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9 Videos (27m)
    • Introduction

    • Materials

    • References

    • Drawing

    • First Color Layer

    • Second color layer

    • Third color layer

    • Details

    • Conclusion


About This Class

This class focuses an important concept about watercolor painting. To connect elements!

The concept of connection can be observed while we bind wet parts of the painting during a layer wash, and also determining regions with the same tones or colors that can become one only shape in the composition, even if they belong to different elements.

The class is divided in steps to maximize plainness and to explore very well the different steps of the painting.


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Beautiful work, this guy knows what he is doing! Thanks for sharing your talent!
Excellent and well-paced. Watching the painting happen is very instructive, and teacher's well-modulated voice is easy to listen to.
Nice watercolor class with a great illustration at the end
Milan Glozić

Painter, illustrator, Designer





Renato Palmuti

Illustrator and watercolor artist in Brazil

My name is Renato Palmuti

I am an Art Director, Illustrator and Painter.

I worked in advertising, sales and design agencies until 2001, when I focused my carrer in Illustration. I opened my studio in 2005 and since then I've been working for agencies and clients making images for their ads and campaigns.

Painting was always a paralell activity, but recently it has become an important part of my work. I started studing a lot the watercolor techniques, producing diverse paintings and I've been invited for making classes and workshops in various studios and art schools.