Design Beautiful Apps: iOS App Design (UX)

Sarah Mick, Designer, Illustrator & Photographer

4 Videos (51m)
  • Intro and Downloading Assets

    • Class Briefing

  • Sketching and Working the Grid

    • Sketching and the Grid

  • Choosing Navigation

    • Picking the Best Navigation

  • Designing the App

    • Design Diversity and Our Designs


About This Class

This class is for anyone who wants to learn more about designing beautiful and simple iOS apps. Whether you’re an app designer and are curious about how we do things from the ground up or you’ve never designed an app before, you’re sure to take something away from this course. UPDATE: This class is based on the iOS 6 standards - if you're looking for newer, cutting edge updates, th... Read More

Sarah Mick, Designer, Illustrator & Photographer

I’ve been designing for iOS since 2010 when I began working on my first big project,  Yardsale. This app was heavily rooted in the iOS 6 style and was released in the heyday of skeumorphic design. This project familiarized me with the app design proc... Read More