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12 Videos (38m)
    • Introduction

    • Getting Started

    • Photoshop's Workspace

    • Canvases and Brushes

    • Layers

    • Class Project

    • Tutorial 1 - Cleaning Up Sketches

    • Tutorial 2 - Working with Color

    • Tutorial 3 - Adding Textures

    • Tutorial 4 - Editing Proportions

    • Photoshop Tips and Effects

    • Closing Thoughts


About This Class

If you've ever been interested in digital painting, but the thought of working in Photoshop has intimidated you, look no further! I've made this Photoshop class with the absolute beginner in mind.

Learn how to turn your traditional sketches into new digital creations. With easy to follow tutorials, you will learn how to clean up your sketch in Photoshop, how to easily add color to your illustrations, and how to apply textures and effects to your artwork. 

We'll talk about digital tablets, photoshop's interface, canvases, brushes, layers, working with color, blending modes, textures, proportional helpers, channels, blur effects, sharpening effects, and more!

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When I first took the class I did not have a laptop that ran programs like Photoshop smoothly, so I had difficulty completing the course. Now that I bought a more capable laptop, though, I'm referring back to this class. It's been super helpful!
awesome class! love it
Excellent - video quality, preparation, coverage, presentation and Target specific content. If you are a PhotoShop beginner, this is where you start.





Gabrielle DeCesaris

Portrait Artist-

Gabrielle is an exciting artist who is gaining attention in the art world.

Her love for exploring different materials has made her proficient in creating artworks using a variety of mediums, including charcoal, graphite, pastel, oil paints, markers, and digital media. Her distinctive style has garnered her numerous commissioned works as well.

Gabrielle has an Associates Degree in Visual Arts. In college and in her training with art professionals, she has taken a variety of art courses, including two and three dimensional design, color theory, portraiture, figure drawing, and painting.

Devoted to her craft, Gabrielle is always pushing her skills and learning new techniques by creating art every day. She is also currently a member of a life drawing group, where she practices painting with a live model and fellow artists. 

Driven by the amazing qualities of the human form and face, Gabrielle hopes to record the beauty of life in her art for others to enjoy.


Check out Gabrielle's full catalog of art classes offered here on Skillshare and stay up to date with her latest creations by following her on the web:

ArtworkbyGabrielle | Instagram | Facebook | DeviantArt | Patreon | Newsletter