Photoshop: How To Edit Photos Like a PRO Free class

Walter Serdville, Sales Trainer & Certified Marketing Enthusiast

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5 Videos (19m)
    • Intro - What's this about?

    • The Set Up - Starting!

    • Retouching Skin Like A Pro

    • Playing With Colors & Adding Life!

    • Final Touches


About This Class

Hey there! 


Ever thought about how people create cool looking profile pictures? Has retouching skins and eyes in photos looked like some dark sorcery so far? Do designers confuse you? No worries, this is a solution how a complete first timer can replicate stunning results! 

This is a really simple, straight to point course to those who are not Photoshop experts, yet, but feel like they could use some editing knowledge in practical life. Where does photo editing come handy? Well lets think of some examples.. And I'm not talking about Instagram filters!

  • Do you want to have a slick Facebook profile picture?
  • Do you need to establish an online image/presence?
  • Or do you just to expand your skills and perhaps make some memorable photos for your family?

This course requires no technical knowledge, but we will be using a certain program, Adobe Photoshop, which you can get a free trial from Adobe homepage.

We're going to cover some core functions such as layers, lighting, gradient maps and essential fixing, but nothing to be worried about, because I will go through all the things SLOWLY. I speak slow enough for you to be able to learn through the whole Photoshop help section meanwhile! 

This step-by-step tutorial is covering professional looking editing and just for the sake of creativity we're going to make it feel like a sunset. Sounds fun? It is! 

KEY REMINDER: In art there are no wrong answers, every attempt is a clear victory.

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Walter Serdville

Sales Trainer & Certified Marketing Enthusiast

Whoa! Wait! What's this?! 

*a wild Valter appears* 

Hi! I'm Walter Serdville, the founder of Sales & Psychology, co-founder of Imnovative and a former sales manager. I'm from Estonia, Europe and that's why I have a funny accent! 

I'm a certified marketer (by Google and HubSpot), established local sales trainer (in Estonia) and an absolute nerd for technology. I love digital design and literature and I'm always open for new challenges. Due to my previous experiences as a sales trainer I've learned that everyone is good at something, I'm good at one thing: keeping things simple. 

Ever heard of the "K.I.S.S method"? Keep It Stupid Simple - this is an ancient method, which is still ruling in modern world and I stand by it, because I don't believe that educating should be difficult. I truly think that educating should bring out your passion and hunger for more knowledge. 

My skillset:

  • Digital Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Design
  • Cryptocurrency investing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Copywriting

I'm also never closed to criticism, I think that one truly learns from criticism and should not be offended by it. 

Hmm what else.. I like dogs? Have a fantastic day!

PS! Also I'm one of the very few people in the whole world who has managed to rank 1# for keyword "SEO Services" - outperforming hundreds of agencies.