Logo Design Fundamentals: Simple and Solid Brand Marks Premium class

George Bokhua, Digital Graphic Designer & Illustrator

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15 Videos (57m)
    • Trailer

    • Introduction and Useful Reference Literature

    • Moodboard Preparation

    • Image Selection

    • Pre-sketching and Sketching

    • Minimizing Anchor Points

    • Refining and Fine-Tuning

    • Adding Color and Post-Project Advice

    • Gridding

    • Sketching for Letter Marks

    • Execution and Refining of letter K

    • Project Intro

    • Negative space boxer sketching

    • Execution of a neg. space boxer

    • Words of Wisdom


About This Class

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a busines or a brand is almost always it's logo– the potential for impact is huge! It is the visual representation of that product, place, thing, or business.

The power of simplicity should never be underestimated, as oftentimes simple shapes and colors communicate a stronger message than an over-done image. I work primarily with monochromatic, simple shapes in logo and identity design, and in this class you are going to learn how to maximize communication with minimal information. You will identify a concept for your own mark, and I will walk through two different types of marks to create to achieve this.


What You'll Learn

How to apply a strong, simple, and minimal design aesthetic to logo design. I'll show you the classic resources that help me refine an empowering yet minimal design style. Exploring these resources will expand your own creative logo style and push your inspirations.

How to create a simple mark from a complex character. You'll learn the start-to-finish process of creating a simple and solid brand mark based on an animal character, including:

  • curating a mood board
  • what to look for in a perfect reference image
  • tracing your way to a perfect sketch

How to apply minimalism to typographic logos. We'll create a second mark based on a single letter. We'll again work start-to-finish, including:

  • choosing a motivating concept
  • sketching from scratch
  • refining your hand-sketch in Illustrator

How to create a negative space mark. We'll create a mark based on negative imagery. 

Along the way, I'll include project advice and specific insights to help you best execute your brand identity in a simple, powerful, and well-designed way.


What You'll Do

You'll create three types of logos: an animal mark, a letterform mark and a negative space mark, learning the fundamental concepts behind logo design and how to apply them to your own style. 

Understanding simplification and perception in design are essential to becoming more fluent as a logo designer. This class will give you all the tools you need to spot effective logo design and, most importantly, communicate effectively with your own logos. This class is a theoretical approach to logo design, as it will challenge your design approach and push your skill via 3 different types of logos. It is not an Illustrator tutorial for logo design.

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He made the process of logo designing easier to understand. It is not a class about how to use Illustrator and that's why I liked. Great class!
Roberto Tessare

Make sure you do all you can do!

Great techniques, informative. And love the music too!!
Very-very talented designer and creative person. I definitely recommend this class to all who work in design sphere. Just brilliant!!!!





George Bokhua

Digital Graphic Designer & Illustrator

George Bokhua is a self-taught graphic designer who has found happiness in simple, strong logo design. At S A K I D E A M S H E N, a Georgia-based advertising agency, he combines his passion and acclaim for logos with specialties in branding, TV, commercial work, and art direction. Previously, he honed his craft at the Miami Ad School in Hamburg. He currently resides in Tbilisi, Georgia with his wife.