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7 Videos (16m)
    • Introduction

    • Example One: Polygon Tool

    • Example Two: Ellipse Tool

    • Example Three: Rounded Rectangle Tool

    • Example Four: Star Tool

    • Saving Your Coloring Pages

    • Thanks + Your Project


About This Class

In my first Skillshare course, I showed you how I create coloring pages from my own drawings and then digitize them in Adobe Illustrator. For this class, I'll share my process for creating patterns from geometric shapes and then making a coloring page from those patterns.

I'll share four examples - each one takes less than ten minutes to make. 





Annette Brown

Embrace + Express Creativity

Hey there! I’m Annette Francine, a surface pattern designer.

Abstractions of architectural elements often find their way into my work, and I find floral elements to be irresistibly delicate and charming. My designs range from intricate and delicate to frenetic and geometric. Some of my work can be found in a few creative pockets around the Internet.

In addition to pattern design, I enjoy lettering and watercolor painting.

My Skillshare channel is dedicated to helping you embrace and express your creativity! So if there’s a way that I can help you to do this, you can send me a note either directly or through the discussions tab.

Warm regards,

Annette F. Brown


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