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15 Videos (1h 20m)
    • Trailer

    • Overview

    • Brainstorm

    • Sketch

    • Ink

    • Color

    • Project Set Up and Resources

    • Keys

    • Extremes

    • Midpoints

    • Anticipation, Action & Reaction

    • Animation Ink and Color

    • Share the Awesome Thing You Made!

    • The Timeline & "Pose to Pose" Animation

    • "Straight Ahead" Animation and Merging Layers


About This Class

We’re going to create a 10 second or less Animated Self-Portrait in Photoshop. It's the perfect bite-sized project to motivate you to work on something for yourself -- to be a little selfish for once -- and what could be more selfish than a self-portrait? You can go with our theme, which is animating your Evil Twin, or you can go with your own theme, it’s up to you. We’ll walk you through our creative process from brainstorming to character design, from rough animation to your final Animated Self-Portrait. This class is for all levels of animators, with a basic knowledge of Photoshop, who want to make something personal, artistic and fun. You’ll walk away with something that could be used for your logo, website or your reel. It might even spark ideas for your next film!

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You get the knowledge to learn a lots from photoshop and gaining a way to improve your profile portfolio with this knowledge
Jorge L.

saludos todos

Loved the presentation style, great course!
Katie Morgan

Creative soul

This class is amazing! Very helpful tips and fun project :) It's a bit fast for me sometimes, but I can simply go back a bit and watch it again. Thanks!





Joy + Noelle

illustrators, animators, twins

JOY + NOELLE is NY based animation and design duo Joy Buran and Noelle Melody. They are illustrators, animators, and, as it happens, twins. Joy and Noelle studied Media Art at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn; their thesis film was their first collaboration. They have done animation work for A+E Digital, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, TED, Cartuna, Amazon Studios and Sesame Studios, among others.

Joy lives in Queens and Noelle lives in Kingston, NY; they keep rooms in each other’s house and nooks in each other’s brain. Each also keeps an exquisite collection of charming objects and charming pets, from which they draw inspiration.

Bring them coffee, or else.