Logo Design: Brand Your Hometown

Kim Steinhilber, Graphic Designer

2 Videos (5m)
  • Take a Forward Approach (Est. Time: 1 Hour)

    • Intro Video - Lecture #1

  • Finalize your Design

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This class is no longer available.

About This Class

Take this class to learn the basics of branding and logo design, and have fun doing it.  A lot of who you are comes from where you live. What about your community do you love? What do you want other people to know about it? Get acquainted with branding and logo design by designing a logo for your neighborhood or hometown. This class is perfect for design nerds or aspiring designers... Read More

Kim Steinhilber, Graphic Designer

Kim is a Buffalo born, New York City based graphic designer with a love for all things art & design. She loves creating, making, doing — anything hands on (or hands on mouse).  When not obsessing over typography and beautiful letters, she's out e... Read More