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6 Videos (16m)
    • White Foxgloves Watercolor: Shaping Whites With Spice Of Life

    • Welcome

    • Shaping whites with spice of life

    • Passing throught doubts and starting to really see

    • Final!

    • Teacher's Thoughts


About This Class


This demonstration of painting white foxgloves from my garden in Belarus was laying for year and waiting for editing and finally published. This is my new 6th class here on Skillshare!

Using palette is deep and cold but white foxgloves on final painting don't look cold. So glad to guide you trough common doubts on how to move next and start to really see your subject in beautiful wash. Still wonder how just 15 minutes class include so much tips and tricks how to paint white subject on white piece of paper!

I wish you get a wonderful insights and ideas for your art in this class!

Followed by her popular class on Skillshare "Watercolor Treasure Chest: 7 Techniques For Amazing Watercolors"

14 of 14 students recommendSee All

Good class,informative and wonderful practice for loose painting.
This is a fantastic and playful class that also encourages and teaches you how to paint intuitively. Olga happens to be a favorite teacher of mine!
Tasha Soto

Bookmaker / Learning Addict /Creative Sybil.

Olga is a wonderful teacher, this class is full of wonderful tips and tricks and Olga is so encouraging





Olga Peregood



I fall in love with watercolor after a long way on my art journey. I was a master of digital graphic when I was a professional web designer. I was making web design for web sites and GUI. My carrier move to design in polygraphy, publishing and press. All my art was about the definition, sharpness and pixels. I was like a fish in a water in graphical programs. I saw color in CMYK, lines as vector objects. Today watercolor became my philosophy, it`s a state of mind, which comes from things I have always dream to aim for in my life - freedom, positive thinking, letting go life as it is, uniqueness, wellness and this process are still long. Today my passion for this magical medium led me to my Skillshare class to freely share my new art adventures and discoveries among wonderful artists and I am so happy with that! I paint not only one particular subject. I paint everything I see interesting and what excites me as time goes by.