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11 Videos (45m)
    • Trailer

    • Class Outline

    • Rough Sketching

    • Inking

    • OPTIONAL SIDEBAR: Basic Mark Making & Rendering

    • OPTIONAL SIDEBAR: Basics of Faces

    • OPTIONAL SIDEBAR: Using Quick Mask Mode to Block in

    • Blocking in & Painting

    • Skin Tones

    • OPTIONAL SIDEBAR: Basics of Eyes

    • Polish and Presentation


About This Class


Once you have the hang of it, digital illustration is much faster and more efficient than traditional techniques and is the industry standard for producing high quality images at a profitable rate.

The skills learned in this class will help you develop a work flow, applicable to virtually any assignment, that can carry you smoothly from the daunting blank canvas all the way to a finished, presentable illustration. This class will build confidence in draftsmanship, mark-making and use of the equipment.

What You'll Learn

We will go step by step through the process of creating a digital character illustration in Photoshop.

  • Developing Ideas. We'll cover how to develop ideas for your character illustration.
  • Sketching. I'll discuss the basics of sketching and how to get started.
  • Blocking in Color. We'll start applying color and defining tones.
  • Painting and Polishing. Finally, we'll put on the finishing touches and complete the painting.




What You'll Make

Students will create a digital painting of a character face from scratch. You'll learn all the basic skills you need to create a final piece that is ready to share or use in your next project.

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best tutorial ive seen yet
Very informative and he explains a lot of his thought process. The selling point for me is that he does not use a reference unlike most other series.
Chris Buller

Art Student

Great class, my recommendations
Milan Glozić

Painter, illustrator, Designer





Hardy Fowler

Digital Artist

Hardy Fowler is a professional illustrator living in New Orleans, LA. He works full time as a certified medical illustrator at MediVisuals Inc.

He also does extensive illustration and concept art work for entertainment and print industry clients (most notably Games Workshop - Warhammer 40K). His work has appeared in numerous digital art annuals including Exposé.

Hardy received his MS degree in Medical Illustration from the Medical College of Georgia and his undergraduate degree form Louisiana State University.