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9 Videos (41m)
    • Intro

    • Theme

    • Doodle away!

    • Lets get Digital

    • Give it some texture

    • Take a break

    • Animating

    • Exporting

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About This Class

Ever wanted to make your doodles into something you could submit to a magazine or even to just put into your portfolio or website whilst maintaining a hand made feel? Also, have you ever wanted to turn your cute drawings into short animated gif to help promote your work on Instagram, Twitter atc and even submit to magazines?

I will be asking you to dig out your favourite, oldest or weirdest magazine and picking an article to work with. This article will then act as a brief for your very first editorial illustration. This is fantastic practice for anyone wanting to go into editorial illustration which is where I'm at in my career now! 

In this class I walk you through a project starting with how I sketch out my ideas and colour them both by hand and digitally. I give info on adding textures and charm to your drawings. I walk you through how to scan, trace and present your work and work with textures so that you end up with a useable project. 

As a bonus I go into how, with each project I do, I add an animated element to my work almost every time, it's a great final thouch that can be really eye catching and help you gain more of a following. Check out my gifs below!

There'll also be some really useful tips in how to start out in the business.

This project is perfect for someone wanting to do editorial illustration or just expand their portfolio... or to just have fun! This project requires some basic knowledge of after effects (for the animation bit).


This was for an editorial piece based on Churchil's "Black Dog" metaphor.


An Editorial piece for Into The Fold mag. In this article, the writer talks about her adventures working at a sex convention. For the full example go here

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This class was really helpful for illustrators like myself looking to add some limited animation to add an extra spark to their work. It is great for demonstrating how to use Illustrator and After Effects in a way that ends up looking charming and handmade. When I've tried to animate in the past I tend to get too caught up in tiny details so it's good to think critically about what kinds of motion will actually add to the concept. Thanks Sophia!
This class was excellent! Sophia Maria is a riot, too!
Focused, to-the-point class the teaches a specific workflow. Also includes some cool tips on getting more texture in Illustrator.





Sophia Maria

Illustrator / Teacher / Letterer

From London! I work mainly for Editorial illustration but also I dabble in the stationary and print industry. I have one published childrens book and hopefully more to come.