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6 Videos (35m)
    • Introduction

    • Finding Inspiration

    • Creating Thumbnails

    • Creating Color Roughs

    • Painting and Rendering

    • Final Touches


About This Class

In this class, we will go over the basics of creating and inspiring audiences with a dark/horror themed portrait illustration. 

We will cover subjects like:

  • Finding Inspiration and drawing from your imagination
  • Touching on horror as a theme and what it represents in the entertainment industry
  • Using composition and color for creating effective portraits
  • Painting and rendering in Adobe Photoshop

11 of 12 students recommendSee All

Very well explained clear and dynamic.
Great class! This was a fun project and I learned some new ways about approaching colour palettes and composition that I'll keep with me. I do agree with some of the previous reviews however in terms of direction. Damien is a great artist and I feel that this class in particular may be tough for someone without a basic understanding of digital painting as he doesn't go into extensive detail about brushes or settings etc. I still recommend it though!
Melissa De Nobrega

Graphic designer & Illustrator

Damien is an awesome illustrator and it's great to see him talk you through one of his pieces, but this is definitely more of a walkthrough than a class per se. While he does describe a lot of his decisions, he speeds through the work in progress and does not reveal any of his brush settings or get into much (greedily keeping his workspace in full screen setting so that you can't see his tool bar.) In short, I recommend watching the videos for inspiration, but he definitely go a lot farther in giving instruction on how to actually create a piece like this for themselves.





Damien Mammoliti

Digital Illustration Instructor

Damien Mammoliti has studied art his entire life, and graduated with a B.A. in traditional illustration from Academy of Art University in 2009. Since then, he has worked with numerous clients in the game industry.