3 Videos (30m)
  • Creating A Direction

    • Drawing From Inspiration

  • Pen to Paper

    • Drafting Your Sketch

  • Vectorizing Your Design

    • Refining With Illustrator


This class is no longer available.

About This Class

        The world of tattoo art is beautiful and nuanced, with a plethora of graphic styles represented on bodies and in catalogs all over the world.  One of the more powerful tattoo design techniques is line art illustration, this class will teach you how to teach to achieve this skill. Line art illustration is a balance of equal space and line weight, leading to a fun and clean a... Read More

Keith Young, Designer, photographer, & founder of Live To Make

Keith Davis Young is a designer, illustrator and photographer living in Austin, TX.  After picking up a degree from Baylor University and getting his fill of fluorescent lighting and boardrooms during 5 years in ad agencies, he struck out on his ow... Read More