HTML5 Banner Ads using Adobe Animate CC Premium class

Daniel Scott, Web Designer for BYOL international

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53 Videos (4h 44m)
    • 01 Introduction to Adobe Animate

    • 02 What we'll be making

    • 03 Exercise Files

    • 04 SWF to HTML5

    • 05 What is HTML5

    • 06 Where did Flash and Edge go

    • 07 The various ways to create HTML5 banner ads

    • 08 Roles Designers Vs Coders

    • 09a Background colour & shape problems

    • 10a Layers and Polystar tool

    • 12a Free transform tool

    • 11a The pencil tool & vector brush libraries

    • 13a Using brand colours & Adobe Color

    • 14a Gradient

    • 15a Shape tweens & previewing

    • 16a Shape tween project

    • 17a Warnings Frame numbers in EaselJS start at 0

    • 18a Width tool

    • 19a Creating symbols and instances

    • 20a Adjusting symbol instances

    • 21a Editing symbols

    • 22a Naming instances

    • 23a Adding Static Text boxes

    • 24A Crisp text in Adobe Animate

    • 25a Making a banner ad using a classic tween

    • 27a Vector vs Bitmap

    • 29a Converting bitmaps to vectors

    • 26a Applying easing to your banner ad

    • 28a Bring in from Photoshop & Illustrator

    • 30a Image slideshow

    • 31a Nested animation Animations inside symbols

    • 32a Working with sound

    • 33a Mini Project

    • 34a Buttons

    • 35a Basic Masks

    • 36a Animating a mask

    • 37a Animating Infographics line graph

    • 38a Animating Infographics bar graph

    • 39a Animating Infographics pie chart

    • 40a Bone tool

    • 41a Get the animation to stop looping using JS

    • 42a Motion Tweens vs Classic tween

    • 43a Motion path

    • 44a What Counts against File Size

    • 45a Image compression

    • 46 What you need in the end

    • 47a Clicktag or click through

    • 48a CreateJS

    • 49a HTML Templates

    • 51a Publishing via Adwords GDN

    • 52a Publishing Adobe animate to Sizmek

    • 50a Publishing Adobe animate to Doubleclick

    • 53 What Next


About This Class

This course is for visual, creative people who need to start making HTML5 banner ads. I made this course for people that are struggling to get their heads around the new world of HTML5 advertising. This course is step by step with exercise files. I’ve saved a copy of each Adobe Animate file after every video so if you get lost you can compare your files to my completed files. At the end you’ll be able to create, test and upload standard banner ads.

This course is perfect for people completely new to the digital advertising world. We’ll cover all the basics. It’s also great for people who previously worked in Adobe Flash to produce SWF advertising.

Because this is such a new industry I’ll be around to help you with any questions. Use the forums on the pages and I’ll respond.

What are the requirements?

  • You'll need a copy of Adobe CC 2015 or above. A free 30 day trial can be download from Adobe here.

  • No previous Adobe Animate or digital advertising knowledge is necessary.

  • If you're not sure if this course is right for you. Email me what you’re trying to do and check if you’re on the right track.


What am I going to get from this course?

    • 53 lectures 3 hours of content!

    • Forum support from me. 

    • How to build banner advertising

How to keep file sizes down.

  • Firm understanding of the publishing process for ad networks like Google Doubleclick, Adwords, Simek etc. 

  • Professional workflows and shortcuts. 

  • A wealth of other resources and websites to help your new career path.


What is the target audience?

  • YES: This course is for beginners. For people who prefer not to work in code. Visual people. Creative people. Graphic designers. Marketers. Past users of Flash.

  • NO: This course is not for developers. This course will cover standard animated banners. Not dynamic banners like expanding banners, video banners or game banners. 

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Great tutorial. I've been using Flash for years and typically did banners mostly with ActionScript. So the transition back to animating via the timeline is a bit of an adjustment. Are there tutorials that get more into the code side of things? I managed to figure out how to do a rollover, but I'm sure there will be fancier things I will want to do going forward than stop, play or rollover/out.
Super helpful course. I had a basic understanding of Flash but it was very nice to see the new features and differences in Animate CC. I am now making banner ads and sending off to vendors without problems.
Although a lot of this content is stuff that an experienced designer might already know, watching through these video's have shown me quite a lot of tips and tricks that get me around some of the struggles of creating animations. It has been really useful. Furthermore, Dan is a really good instructor. He moves at a good pace and doesn't dwell over any of the steps. He gets to the point while still maintaining his great personality.
Adrian Doidge

Visual Communication Designer





Daniel Scott

Web Designer for BYOL international

I'm a Web Designer, Graphic Designer & teacher for BYOL international. Sharing is who I am, and teaching is where I am at my best, because I've been on both sides of that equation, and getting to deliver useful training is my meaningful way to be a part of the creative community.

I've spent a long time watching others learn, and teach, to refine how I work with you to be efficient, useful and, most importantly, memorable. I want you to carry what I've shown you into a bright future.

I have a wife (a lovely Irish girl) and kids. I have lived and worked in many places (as Kiwis tend to do) – but most of my 14+ years of creating and teaching has had one overriding theme: bringing others along for the ride as we all try to change the world with our stories, our labours of love and our art.

I'm a certified Adobe instructor (ACI) in Ireland. I'm also an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) and have completed the Adobe Certified Associate training (ACA). And I don't just do Adobe. Remember, media is a very broad term – digital blew out the borders, so we are all constantly learning.

I've been teaching for 14+ years. I come from being a media designer and content creator – so I understand exactly where you're at now. I've been there. I love this stuff. Print, digital publishing, web and video. I can see how it all connects. And I can see how we can share those connections.

I built Bring Your Own Laptop in Ireland, New Zealand, Australia & online. I have a great team working with me to keep BYOL at the top of Adobe and digital media training. I understand business, I have one – so I know how important it is to get it right and make it work for you.

Now my focus is on Udemy. It's my mission to bring you the best training for digital media on Udemy.

Daniel Walter Scott