Map Making: Learn to Communicate Places Beautifully

Anne Ditmeyer, designer / editor

9 Videos (1h 25m)
  • Finding Inspiration

    • Welcome and Project Intro

  • Hand-Drawn + Printed Maps

    • Hand Drawn Maps Exercise

    • Inspiration of the Non-Digital Kind: Part 1

    • Inspiration of the Non-Digital Kind: Part 2

  • Mapping in the Digital Age

    • Imaginary City Exercise

    • Digital Mapping + Integration - part 1

    • Digital Mapping + Integration – part 2

  • Polishing Your Maps!

    • Tools and Techniques in Mapping

    • A peek inside Illustrator (optional)


About This Class

Map lovers, travelers, hosts, neighborhood enthusiasts & people who like to know where they’re going or where they’ve been, this class is for you. Whether you host friends in your home on a regular basis, are planning a party or event where you need a map, you have a zest for travel, or just plain love your neighborhood and want to map it, this class is designed to get your cre... Read More

Anne Ditmeyer, designer / editor

I'm an American designer / editor / consultant based in Paris, France that likes to connect creatives across continents. I have spent 8+ years working as an in-house and freelance graphic designer. I teach Map Making, Intro to InDesign and Designing... Read More