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5 Videos (23m)
    • Lets Look at a Ravishing Intro Video

    • The Only Tool You need

    • The Free Templates

    • Lets Make Your First Intro

    • Conclusion


About This Class

Hey There,

Have you seen Youtube videos, Digital Products or Even Skillshare courses where before the Main Video starts, there is a 4-5 seconds Intro Video of the Brand, Logo or Name of the Channel, Course or Brand ?

They have Powerful Music with Sensational Graphics dancing on the beats pumping up the Viewer and making them aware about your Brand.

You know what, they are super easy to make and Adds a Professional Touch to your Videos or courses.

In this course, I will show you step by step how to make those Intros for your Videos or Just for Fun.

You will Learn :

- An example of the Intros

-The only tool You need to Create Screen Magic

-The Templates that will save tons of your Work

-No Technical knowledge or Skills are Required

-How to convert a Video of 1.27 GB to 7.3 MB without losing the quality of it one bit

And much More.

See You Inside


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excellent information, clearly presented
Cassandra Arnold

Natural Vision Educator

Very clear and clever. Thanks
Good piece of Information.Well done.





Shubhashish Mendhe

Lets Learn something New Today

Hey Awesome fella,

I am Shubhashish Mendhe and I am Glad to be connected with you here on Skillshare.

I have been an Internet Marketer for almost 9 Years Now.I am Specialized into Marketing, Sales, Product Creation,Copywriting and Online Mass Persuation Mechanism.

Other than That, I happen to be a hardcore Personal Developement and Self Helf Researcher, Student and I Regularly And religiously practice the Beautiful ideas showered by some of the best Pioneers of the Industry.Right from Motivation to Meditation, Holistic Lifestyle to Success Mapping and Wealth generation, I would love to teach you all the High Quality and Super effective Secret & Covert Concepts and Dynamics to make your Life a living Heaven.

I am Also a Music Producer and Love making Music.I look forward to teach you how to make A little Music too as Everyone Loves listening to it.Its time you start making what you love to listen yourself if you are even slightly interested in it.

I look forward to talk to you in person and help you with what you need to learn about and Also very open to learn whatever Awesome knowledge you want to share with me.