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6 Videos (20m)
    • Introduction

    • Sketch Process : Part 1

    • Sketch Process : Part 2

    • Vectorization : Part 1

    • Vectorization : Part 2

    • Vectorization : Part 3


About This Class

This class is about how to draw a nice sketch of your own name and digitize by making a vector logo within Adobe Illustrator.

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Very nice class - clear introduction to vectorizing. I hope I will get to my project soon!
Sova Huova


I am a begginer of logo design. This class is helpful and useful. I highly reccomend this class.
I enjoyed this class. Roland is good at getting to the point, without over explaining things. Also, I learned some new tips and tricks for vectoring within Illustrator. I recommend this class!
Misti Hammers

Misti's Fonts





Roland Hüse

Logo and font design

Hi Everyone! I am drawing since kindergarten,  I used to draw characters from cartoons and movies, (my favourite was Darth Vader :)) and logos of mostly candy bars and beverages. When I get my first computer (a C 64) I learned how to create graphics so called "sprites". It was so exciting and inspiring to me how to create something by a computer. I took specialized art classes in High School and my favorite subject was "Lettering and composition". Then I suddenly quit. I stopped drawing...For long years. Why or what happened? I think it has something to do with discouragement and lack of self esteem. The only thing that matters that I found and my true calling (again) in graphic design a few years ago and now I am so passionate about art inside and outside the computer. I want to give my encouragement and inspire people to never give up. Do what you love to do, learn more, explore and practice. Practice deliberately. Set goals, head towards them.

I challenged myself to design a logo every day for a year in order to convey this message to myself and you all, creative minds!

As an introvert, I pushed myself hard to create a class, to show and let you know my way of doing what I do, even if it helps only a few people,or only one, it's worth it.