Mini-Class: Beautiful Ink: Designing Meaningful Tattoos

Bang Bang, Tattoo artist, owner of Bang Bang NYC

4 Videos (14m)
  • Consultation and Research

    • Trailer

    • Inspiration and Research

  • Sketching

    • Sketching

  • Prepping for production

    • Prepping for Production


About This Class

While the end result of a tattoo gets all of the shine, the initial design is perhaps the most important part of the process. A great tattoo design combines aesthetic beauty with personal meaning, permanently displaying a piece of one's personality or beliefs for the world to see (and in some cases, not see!). As a designer, it is important to be flexible with styles and have an und... Read More

Bang Bang, Tattoo artist, owner of Bang Bang NYC

My name is Bang Bang and I have been tattooing for about 10 years now. After coming up in the industry by studying with some of the greats, I have been able to build my own shop and establish a viable business in the Lower East Side of New York City.... Read More