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5 Videos (21m)
    • Learn The Art of Designing Powerpoint Slides Series I

    • Project Resources and Slides

    • Designing A Title Slide in Powerpoint

    • Designing A Body Slide in Powerpoint

    • Stay Tuned For More


About This Class

There are quite a few Power Point Tutorials in SkillShare already, but I aim to take a different approach to the Software. I want to teach you how to design good slides, but giving you live demonstration about what goes on in my mind when I make presentations for my clients.

I will teach you how to design, beautiful, engaging, PowerPoint slides, that attract viewers and inject your message into their brains. This course will teach you how to make One Title Slide and One Type of Body Slide.

But the things you will learn in these course will help you to do your own permutation and combination and create beautiful slides in PowerPoint without any problems.


I take the approach of learning by example, so I will basically show you what we are going to create and how we are going to create. I will tell you exactly what goes on in my mind when I am making PowerPoint Slides.

What Are the Benefits of This Course?

  • Learn By Live Example
  • It will take you about ten to twenty minutes to complete this course.
  • You will surely pick up some neat tricks on PowerPoint

What Are the Prerequisites for This Class?

  • An Installed copy of Microsoft Office 2013 and above. I use Microsoft 2016 for the Class.

Do enroll now and take part in the Project and Discussions, and I will help you master the art of Presentation Design.

To Your Success!

Shilpa Agarwala.

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I love the slides. They are looking really nice and interesting. Thanks for sharing with us.
Amit Sharma

Keep Learning, Keep Improving!





Shilpa Agarwal

Internet Marketer and Product Developer!

I am a 28 years old Graduate in Graphic Design. My genre is Branding and Packaging. I have been mentoring students in my Private Tutoring Center for over 6 years now. I have got my certifications from Digital Asia, and Arena Multimedia School of Animation.

My primary reason to be on SkillShare is to build a following. I look forward to enrolling in some cooking lessons and imparting some Design Physics to the students here.

My approach to mentoring is enthusiastic, patient and professional. I am really friendly and great to get along with. I am also a strong and highly motivated person and I believe in completing things that I start. If you have any doubts with my lessons, don’t hesitate to send me a message and I will get back to you shortly. Thank you for reading my bio.