Simple Character Animation Premium class

Fraser Davidson, Designer / Director / Animator

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7 Videos (59m)
    • Preview

    • Design in Illustrator

    • Build in After Effects

    • Rigging in After Effects

    • Animate the Walk Cycle - Part 1

    • Animate the Walk Cycle - Part 2

    • Render, Export & Share your Animated GIF


About This Class

Bring simple characters to life! Animation is the future of design and an important next step in expanding your design skill set. In this class, I'll walk you through a simple process where you'll learn to build and rig a simple character for animation and share it as a gif!

This Skillshare class is going to break down the process of character animation for you. I will cover simple character creation and animation techniques from design and rigging, through to simple walk cycle animation. You will learn about shape layers, paths, masks, key framing and key frame velocity – and how to apply them to your animations.


What You'll Learn

  • Design in Illustrator. I'll walk you through simple character design, and how to design with After Effects animation in mind.
  • Building in After Effects. We will take your character from Illustrator, and import it into After Effects to build your him for animation.
  • Rigging in After Effects. I'll walk you through the process of rigging your character for simple motion in After Effects.
  • Walk or run cycle. We'll finalize your action and get your character moving in a scene!
  • Export your animated GIF. I'll show you the simple process for getting your animation shareable and out there!

What You'll Do

You will design and create a character in an animated run cycle! I will show you how to export your animated GIF to make your work sharable. This process will give you tools to take all of your designs and illustrations to the next level – efficiently and seamlessly!

This course is a primer in the toughest aspect of animation – character animation. Using the strengths of After Effects to create fun movement for motion graphics and animation, we will break down the difficulty and give you the tools to create great animated characters!

...Hungry for more? Check out my follow-up animation class, Simple Character Lip Sync to make your characters talk!

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Brilliant! Really well explained at the perfect pace!
Very clear and easy to understand intro to character animations that don't feel stiff or odd.
The teacher assumes a level of software which I did not have. This was my first attempt at using any of it. He often makes selections I presume using a mouse which are not explained or evident from the video. It was not possible to upload to the recommended websites because I could not do all the conversions at the end. Again there were too many assumptions about converting from one programme to another. Rendering caused the video to change and lose most of it's colour. There was little, or no explanation of which settings had been used. A lot of YouTube videos and reading got me round some some of the challenges. It would also have been helpful to have an explanation indicating the critical keypoints when decisions about types of possible outputs needed to be made. It would also be helpful to have a list of required software and perhaps details of the versions used + updates flagged early on. Also an indication of the current level of expertise required in order to tackle the project. Maybe some clues as to earlier classes to complete first. Needed to enlarge the videos to full screen and squint a lot to try and ascertain where the settings/choices were. I enjoyed doing this but was frustrated when I could not complete the class as advertised. 6/10





Fraser Davidson

Designer / Director / Animator

I'm an award-winning London-based, Director and Animator with the London-based Partnership Sweet Crude. I was previously Head of Motion Graphics at Mainframe, a Motion Graphics, VFX & Animation House. Graduating from Nottingham Trent University with a BA Hons in Graphic Design, I have six years of experience creating advertising, music videos, and channel branding across many media. I have won a BAFTA, multiple International Promax Awards and my work has been featured in numerous publications.

I'm the writer and director of the multi-award winning Youtube series "The Alternative Rugby Commentary" and have collaborated with several comedians to create a number of animated short films.