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5 Videos (20m)
    • Introduction

    • Requirement

    • The Process

    • Conclusion

    • Trouble Shooting


About This Class

These instructions will show you how to turn a boring black and white (B/W) photo into a vibrant colored photo using Adobe Photoshop.

In these instructions, I am going to color a photo of a little girl, to show the basic steps and concepts of how to color a B/W photo. To color your own B/W photo, the concepts are the same, and it will not be a difficult task for you.

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Very informative! Anyway, does this work with older B & W photos ? I've seen tutorials using photos that were originally colour & just made into B & W for similar process.
Kimberly Hallett

Hope is a waking dream

thank you for sharing this knowledge
Paul Jackson

Hope is a waking dream

Many thanks for sharing. For twenty minutes work the result is very good. I shall give this a go and try to 'tweak' it a bit.
Angela Ford






Khairul Malik

Stay Focus

I'm just a simple guy with motivation to sucess in life. Love traveling, reading and learn new things! :)