Basic Digital Illustration: Draw flowers in Illustrator without the pen tool! Premium class

Katerina Deem

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10 Videos (1h 19m)
    • Class Overview

    • Inspiration

    • Illustrator Set Up: Document and Color Palette

    • Digital Illustration: Ellipse and Warp Tools

    • Digital Illustration: Add Anchor Points

    • Digital Illustration: Polygon Tools

    • Digital Illustration: Polygon Tool and Add Anchor Points

    • Digital Illustration: Polygon Tool and more tips

    • Finalizing: Adding text and final touches

    • BONUS: Printing with Online Printers


About This Class

In this class, you will learn how to draw flowers in Illustrator using basic shapes and tools in Illustrator (no pen or pencil tool required!) and give them a hand drawn effect. This class serves as a basic introduction to digital illustration in Adobe Illustrator for those with no Illustrator or art experience. It is also for those who have Basic/Intermediate Illustrator skills and want to explore tools and effects that may not have been considered before. 

The class guides you through a step-by-step process to create a bright and fun floral-themed Thank You Card. We will start by gathering inspiration, selecting an initial color palette, drawing flowers and floral elements, designing the text, assigning colors, and arranging it all together for a beautiful result!

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This class was awesome! I love the bonus material on how to format and upload my designs for professional printing. Ms. Deem gave some wonderful tips on how to work more efficiently, and she is able to work and instruct seamlessly. This made the class much more enjoyable to listen to. Great instructor, great class:0)
This is a great class and I really enjoyed it. You can really accomplish so many different flowers with just a few steps in just one class. Three cheers for pucker and bloat!! Thanks for showing several examples of the same thing because I think it helps for someone visual like myself to commit stuff to memory.
I loved doing this class! I'm a surface design and printed textiles student at university and I have just started using Illustrator in my work. What I really want to do is branch into stationery and giftware and this class gave me a good feel for how greeting cards could be created in a quick and fun way.