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5 Videos (25m)
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    • Creating your Book Cover for Free

    • Getting Royalty Free images for your cover

    • Final Project

    • Congratulations!


About This Class

In this class, you will learn how to Design Stunning and professional looking Book Covers for your Kindle, or eBook. 

We'll be using a free online tool that does not require installation or prior knowledge.

Also, I'll show you how to get unlimited Royalty Free images to use in your Book Cover, on your Website or on any projects!

I hope to see you inside the course!


Also, here is the Complete Collection of my Best Sellers Skillshare Courses, you can enroll in all the courses you want!

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Excellent information and to the point. Was able to immediately accomplish what I needed to do confidently. Thank you!
Cres Lake

Lifetime Learner, Writer, Life Coach

I love Diego's classes. They are very straightforward, well produced and are the perfect length. I find myself taking many of his classes.
Ken Wells

Best-Selling Instructor, Self-Realization Coach

The covers are flat, not 3D, but still useful depending on your needs. The free stock sites were nice, even though I was already aware of them.





Diego Davila

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