Watercolor Treasure Chest: 7 Techniques For Amazing Watercolors Free class

Olga Peregood, Speaks: ENGLISH | РУCCКИЙ

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11 Videos (28m)
    • Teacher's Welcome

    • How To Work With A Class

    • Don't Skip This Part

    • 1 Meet Your New Friends

    • 2 Unusual Color Combinations

    • 3 Fluffy Technique (Salt effect)

    • 4 Lazy Artist Technique (cling wrap)

    • 5 Charming Imperfection (splattering)

    • 6 Lifting

    • 7 Creating By Destroying (breaking pigments)

    • Teacher's Wish


About This Class


Artist and illustrator, Olga Peregood guides you through a playful exploration into watercolor world as a tool and source of power, enthusiasm and creativity. In this class, Olga will show you her simple (and seemingly magical) techniques to make colors to sing on your painting, tell the story and impress the viewer. You will start an adventure with fresh ideas that you can continue to come back to for inspiration in the days and weeks to come on your art journey.

Whether you already paint in watercolor or are thinking of learning I hope you enjoy watching it! It shows watercolor medium in a way you might haven`t considered before. No previous art experience is required, just 10 minutes a day and an openness to fun... and yes, to a little magic!

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Olga's love of watercolor is apparent in her paintings & teachings. If you are looking to paint realism, you will need to look elsewhere...Olga encourages her students to explore this fascinating medium & overcome fears of being 'perfect'.
Very good for beginners in watercolour. I am not a beginner. I will look further to Olga Peregood tutorials. I like her style.
Great class! Thank you for inspiration!





Olga Peregood



I fall in love with watercolor after a long way on my art journey. I was a master of digital graphic when I was a professional web designer. I was making web design for web sites and GUI. My carrier move to design in polygraphy, publishing and press. All my art was about the definition, sharpness and pixels. I was like a fish in a water in graphical programs. I saw color in CMYK, lines as vector objects. Today watercolor became my philosophy, it`s a state of mind, which comes from things I have always dream to aim for in my life - freedom, positive thinking, letting go life as it is, uniqueness, wellness and this process are still long. Today my passion for this magical medium led me to my Skillshare class to freely share my new art adventures and discoveries among wonderful artists and I am so happy with that! I paint not only one particular subject. I paint everything I see interesting and what excites me as time goes by. Scroll my Instagram for get an idea [instagram.com/lazywonderbrush] Mostly I love to paint from my imagination. I use my photos only for defining shapes and curves.  There is always a story behind each my painting which I share on my blog [lazywonderbrush.blogspot.ca] There is also my YouTube channel [lazywonderbrush] with my tutorials, tips and tricks, my discoveries in watercolor, answers on questions, my sources of inspiration and so on and so far.