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10 Videos (1h 38m)
    • Introduction: Create a logo representing your personal brand

    • Paths

    • Shapes

    • Pathfinder

    • Shape Builder & Tools

    • Shape Builder & Tools II

    • Basic Lines

    • Line Effects

    • Paintbrush Tool & Creating Lines

    • Customizing Type


About This Class

Adobe Illustrator is an incredible design application, one that has limitless potential for translating your creativity into beautiful graphic formats. The sheer amount of tools and effects can be daunting, however, leaving beginners intimidated and confused without a starting point. This series will not only provide a foundation for working with Illustrator, it will get you started on the path to harnessing the application's power and creating amazing things!

This class, which is the second of a four part series on the Fundamentals of Adobe Illustrator, will provide in-depth insrtuction and understanding into the tools in Illustrator.

Be sure to enroll in my complete Fundamentals of Illustrator Series: Fundamentals of Adobe Illustrator I: The First Steps to Becoming a Pro Illustrator, Fundamentals of Adobe Illustrator III: Working with Color, Fills & Strokes, and Fundamentals of Adobe Illustrator IV: Appearance, Layers, Images & Symbols.

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Brad's teaching style is the best I've found on Skillshare so far. Unlike others, he explains functions/shortcuts/details in Illustrator that beginners might not be familiar with, but avoids over-explaining or rambling. His lessons are to the point, but well paced, informative, and easy to understand. High fives, dude.
Excellent overview - feel like I've learnt so much. All explained very clearly and well structured. Thank you!
Zoe Power

In love with brush lettering

Great series of videos
Durrell Borden

Wordsmith, mixing copy with graphics





Brad Woodard

Designer + Illustrator

I am a graphic designer and illustrator raised in the Great Northwest, now living in Austin, Texas with my wife and little boy. After graduating with a BFA in graphic design, I started my career as an information designer and illustrator at Column Five Media. The digital illustration courses I took in college paid off, as I found that more and more clients were requesting illustration work in their designs. Merging both skills together I have been able attract all types of work, including my work in advertising at Arnold Worldwide.

Now, my wife and I run our own design and illustration studio full-time, named Brave the Woods. We also sell art prints, tees, children's books and more at our shop, Brave Outpost

You can also find me on DribbbleTwitterFacebook and Pinterest