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13 Videos (43m)
    • Intro

    • Tools & Materials

    • Drawing Exercise I: Shapes

    • Drawing Exercise II: Silhouetting

    • Drawing Exercise III: Movement

    • Drawing Exercise IV: Black & White

    • Drawing Exercise V: Patterns

    • Putting It All Together

    • Adding Details

    • Creating Your Final Drawing

    • Final Thoughts

    • Extra Character Demo I

    • Extra Character Demo II


About This Class

Join Judy Koot in this hands-on illustration class and learn how to design and draw a strong and elegant character in your own style, through an easy step-by-step method.
The only things you'll need are a few basic tools like pencils and paper.

Class Level
This class is suitable for both beginners and advanced students.
Beginners will learn how to draw a character through practical examples and clear instructions.
Advanced students will take away new tips and tricks to sharpen their drawing and character design skills.

End Results
By the end of the course, you'll have a charming black-and-white character you can use just as is, or enhance, ink, and/or color with your favorite tools and methods.
You'll also have a new skillset that will allow you to create an unlimited amount of unique, strong characters in the future.

Video background music by © Mockmoon, used with permission.


95 of 95 students recommendSee All

I loved taking this course; it's really fun! The instructor is awesome in her easygoing teaching style. YOU will learn from her. I can't wait to do my practice and project! I have some many ideas funny wild in my imaginations! I high recommend this class!
Lovely class, explanations are very easy to follow and understand. Thanks!
Dragos Alexandru

I'm growing a beard now

Thank you Judy for this great, simple to follow and clear course! I enjoyed it thoroughly and can't wait to put your advice to practise!





Judy Koot

Multidisciplinary Artist & Teacher

Judy Koot is a multidisciplinary artist and teacher based in the Netherlands.
She works as a writer, illustrator, and musician, and teaches all three disciplines.
Here on Skillshare she'll be focusing on illustration.
Find her on Facebook, Pinterest, Goodreads, and Etsy; she'd love to hear from you!

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