Hand-Drawn Typography: Create Your Own Font

Kyle Steed, Professional Doodler

4 Videos (33m)
  • Introduction and Inspiration

    • Trailer

    • Practice Makes Progress

  • Sketch it Out

    • Sketch it Out

  • Creating your Vector

    • Viva la Vector


About This Class

Welcome to Hand-Drawn Typography 101. This course is designed for anyone interested in learning how to make their own hand-drawn font. Even if you've uttered the famous words; "I can't draw", this course is for you. We will cover the most basic fundamentals of drawing and then learn how to use those skills to make more complex shapes and figures with an emphasis on making hand-draw... Read More

Kyle Steed, Professional Doodler

I make my living doodling, whether it's giant murals on the side of buildings, icons for a web project or even designing my own custom fonts. I use everyday tools like pencils, pens and paper but my unique creativity & vision set my work apart f... Read More