Concept Design: From Silhouette Exploration to Final Design Rendering Premium class

Marouane Bembli, Design Professional & Online Teacher

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13 Videos (1h 14m)
    • Introduction - Course overview

    • Fill up that canvas! No rules

    • Initial shading of silhouettes

    • Adding a backdrop & highlights - How to add depth to your sketch

    • Bringing your vision to life with simple brush techiques

    • Defining your concept design

    • Adjusting our perspective - Adjust as you go, or "AAYG"

    • Surfacing - Design surface features

    • Quick trick to check your perspective

    • Let there be light! Here's how to add glowing LEDs & lasers

    • Lens Flare Madness Let's make it shine

    • 3 final tricks you don't want to miss before calling it done

    • Class Project!


About This Class

Hi, I'm Marouane, industrial designer originally from Stockholm, Sweden, now living and working in South Florida.

In this course, I want to show you a new way of exploring shapes and concept designs using Photoshop. I'd like you to remove all rules and regulations about design and let your creativity flow free. In this class, we are going to give the blank canvas a purpose without holding anything back.

Who is this course for?

This course is for you who want to develop your concept art skills and learn how to think creatively. 

What will I learn in this course?

You will learn how to tackle a blank canvas. I know this can be intimitading, not knowing where to start. You will learn how to explore shapes using silhouettes, shading & rendering with basic bruses, adding highlights, rendering and visualizing light such as LEDs and glowing surfaces and much more.

You will also learn the 3 tricks I use on most of my sketches as a final touch to make them look crisp like they're popping out of the screen.

Make sure you download the attached .psd file of the spaceship we sketched in this class!

Thank you for taking interest in my course, I hope to see you inside.

Your instructor,


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Awesome class!
Miloš St

No headline at all.





Marouane Bembli

Design Professional & Online Teacher


I'm an industrial designer and online teacher from Sweden currently living in the sunshine state of Florida. I've always had a great passion for design and especially design sketching. I began my professional design journey as a freelancer in 2008. 

You could say I'm a wannabe surfer and backpacker (34 countries and counting) who loves design and helping others succeed. I have worked as an industrial designer, concept artist, illustrator and online teacher for over 10 years. Makes me feel old saying that...

In 2010 I moved to Italy to study a master degree in automotive design in collaboration with the design team from Audi and Lamborghini. I graduated a year later.

Since then I've been lucky to have my designs featured online and in numerous magazines such as Auto Motor & Sport, Auto Express, Car Magazine, Top Speed and Car Scoop.

I'm currently living in South Florida with my beautiful wife Lindsey. Here I help the largest privately owned medical device developer in the world solve their design problems and create better products while also creating online products and classes.

Online marketing is another great passion of mine, specifically video marketing, email marketing and social media. This is what I want to share with you in my classes.

I look forward to being a part of helping you get to where you want to be,

Thank you, now let's get to work!