Animation For Film: Create Eye-Catching Title Sequences

Fabian Molina, Art Director - Bloom -

3 Videos (2h 17m)
  • Concept Development

    • Concept Development

  • After Effects Basics and Animation Techniques

    • Lecture Two

  • Executing and Finalizing your Animated Sequence.

    • Lecture Three


About This Class

Ever wanted to add great animated titles to your film projects?  Whether you are making a short film or just some home movies, motion graphics and simple animations can help bring your quality of work to the next level. This class is for anyone who wants to create, engage, and have fun with the art of "The Animated Title Sequence. "  What You'll Learn Concept Development.  You'll... Read More

Fabian Molina, Art Director - Bloom -

I'm Fabian. I'm a Freelance animator based out of San Francisco, Ca. I have been working on my own films and doing freelance motion graphics and animation for various companies for the past 5 years. My clients include, Jogabo, Chegg, Idle Games, Worm... Read More