Pattern Design: Create Illustrative Patterns Using The Gestalt Principles Premium class

Shubham Sharma, Graphic Designer & Illustrator, Creatives Corner

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14 Videos (51m)
    • Class Teaser

    • Class Project

    • What is Gestalt Principles

    • Law of Proximity & Similarity

    • Law of Continuity & Closure

    • Law of Symmetry & Figure Ground

    • Research

    • Creating Moodboard

    • Illustrating Designs

    • Creating Background

    • Creating Elements

    • Coloring Patterns

    • Finalizing Pattern

    • Thank You


About This Class

Festive season is going on, season of gifts and you also want to gift something to your close ones.

 But What?

 What can be more special gift for anyone than pattern designed by you?

 Join me in this special class where i will teach you creating pattern repeats especially for this festive season using gestalt principles

In this class i will start with discussing gestalt principles, what are its type, how you can design patterns using it. Then i will walk you to the illustrator techniques and we will digitize pattern together.

By the end of this class, you will create a beautiful pattern that you can include in a product and gift to your friends and relatives.

 This class is for designers, illustrators, artists, aspiring surface designers or anyone who just want to make gifts for their friends and have some fun.

So, Join me in this beautiful journey and explore new world of gestalt!

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Really good explanation of technique used.
I am learning quite a lot about how to use the various illustrator tools and short cuts. Additionally, this course provided great information about design theory and how to apply it.
If you can get through the accent the Gestalt information is very useful. I thought I understood design principles and adding the Gestalt information increased my choices as well as understanding how to read good design.





Shubham Sharma

Graphic Designer & Illustrator, Creatives Corner

I am a graphic designer and illustrator from South Asia. I am one of the founders of Creatives Corner - a full fledged digital design & marketing studio actively working with various leading firms. I love to share my learning and get interacted with new and budding designers, so I do guest lecturing, podcasting and blogs at regular basis.