4 Videos (25m)
  • The Past: Relationship Audit

    • Trailer

    • The Past: Relationship Audit (9:53)

  • The Present: Relationship Canvas

    • The Present: Dating Canvas (8:52)

  • The Future: Request for Proposals

    • The Future: RFP (5:28)


About This Class

If you’ve ever felt like dating (or design!) is like magic, too complex, or a complete mystery, Dating by Design can help. This multi-disciplinary course will teach you a solid foundation of tools and techniques to help you start designing your ideal relationship. We spend a lot of time perfecting our craft at work - striving for that 10, 000 hours. But when was the last time you sp... Read More

Ayla Newhouse, Creator, Dating by Design | Co-founder, 1THINGapp

Ayla Newhouse is a Communication, Interaction and "Attraction" Designer with 16 years of relationship experience ranging from misalignment to creative brilliance. She is the creator of Dating by Design, and the author of The ABC's of Dating by Desig... Read More