Zine and Be Seen: Promoting Your Work Through Self-Publication

Grace Danico, Illustrator / Designer / Archivist

4 Videos (19m)
  • Zine History, Inspiration, and Planning

    • Greetings & Welcome!

    • Brainstorming

    • Inspiration & Planning

  • Making and Promoting Your Zine

    • Making and Printing Your Zine


About This Class

Zines are self-published printed works produced by creative people to convey ideas through words and images. Each one is unique in their content, printing, size and assembly, and offer an alternative way for creatives to promote their work. They’re also really fun to collect, share, and trade, not to mention a way to contribute to the bigger zine community.   In this class, I will... Read More

Grace Danico, Illustrator / Designer / Archivist

Grace Danico specializes in art, illustration, design and animation.   Her work is a playful intersection of bold lines, imaginary characters, bright colors and lettering inspired by food, travel, plants, music and home life. She curated and wrote ab... Read More