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3 Videos (10m)
    • introduction

    • paper and brushes

    • paints and extras


About This Class

This class is for those who wants to paint but don't know how to start. I will make a series of lessons where I will teach everything I know about watercolor painting.

And in this lesson I start from the very beggining - buying art supplies. I tell how to choose watercolor supplies and avoid wasting money. And show how to use them.

Often art materials are rather expensive and for many people it is important in the beggining of art life to buy the very necessary supplies.


I use "White nights" watercolor paintings because they are of a very high quality and rather cheap.


For watercolor I reccomend to buy at least 3 brushes made of natural fur. I use large and medium brushes made of squirrel because they are soft and hold a lot of water - perfect for large fills and big parts. And I recommend to buy thin brushes made of firm fur - such as kolinsky or synthetics. They are perfect for little details.



My favourite paper is Fabriano Artistico and Arches Canson. 

You can firstly try different paper buying it in separate sheets. It is cheeper and will help you to understand what you need.

Hot pressed paper has very delicate serface and perfectly fits for batanical illustration. 

Cold pressed is very good for landscapes.



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Nice one. :)
Nuthan Murarysetty

Always Learning and sharing my knowledge to others





Olesya Turchuk

Watercolor addicted :)

Hello, friends! My name is Olesya. I'm russian watercolor artist. I’ve loved art ever since my childhood. I studied Fine Art in art's school. Painting enrich my life with harmony and beauty. I draw inspiration from my family, nature and beautiful music.

Thank you for visiting my class! Hope my art will inspire you:) my shop on Creative Market and my portfolio on Shutterstock