aside. Save your all purpose floor cocoa powder and making power in a big bowl. Using C. Mix all ingredients well. Keep it aside. Take another ball and I had a soft rain, butter and sugar. Then mix well with hand whiskers. Give it a crumbly texture and an egg and vanilla a sense. Toe the ball and continue beating until mixture becomes smooth. Now add another egg and discover mix well. Using a spatula, asked it 14 cup well, modern previous mixture and mix well. Did that add their bright boulder ingredients prepared before this? Still, the better becomes smooth. Last leave mixed with spatula and check that consistency. Pour this better in our pre greased begging, then spread. You are better Emily in the pen, using special that the bend to remove any air bubbles. Now we will make this better in creator microbial connection said your temperature at 3 25 F In connection more. Keep your baking pan in Creator Oven said you're allowed and cut demeanors jack your cake at 30 minutes by dipping our pig in the center. If I would pick, it's clean. Then you get this big. Take your pick out of the oven. Your cake should be soft and fluffy like this. Keep it for cooling for five minutes. After five minutes, separate your cape from the pen by using a spatula by running around it. Ben edges. Remove the take on by a wreck. Remove the watchman, but now the middle pair pair gave frosting. We need 1 50 grand milk chocolate chips, half cup able to cream. Firstly, my program. You cream for 50 seconds. Now we add chocolate chips and left it. Sit for 23 minutes. Once the chocolate chips become soft biscuit into the cream. Once the mixture. A denser consistency like this. Rephrase it for an r this one final time till it attends us. Credible consistency. Now burst some silver ship on your gig. Spread the frosting on the top as well as on the size Walla. Your chocolate get is very 4. How to make chocolate muffins : In this video, we will make chocolate muffins, so let's start preparing through the recipe. Grab 16 to 17 alimony motion cups or a small country, one cup milk if you don't have it available at the moment. Then to make buttermilk air went to school with neither one cup off milk at room temperature. Mix it and leave it to set. Take a large bowl and Brett three x into it, then mix them. Now we will have cup unsalted making, but the bulls you may also you spoiled. Now add to Labour's 20 lessons and then the butter milk. Then we prepared earlier. Will be added. Makes everything well and keep it aside. Now we will prepare dry ingredients so first aired to 25 grams all purpose floor into another big bowl, then add 1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder, one teaspoon baking boulder, one teaspoon baking soda and have baseball sword. All these contents are sealed into the bowl. Better add 50 grams of granulated sugar into the bulls. Add one cup of milk chocolate chips that makes everything very so now we will mix these dry ingredients into the liquid ingredients prepared before now we have to carefully mix these two and remember not to over mix The better over Maxine will make them look. It's hard. Do they arrange your muffin cups in the big three? Now add the muffin bagel toe. The cups filled, the gaps only three foot with the better. We can also use ice cream school. Now we will big it. Set your microwave on conviction. More created oven at 3 75 F. Place your bacon three in Buda oven and set alarm for 20 million after 20 minutes. Our muffins are ready. Check this by dipping her toe. Pick in center off muffin. What becomes clean? Keep muffin for holding on holding. Pray for five minutes. Well, our chocolate muffins already enjoyed their sweetness in your sweet homes. 5. How to make fudgy brownie: in this video, we will make for jib Romney's Be near 34 cup unsalted butter half cup light brown sugar 34 cup by trooper half all purpose floor 34 cup chocolate chips one tablespoon corden start 34 cup unsweetened cocoa powder x one Pinch baking sorta 14 teaspoon salt on one Please put money in essence. Firstly, we met, but in a microwave safe bowl. Once that is done, hair brown sugar and by Children good with them for a minute or two. If you don't have brown sugar, you can increase the amount of sugar by 1/4 cup. Now everybody lessons and an egg. Whisk them properly, another egg and were the picture becomes fluffy and light in color. Oh, now we have to prepare our dry ingredients. For this will take a bull and with the help off a CV filter all purpose floor, cocoa border, cornstarch, baking soda and salt. Okay, it's I love them and half off the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients. Mix it till it attends a uniformed consistency. Now add the other half and half cut off Joeckel chips. Yeah, mix again. Make sure no lumps are formed Greece Microwavable pain before our butter and place parchment paper Greece The parchment paper with butter or oil Pour the mixture inside that Ben. Using a spatula, spread the mixture humanly across the pen and Sprinkle some chocolate chips on top. Finally, big at 3 25 different night for 20 to 30 minutes in appreciated. Okay, let it go into survival pieces. You're fudgy. Brownies are ready.