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4 Videos (24m)
    • What will we be learning?

    • How to begin your logo

    • Finalizing your logo

    • Make Your Logo Look Professional


About This Class

Hello there,

So in this class I want to share a little bit of what I know about making very simple logos, in very little time, and surprisingly enough you can earn a few extra bucks doing it!

I'll be walking you through my process for going about this, which is very simple and needs little effort.

And I'd also like to show you a few ways of leveraging resources available for free to speed up your logo creation.

The format of this class will be me showing you my screen as I put together my logo., and all through the class I'll be sharing small tips on how I personally go about getting my work noticed on freelancing platforms such as and etc.

I'll be using Photoshop ofcourse :-)

So enroll and partake in the class project, so you can hopefully, begin your part-time logo designing freelance work by the end of this class

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Precise and effectice..You can start rughtaway :D
Awesome course. I have learnt how to design logos using Photoshop.. Simple adn straight to the point.
Mohammed I.

Teaching is my passion.

Nice work done.