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8 Videos (41m)
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    • Welcome to class!

    • Sketching the body using simple lines and shapes

    • Drawing dynamic action poses

    • Drawing convincing facial expressions

    • Drawing your character in a scene

    • Final touches

    • A big thank you!


About This Class


In this class I will teach you how to sketch and illustrate a character in a scene. From gaming to movies to comic art, my artwork spans medium and is always full of energy and movement, keeping a modern comic art feel.

I will teach you how to execute the finer details of sketching to acheive an understanding of anatomy, the way a body moves in motion, and how lighting and shading work with this style.


What You'll Learn

I'll teach you my sketching process and how to build on your scene and character:

  • Introduction. Introduction to concepting a character in a scene. 
  • Sketching the body with shapes. How to sketch a body in motion using shapes and gestures.
  • Drawing facial expression. How to sketch and suggest facial expression on your character.
  • Making your character interact in a scene. How to place your character and make them engage with their scene.
  • Shading and final touches. How to shade your character and add final touches to your drawing.


What You'll Do

You'll learn to sketch a character in a scene by illustrating your own Super Hero or Super Villain in dynamic action. 

Having a solid drawing underneath your work is essential to creating polished, professional digital art. The process of establishing structure in pencil and sketching the fine details will heighten the quality and depth of your work once you transfer your drawing to Photoshop. 


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Extremely helpful in both expressions and encouraging use of proper perspective and photo references; incredibly easy to understand and very entertaining for those who are willing to learn!
Very short videos and they give you a nice overview. Cool if you need some ideas as well. He should definitely make an explanation video for how to actually make wireframe drawings. I think that would help super beginners alot considering his great way of explaining his process. Did this review quick sorry for poor wording.





Patrick Brown

Digital Artist and Hobbyist

Patrick has lived in Australia his whole life, and started drawing at the age of 5. By the time he got to college, he learned how to use Photoshop to make his art digital and more dynamic. He has always drawn inspiration from the media: games, movies, and even TV series. If he likes something, he draws it. Most people call him a fan artist, but he likes to think of the media as giving him a reason to draw something so he can improve his work.