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8 Videos (39m)
    • Introduction

    • Drawing

    • Image Trace - Turning Your Drawings Into Vectors

    • Color - Creating A Color Palette From An Image

    • Creating Your Pattern

    • 2 Methods For Saving Your Half-Drop Repeat

    • Share - Use An Instagram Template To Share Your Work

    • Conclusion


About This Class


In this class you will learn how to turn your drawings into vectors, create a color palette, and finally how to create a half-drop repeat. At the end of the class I share how I use a template to show my patterns on Instagram. I've included three Instagram templates for you to use as well. This class is great for anyone that is new to illustrator or someone that already knows the basics.

It’s ok to go ahead and skip to the video on creating a half-drop repeat if you’re already familiar with a basic understanding of how to create a color palette and/or motifs. =)

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Great class, Lindsey! This was an easier method to create a half-drop than what I was doing! :)
Best class so far.Wholesome tutorial.10 stars. I appreciate the info on uploading on Instagram and spoon flower which is very essential for beginners.
I have been wishing for a class like this for so long! I quilt and have always dreamed of designing fabric of my own. Thanks for making it possible!
Kylie M. Kelsheimer

Quilting, Crafting and DIY!





Lindsey Slutz

Surface Pattern Designer

Lindsey Slutz is a graphic and surface pattern designer, blogger and the founder of East Coast Charm. She is known for her preppy style that comes organically from growing up near the coast of North Carolina. She also gathers inspirations from her travels and hikes with her husband, Eric, and their dog, Willow. In her spare time she enjoys photography, which lends to helping create her beautiful color palettes.

To see more designs or to follow her, check out instagram and pinterest