Beginning Infographics: Information Driven Storytelling

Liz Meyer & Gavin Potenza, Illustrators & Designers

4 Videos (32m)
  • Finding your story & Collecting your data

    • Trailer

    • What are Infographics? A brief history lesson

  • Getting into your sketches

    • Sketching & Working with your data

  • Making it final!

    • Finalizing your infographic!


About This Class

Infographics are great—they share ideas and information effectively, work as essential communication tools and let's be honest, they can look pretty cool. Infographics are an amazing way to share new & interesting information with friends & audiences all over. It's the reason why we see them so often—they are a great tool for distilling really complex ideas down into easil... Read More

Liz Meyer & Gavin Potenza, Illustrators & Designers

Liz and Gavin are designers and illustrators working from Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Liz Meyer is a graduate of Cooper Union's Typography Program, named a "Young & Hungry Creative" by HOW Magazine & Fresh talent by Communication Arts.  Her clients... Read More