8 Videos (1h 31m)
  • Building the Concept through Thumbnails

    • Trailer

    • Livestream Lecture

  • Refining an Idea

    • Livestream Lecture

  • Inking in Illustrator

    • Livestream Lecture

  • Coloring in Illustrator

    • Livestream Lecture

  • The Dark Side: Shading in Illustrator

    • Livestream Lecture

  • The Light Side: Highlights in Illustrator

    • Livestream Lecture

  • Drawing to a Close: Final Submissions

    • Livestream Lecture


About This Class

AI Comic Art will cover all concepts relative to the creation of initial art sketches to a final finished print/digital illustration ready for display. We will discuss: Research Thumbs Rough Sketching Tightening a Sketch Inking Coloring Shading Highlighting Adding Elements Finishing Touches If you're looking for something to capture the essence of comic art on the Adobe Illustrato... Read More

Will Focus, Creative Director

A creative visionary at heart and spontaneous developer of all things ingenious,  Will Focus is a New York born Graphic Designer and Illustrator who seeks out content to work with that requires him to engage content/production on a more visceral leve... Read More