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11 Videos (1h 42m)
    • Trailer

    • Brand Identity Introduction

    • Creative Brief Overview

    • Mood Board Overview

    • Color Overview

    • Creating Color Palettes

    • Typography Overview

    • Choosing Typography

    • Graphic Language Overview

    • Designing Graphic Language

    • Presentation


About This Class

Develop a visual identity. Be instantly recognizable.

Logos are indispensable, but they don’t exist in a vacuum. Seize the knowledge to make your logo the cornerstone of a fully realized brand identity in Courtney Eliseo’s 90-minute class on branding beyond the logo. From color and type to patterns and illustrations, you'll learn to recognize and craft crucial visual cues for conveying brand values and personality. In addition to 10 short video lessons, we’re thrilled to share 15 pages of specific, downloadable resources to help you fully realize your project vision. Show your whole brand to the world.

Watch 10 video lessons.

  • Basics: What makes "brand identity" different from "brand," and how do they work together to support and enhance your logo?
  • Applications: What are different considerations for print and digital media?
  • Step-by-step decisions: We'll cover how to choose a coordinating color palette; how to choose complementary typography; and how to develop a library of additional supporting graphic elements—from patterns to secondary logos, illustrations, and more.
  • Final polish: We'll go over methods for organizing these components into a format suitable for a client presentation.

Learn by doing.

In the end, you will have a complete brand identity system that's ready for client presentation and real-world implementation. You will expand upon an existing logo (your own or one provided) to create a comprehensive brand identity system, incorporating everything color, pattern, and complementary typography to supporting graphic elements such as patterns or illustrations. 


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nice process. thank you!
Super helpful! Lots of great details on the design process that are helpful for people looking to help design others' logos and brand imaging and helpful for people looking to design their own. Fantastic class.
Great class for understanding the bigger message a company should present.





Courtney Eliseo

Founder, Seamless Creative + Design Work Life

Courtney’s first typographic memory was discovering her father’s extremely meticulous handwriting as a child. From then on, she carried a pad of paper with her everywhere, feverishly trying to perfect her own. Little did she know, it would lead to a life-long obsession with typography and design.

The obsession forged a path to New York City, where she founded both Seamless Creative, a design studio she now runs with her husband Brian, and Design Work Life, a design-centric inspiration blog, in 2008.

Since then Seamless Creative has helped many local and national small businesses thrive through their design work, and Design Work Life has grown into an inspirational online community for designers around the world.

You can also follow Courtney on TwitterDribbblePinterest and Facebook.