Corel Painter : Essential Training Premium class

Gurasis Anand, Founder @ PlexStreet, Designer & Developer

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21 Videos (47m)
    • Introduction

    • How to Take this course

    • Software: Corel Painter 2015

    • Getting Trial versions of Painter 2015

    • Learn Corel Painter 2015 Basics

    • Working with files

    • Navigation

    • Brushes

    • Playing with Brushes

    • Brush Controls

    • Color

    • Selections

    • Layers

    • Shortcuts

    • Setting up and customizing Corel Painter 2015

    • Conclusion

    • Rating & Review

    • How to provide Feedback to the course

    • How to write an informative review

    • Learn Digital Painting

    • Goodbye! Until next time


About This Class

In this Corel Painter Essential Training course, GURasis Anand will teach you the usage of core tools and exploring the interface of the Corel Painter . You will learn about the tools and their workings in Painter. This course is designed for the absolute beginner without any experiance required either of Corel Painter or painting itself.

You will start by downloading and installing Corel Painter 2015 trial. Then, you will be learning to get around the interface of painter 2015 and working with files and best practices for a more efficient workflow in Corel Painter. You will learn to navigate painter effectively and finding tools faster. From there, GURasis will teach you about brushes and their controls and how to use cloner brushes. You will learn about using Color tools and Painter 2015 Shortcuts. You will learn to work in layers.

Once you have completed this Corel Painter 2015 training course, you will be fully capable of using the tools and brushes in Painter to create your own digital artwork.

Topics Covered:

  • Exploring Interface of Corel Painter 2015
  • Brushes and Brush Controls
  • Corel Painter 2015: Color tools
  • Corel Painter 2015: Shortcuts
  • Working in Layers
  • Setting up and customizing Corel Painter 2015

This Course is part of another larger course taught by GURasis named "Learn to Paint a digital Portrait from a Photograph".

You can save the time GURasis has spent exploring and learning the techniques used by today's professionals of The Digital Art by taking this course.

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Gurasis Anand

Founder @ PlexStreet, Designer & Developer

Hi, I have been a Designer and Developer since 2012. I started my own Design studio PlexStreet in 2014.

Since early ages I was exposed to music, arts and sports. During my schooling days I have played every musical instrument I could get my hands on, whether it be Sitar or Guitar, Tabla, keyboard. Even if there would be no one to teach me. I learned guitar on my own when I was 14, I joined every sport there was to play and had fun making art.

I was also very keen on breaking things apart and learn how they work from the inside. I have broken many toy cars, FM radios etc. and hacked them into something new.

Then I grew up and this interest in knowing how things work led to more research and Google has been a loyal partner in that. I have invested hundreds of hours learning stuff of my interest and one thing led to another, then I came across something called MOOCs, Massive Open Online Courses. These were courses posted online by top universities of the world for free to the masses, And that changed everything. I had access to world class education for free in the comfort of my home, the next year I spent taking every course I can on topics I was totally into, topics like Computer science, Design, Entrepreneurship, Psychology, Aerodynamics, Robotics etc..etc. It was a complete mind-blow.

I also have huge love with learning new languages. I am fluent in 4 languages which by definition makes me a polyglot, and also have basic conversational level proficiency in 5 more.

In the past one year I've spent my time on putting that gained knowledge to use and came across a lot of new stuff.

Now I want to share the knowledge I have gained over the years with the world and teach things I have learned by spending years learning about and making mistakes, breaking and making stuff, and walking on my own made path.

My life has been amazing, and I intend to make yours too.