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16 Videos (1h 17m)
    • Welcome to Part 3

    • Inspiration and Trends

    • Colors and color picker

    • Good Practice : Color Palettes

    • Color Harmony (optional)

    • Typography

    • Good Practice : Text Styles

    • Drawing Icons

    • Good practices : Symbols

    • Save time with plugins

    • Styleguide & Practice

    • Export & Specs

    • App Icon v2 and graphic design practice

    • App Store Screenshots v2

    • Product showcase

    • Conclusion


About This Class

The key to creating a succesful app is to make something that people want and that works. And this is what design is really all about. That's why this course is not just about creating a pretty app, it’s about designing a product that makes sense to people and happens to be beautiful.

In this 3 hour class we'll teach you a complete design workflow that will allow you turn your idea into a fully designed and engaging mobile app using Sketch 3.

This course is taught with an example. Each lesson represents a step in the design process that will be applied to the app we will be building so that you have a clear comprehension of every design principles that will be discussed.

The course is divided into 3 parts, make sure you subscribe to all of them :

In Part 1, we'll focus on UX Research techniques that will allow us to make sure we'll be designing an engaging app, something that really works and makes sense.

In Part 2, we'll deal with the basics of UI design. We'll learn how to use Sketch and we'll design a first draft of your app, using mainly iOS standard elements. The key word here will be efficiency.

In Part 3, we'll take the time to go deeper into custom UIadvanced Sketch techinques, Icon Design and many other suprises by designing a final version of our app.

16 of 16 students recommendSee All

This is really a great class with lots of great resources. The idea of teaching the class with an example works really well in understanding how to create an app rather than just going over features of Sketch. I loved it! Thank you guys....hope you guys share more classes and videos!
This was an excellent 3 part course! Very comprehensive overview that provides detailed step-by-step examples. Thank you for providing these resources.
GOOOOOOOD! I really learned a lot on these classes!
Vin Lin

Trying to be a UI





Maxime Cormier

Entrepreneur and Designer

I'm an entrepreneur and web and mobile app designer. I've created 2 startups. I teach entrepreneurship and design at SciencesPo, a top school in Paris. I'm also a UX consultant and interface designer, I work mainly with startups.

I strongly believe in the power of teaching by example and my goal is to make sure my students will be able to use the skills I teach them immediately.