Journal: Lettering YOUR Story. ( Hold on I'm tweaking this class ...I want to help you) Premium class

Myra P, Artist & Author

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8 Videos (22m)
    • Lettering Journal Intro

    • Supplies

    • Days 1-7 Letters

    • The Flow Map

    • Days 8-14 (What You Love)

    • What You Love (Part 2)

    • Days 15-30 (Reflection)

    • That's a Wrap.


About This Class

Are you new to lettering? Don't know where to start? Do you think there's too many letterers so there's no room for you? Well having a journal helps you find your voice(your style and process).  A journal is a great way to lose yourself and find your best work. Yes there are tons of  great how to letter resources on line to help you improve your lettering skills. But I will want to go a step further and show you how you can take your passion to help you develop a lettering style and create awesome projects. 

 My journal really helps me explore ideas and just play. Since I focus on my passion I stay motivated to practice everyday.   I feel more confident to be me and embrace my ideas.  Let's get lettering. Ready to go amazing places!

Joshua 1:8-9

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I enjoyed this class. Thanks for the tips :)
Thanks for creating a class that encourages creatives to channel their inner kid!
Judith Laguerre


This is an excellent class for inspiration and to give your journal some structure.





Myra P

Artist & Author

I'm in love with nature and all the silly ideas I come up with. Yes I'm a hopeless romantic and one of my loves is art. I do love that you can take anything and create something amazing!  I spend most of my time painting, drawing and writing. Oh yeah, I guest teach too. Oh how I learn from the little darlings to-just-be and let the kid play....