Intro to Graphic Design: Illustrating Badges and Icons with Geometric Shapes

Dominic Flask, Independent Designer and Illustrator

9 Videos (2h 51m)
  • Building Ideas

    • Introduction

    • Building Ideas

  • Building Consistency

    • Introduction to Shape

    • Drawing with Geometry

    • Gestalt Principles

    • Building A Color Palette

  • Building a Series

    • Unity and Variety

    • Advanced Drawing Techniques

    • Finishing Touches


About This Class

In the world of social media, blogs, networks, tweets, chirps and posts, graphic icons and badges are everywhere. Have you ever wanted to design your own set of icons or badges to contribute to this visual internet wonderland? If so, you've come to the right place. We'll focus on honing in on an idea, refining and crafting the details of a central concept before moving on to sketch... Read More

Dominic Flask, Independent Designer and Illustrator

Dangerdom Studios is the work of Dominic Flask, that’s me. Drawing and design give me the creative outlet that my existence requires. That outlet has provided unique and interesting opportunities for me to continue my mission to make the world a more... Read More