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5 Videos (15m)
    • Introduction

    • Use air brush to get smooth skin in photoshop

    • How to improve skin color in photoshop

    • Enhance your eyes and color in photoshop

    • Get white teeth in photoshop instantly


About This Class

This class is about dealing with skin effects or problems in photoshop in order to obtain your best portrait results.This class is very useful for photographers and individuals to get their photos right it contains 6 lectures to make your photos stand out and look perfect.The effects and corrections are easy to do in just 2-3 steps.Hope you will enjoy. 

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amazing easy effects
great effects made so easy





Nitin V.

Entrepreneur,Designer,Productivity Geek

Welcome guys to my classes professionally I am an engineer who loves to create valuable,creative and easy to follow classes related to design,web devlopment,audio and video editing,bussiness and many more interesting subjects for my special audience who have taken a great step towards learning.