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11 Videos (30m)
    • Introduction

    • Assignment

    • Getting the Best Photos and Scans of your Work

    • Contrast ( + Class Format )

    • Removing Splits + Splats : Part I

    • Removing Splits + Splats : Part II

    • Removing Backgrounds

    • Making Your Photoshop Brush!

    • Applying Your Photoshop Brush to an Image

    • Tips + Troubleshooting

    • Vitamin L25 + Thank You!


About This Class

Photoshop for Lettering Artists: An Introduction to Photoshop

No prior Photoshop experience needed! This class is an introduction to Photoshop, tailored specifically for beginners.

Learn how to quickly + easily clean up your lettering or line drawings in Photoshop. Get your hand lettering web ready to share on your site/blog, in your shop and on your fave social media outlets-Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, etc.

Taught by Lettering enthusiasts, photographers, and PsD’s (that’s basically a PhD in Photoshop) Tristan B. + Michelle P. of the beloved site Besotted.

 // NOTE: Lessons are taught in Photoshop CC. All lesson instructions apply to CS5 as well.

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What an amazingly helpful class to get me into the Photoshop waters! Very clear and easy instructions make this offering a breeze for any beginner. Heartfelt thanks Tristan and Michelle for the 3 month premium gift! I ended up signing on for a full year! Blessings!
easy to follow along and great info for your first project
Just completed my FIRST EVER Skillshare class and it was INCREDIBLE. i'm honestly beaming. i'm so happy to have discovered such an amazing community of talented, like-minded individuals who have graciously and painstakingly taken the time to make beautiful, easy-to-understand classes for new creatives such as myself. thank you so much, tristan b. and michelle p. of besotted!!
Molly Adamson Gilbane

the creative mind behind alchemy calligraphy





Tristan B. And Michelle P.

Cure for the Common Capture

We are Tristan B., and Michelle P, the brains behind Foto Rx Premium Photoshop actions, and the voices behind the delightful blog Besotted.