Manufacturing a Product: The Basics of Design, Outsourcing, and Quality Control

Liz Long, Co-founder @ Bag the Habit

6 Videos (29m)
  • Getting Started

    • Welcome to Class!

  • Design

    • Introduction to Design

  • Sourcing

    • Introduction to Sourcing

  • Production

    • Introduction to Production

  • Quality Control

    • Introduction to Quality Control

  • Freight

    • Introduction to Freight


About This Class

What will you learn in this class? You’ll finish knowing how to design, source, and manufacture your product anywhere in the world in a step-by-step process. You’ll learn basic manufacturing “speak, ” prepare for “sticky spots” like vetting factories and ensuring quality control, and hear from a range of guest experts in this field. You’ll walk away with your very own Production Pl... Read More

Liz Long, Co-founder @ Bag the Habit

I am a Co-Founder at Bag the Habit, a company that designs and produces a line of reusable shopping solutions,  and the author of a blog dedicated to sourcing and manufacturing guidance. For the past 6 years I have been exploring the world of entrep... Read More